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Anthony Fruend

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Right now I'm creating a third cabin, this one on the ocean coast on the coast, and have my main 6x5 cabin way inland, with waystation along the way.

Once it all thaws I'm going to find more places to trade via punt.

Happy Gaming!

To any interested, this is my home base. It has stacked appliances in the NW corner, as described in the happenings :D
Each cellar door has a corresponding Inside door, dual/triple cellars so much easier to sort out and organize.

And yes, my pet pig, he makes the bacon, foxes are notorious pork eaters :D

I even have an unfinished 'Clay Pit' acting as a land fill for my leaky-ware pottery:D

And just now got in trouble, had to stop at a waystation as mentioned above

If I could 'add' 4 wheels I could name it 4Door_Autohaus

I'm playing on a omgwaytooeasy setting, it's because I'm so old and want to experience as much as possible before I die:D


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Same whisper every night: "If You Hoard & Build it, They Will Come".

Finally decided to go with it; hoarded all lynx fur I could find & afford, and built a central cabin. They are coming all right! Need more lynx fur, fast.

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This could be a good day to utilize your squirrels hides.


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I never thought grabbing skillpoints for knife would save my life against a bear and her cub... I mutilated both of them without being hit ((Thx god)) using a broad knife....I feel like chuck norris


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A blessed hunting session
As a newish character, having just killed an elk & traded some of the roasted meat for preserved ones and the rest for a fishing net, I am content...

I leave the village and find a forest reindeer herd, I aim for the biggest one, both javelins hit making this a very easy kill shortly after. Carcass processing begins...

Then a glutton shows up, attacks another reindeer just half-screen away, hurts it, knocks it unconscious - it is hurting and naturally my heart bleeds. I approach & put it out of its misery, move the new reindeer carcass next to the old one and skin/meat processing resumes...

Then I get interrupted by a lynx, clearly after some food but every time it gets close enough to spot me it just runs away - I ignore it & keep processing the carcasses...

In this very busy part of the forest, next visitor is a calf which clearly misses the two former members of the group and wants to join them. Poor thing, lacking the ability to speak, communicates its intention by standing literally next to me and who am I to say no? A kick later, it joins them happily having its wish granted...

Processing of the two and a half carcasses resume and I keep an eye for the next visitor, surprising nobody else showed up. Now I have a long way ahead to roast the 297 forest reindeer cuts, preserve skins, trade roasted meat before it spoils and so on.

When I am at the nearest village, I will leave a 5 star review for this hunting spot!

Edit: Here is the link to the video for the hunt (with a time jump to the relevant moment):
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This could be a good day to utilize your squirrels hides.


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Abi is struggling quite badly.

He started Hurt, Helpless And Afraid at the beginning of summer, some two in-game months ago now. He found himself perhaps a day's walk to the west of Reemi with his right arm torn to shreds. He crafted himself a fishing rod, which caught a grand total of two roaches (which were promptly used for bait and lost). He had better lack with trapping, catching a small animal perhaps every 3 or 4 days. He kept going on sheer willpower and crowberries. Eventually the hunger became too much and he ate some wavy grass leaves, which turned out to be wolf pipe; he did not fully recover from the poisoning yet.

Abi's misfortunes are partly my own fault though. For this game I decided to stay in the zoomed in map all the time, except if I walk above the tree line. I can only zoom out when I'm standing on mountains, hills, lichenous pine forest, or cliffs. So the usual strategy of spotting big game from a distance was out of the question, and building a trap fence with only a wooden shovel and a stone axe takes absolute ages. Needless to say, I did not do any trade yet; in fact I have so few tradable goods that I did not even bother searching for villages yet. I specifically wanted to play a forager character, and well, I got exactly what I said I wanted...

But the best thing is this: as you can see in the screenshot, Abi's misery is finally about to end!

Bert Preast

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Just finished my cabin, and while proudly admiring it I noticed for the first time the address:

Appopera, or "Gapingrear".



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Just finished my cabin, and while proudly admiring it I noticed for the first time the address:

Appopera, or "Gapingrear".


Hopefully that’ll scare robbers from approaching...

Bert Preast

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You completely ruined my weekend telling me robbers might still steal my stash!

Now I am considering whether to wall it up or hide it on some rocky outcrop in the river  8)


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Skerry, or rock in water, in rapids or sea tile is safe for storing almost anything. Ravens can still nibble foodstuffs.
Regular rivers and lakes do freeze.. then anyone/thing could walk right to your stash.

But having duplicates (tools, weapons, armor&clothes) at various alternative locations is good option.

Bert Preast

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I'm living as a hermit on the north coast so the only tools I have are those looted from murder victims who got too close to my cabin - Seven handaxes and knives and a woodsman's axe where I got lucky one time!  It's all the fine winter furs that I am paranoid someone will steal.  I will put them on a skerry in an unfrozen sea tile.

I am in the habit of setting a light lever trap over my cellar whenever I go hunting, and one time I came home to find a small fox who's greed had overcome his caution trapped in it  8)



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I have been busy since midsummer getting logs and boards ready for my new cabin, in fact two walls were partly built. The net I had was providing a steady supply of fish and the traps around my camp were supplying several ducks and other birds a week. But this cabin building was getting boring.

I remembered a large patch of vegetables a cereals I had found a couple of kilometres away, just growing in no mans land, some must be ripe for harvest now and it would be less tiring work. I decided to take a couple days break and fill the cellar with vegetables. I stored my tools in a shelter and headed north with a couple of days food. The plants were full of food but would not be ripe for 2 days so I decide to explore further north. About 10 Km north I started to find villages.

The first one had some good quality tools for barter, a pity I was travelling light. I also found there was a cave a short distance north west, they are always worth checking and on the way there I passed through another village, also lots of interesting items and an injured adventurer.

I have never had any success looking for shelters left by these guys but had a chat with him anyway, it turned out his shelter was fairly close to the cave position so I could check out the two together, his description was one of the better ones I have seen, in heathland south of a river, even I could find a river. I set out straight away and soon spotted a river in the search area and I pressed on to the bank of the river full of hope. It was here I found a problem.

There was no heathland south of the river, but there was north of the river. At this point I realised that the descriptions given lose something in translation and I was always looking on the wrong side of the tiles that shelters were in. I still think the words said heathland south of a river but they actually mean a river south of heathland. I crossed the river to check and almost immediately spotted a bloodscape, moving towards it I spotted another one deeper into trees. At this point I realised I had always understood the description that said on the edge of actually meant in the centre of as that was about where I was standing. I could not see any more bloodscapes or a shelter, but just north of a big clump of trees there was something odd so I went to investigate, it was a mug.

I assumed this might be part of the adventurers loot but there was nothing more to see. I stepped south and was hidden by the tree south of me and I was standing on his missing spear, no sign of a shelter. By luck I found a narrow path through the clump of trees SW, SW,NW where I found a fishing knife, apart from going back the only way I could go was west and I was in the shelter which I still could not see. I collected everything, a paw board trap, some cord and a couple of days food. The next problem I thought might be the bear, but it seems the bear could not find the shelter either, I just exited to the overland map and moved away.

With a lighter step I started back to the village but was going to check the cave on the way, it was about 400m south, the surrounding area was pleasant, 20m from the cave entrance was a piece of heathland, plenty of building materials and firewood and the next square was a lake, this was looking good. I explored the cave, it was quite big on a couple of levels, this would be a good place to live but I got a surprise  in the back corner, a Nerpez warrior.

He must have been as surprised as me, I was wielding my fine spear and thrust it at his body, I missed his body but gave him a serious wound in his left thigh. At that point he seemed to wake up he drew his scimitar and made a clumsy swing at me giving a small bruise on the hip and dropping his weapon, I thrust my spear at his body again and missed his body but gave him another serious wound in the right leg and caught a major blood vessel. He attempted to pick up his scimitar and hit me with it while lying on the floor bleeding, he missed totally. My third attempt to poke is body with my spear also missed the target but I did hit him in the neck and the last of his blood ran out of the puncture.

There was a good selection of loot, a fine hunting bow with fine arrows and 2 broad arrows, a fine hunting knife and fine boots. Other useful items were a fur overcoat, as I had not yet got any winter clothing, food is always handy and I was in two minds with regard to the scimitar. Trade items were most of his clothes and armour, he had iron kneecops, a habergeon and lamellar rerebraces, I judged the armour to be trade items as they were heavy and did nothing to protect him.

I could just about carry everything but lightened the load slightly by having a good meal and I treated the bruise even though it would probably heal itself the next day, my physician skill was low. I returned the spear to the adventurer who gave me some sword training, I traded most of the heavy stuff and got myself some fine tools. I traded the rest of my surplus in the next village just before dusk, it had been a good day so I slept in a spare cabin dreaming of the next good day when I would start upgrading from fine to masterwork tools and weapons.

Bert Preast

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I have set up home on a peninsula in the farthest reaches of the north east.  Spent a couple of weeks making a trap fence across the neck of the peninsula, to hopefully catch anything trying to get in or out.   Whilst revelling in a job well done, the fence claimed its first victim - me.  I fell in a pit and broke my leg, meaning I spent the next week crawling painfully about. 

When healed I set out to trade for a bag of salt from the coast.  I loaded up a raft and spent an epic month at sea, whimpering pitifully as the rain never stopped and I could hardly get an hour of sleep at a time.

I traded for a cow and walked all the way home.  Nothing is getting me back on a bloody raft!


My successes continue:

I walked a week to a river rapids for the "salmon and trout" part of the advanced game course, then found I had forgotten my fishing rod.  Had to walk a week back to get it, then a week back to go fishing.  I love how accurately this game simulates alcohol use!

Onto the "warfare" part of the course, and another week of footslogging into Njerp territory.  Scouting them out, I got frostbite in my foot and so another week to get back home and heal up.  I am going to be quite annoyed by the time I finally get back to Njerp lands again.

Yep, I arrived back in Njerp lands in an absolutely foul temper.  I scouted the villages, and saw they were filled with women and children - as well as a concerning number of warriors - and backed off for a rethink.  Thinking hard, I beheld a purple spot on the map screen, a camp! 

I approached it with my four dogs, and made a poorly planned and even more poorly executed attack.  I pinked a couple with my bow, then my dogs were blocking my shots.  The dogs dropped one warrior then got minced by the other six.  I beat a retreat, bestowing arrows into Njerp knees as I went.  When my arrows ran out I hid behind a bank and readied my battleaxe.  They came over the rise one by one, wounded and knackered, and I sent each to his maker. 

I was planning to use my dogs to help me haul my loot, but well...    So I had to walk fully loaded five days home, then all the way back again for the loot I couldn't carry in the first run.  Going to enjoy some well earned rest with my feet up for a while, I think! 

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Obligatory healing after clearing camp #3.
It's always nice to see their last archer shoot their 2nd last warrior in the back to have him wheel around and beat each other up.

1st camp was 6, 2nd camp was 7 warriors. 3rd had 9.
As always, hauled the corpses to a pyre. Felling trees will be slower for a while, took a scimitar on the right shoulder.

Game complains to stop excessive hoarding, but I need to bring clothes to my neighbors' kids. They're running in the snow in trousers and nothing else.


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Finished building sauna at homestead. Next summer, after planting: either a barn or remote hunting cabin to complement the three locations with kotas.
Cleared Njerpez camp #4. 2 small Kota. Only yield 16 ragged reindeer hides for another 4x4 
3 Log buildings. Might take them down and rebuild to my own. Other camps have their cabins up. (Checking if camps stop spawning, so far looks like no effect. 5 spawned camps, 4 cleared and standing)

On homeward journey, traded most of the loot for winter lynx, -Arctic fox, -wolf and -beaver hides. And another dog and a big one too.


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But the best thing is this: as you can see in the screenshot, Abi's misery is finally about to end!
Those Plants that can full your belly and take one from starving to healthier, and normal state!
Those lake ones come to save the whole season forward on
"When All the rivers get poisoned....
...Then we'll realize"