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Bled to death.

Treated a wound like I have been doing for the past week or so. This time the RNG gods decided that the wound starts to bleed after treating. Did not notice the warning text and started to tan a hide. Died in an instant.


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I don't remember much about the details.. something about being exhausted after finishing another section of my island home and tanning that squirrel hide I happened to chance on my way to my shelter..

All I know is that, when I reached my shelter, I came literally face to face with an unsuspecting elk..  :o

Neither one of us were prepared for the encounter.. save scumming hilarities ensued.. with me too tired to try hunting the elk and only have my club readied, I had no choice but to let the elk go..   :-\

Might be it will fall to one of my pit trap later..
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Got sucked into a wolf encounter. Injured one and managed to escape, then came back more prepared -- rested, fed, well-armed and armored, not as encumbered.

The wolves were still there, but they'd found a different quarry. Looks like wolves can't catch squirrels so well, either!

I think I've seen predators chase prey animals before, but I never saw them tree a squirrel. They weren't very interested in me until I pegged one of them with my spear -- and then they all ran off. Smart wolves.

Having trouble embedding the image, so:
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Finally!!! First confirmed sightings of a Grey seal in the zoomed in tile!!!  ;D

Link to my Steam screenshot page:

Have seen them a coupled of times on the zoomed out world, but haven't been able to see one this close. Now.. if only I could find out where they make lands, so I can start hunting them..  ;)

PS sorry for posting the link instead of embedding the image directly.. it's not cropped so better to see it directly on the Steam page..