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Can you please report the bug. Mention version you’re running, and the above. Sami likely wants to squish this bug.

Here’s thread of previous occurrence


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Just die for the first time. See a Goldeneye floating on a lake while fishing, threw 5 javelins at it, all missed. Decided to swim out there and stab it to dead with my knife, success but can't pick it up. Get drowned while retrieving my javelins


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That’s rough.
Incase you don’t know: swimming skill is your maximum fatigue before drowning.
If you have 0 skill, the game lets you practice to 4 fatigue. If swimming nude, carrying nothing. Not hurt.
If you have encumbrance, the fatigue grows logarithmic.

Picking up those javelins likely pushed your total close or over you swimming skill.


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I have made a terrible mistake.

I've had a 23lbs elk fur in my inventory for a while now, incase I run into any foreign traders. I also keep with me a few pieces of leather from various birds I've killed to trade to nearby villages.

Today I went to trade some of those cheap skins for some meat because I was starving after only eating rye bread, turnips and nettle leaves all winter. I traded for 4 cuts of hare meat and when I paid for them, I accidentally used the 23lbs elk fur instead of the cheap leather. I've traded 23lbs of good quality fur for a two day meal.

I am in shambles.


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Before my second summer I decided to befriend an old forester man living alone between lands of driik and reemi. His name was Matti. I begun hunting on the heathlands around his settlement, bringing meats from my kills to smoke in his cabin. I gave half the meat to him in return for letting me use his cottage.

However, come fall I was preparing to return back to my own settlement before lakes begun freezing, and for some reason picked some dog pipes and such from his yard. This angered matti, and furious he attacked me while I was tanning an elk hide. Unfortunately for Matti, my six dogs tore him to death.

I gave Matti a decent burning burial and kept preparing my journey back home. One day wandering around I ran into a lost hunter whom I escorted to the settlement that I considered mine now. He settled there.

Now I have a settlement in the east and a hunting cabin hafl way to the west with a helping hand taking care of it while I'm away. I'm sorry for poor old Matti, but it seems things turned quite fine for me.


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After the incident and me inheriting Matti's settlement, I wet back home and found a njerp war camp to the north of my homestead. I gathered a group of brave men from a few villages and killed every single one of the njerp in the camp, piled up the corpses in a cabin and set it aflame. Two of my men fell in battle. I took the burden of taking their vbodies back to their home village for their own to see them to their final rest.


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It's finally winter, so me and my best friends - small ram Lehti and big reindeer stag Oksa - are currently going north to hunt for the juiciest winter reindeer furs out there, deep in the Owl-tribe lands. Who knows, maybe we'll get all the way West to the Seal-tribe, I haven't ever seen them so far. My biggest disappointment right now is the fact that I found ZERO master blacksmiths in ALL of the Kaumolais villages in existence and so I can't get the Super Spear that I'm most skilled at - but maybe I'll be able to trade for it, somewhere, sometime, we will see...

And my first character I left alone for now because it felt like I don't know how to explore more of the game with him. He's a settler/farmer from Reemi and usually doesn't travel far at all, he lives off bird traps and local plants. Sometimes he catches a lynx or a fox if they appear nearby. I rolled him 100% randomly before I even knew how character creation works, so the dude is bad at everything, other than being stupid lucky lol. Somehow he still managed to get super rich in furs etc because he got three different treasures from quests. He has a masterwork mail habergon now, and all the leather armor he could dream of, so does that help him in fights with Njerpez? No. Not really. I reloaded a fight with their camp many times, turns out that either I suck at this game very much, or maybe fighting 5 different people at once and solo wasn't actually a smart idea. I travelled West and got a dog, but that didn't help either, now I just don't want my new pet dog to ever get hurt. : D
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Well, I was away from this game and Modding it for nine years.. Will give a detailed description of what's Goin on when I caught up🍹


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Now that Im updating BAC I need a non-story test character...


he comes form the land of morons.



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It's not common to draw a character and get a Kaumo with full speed, also best draws with maximum speed, it hasn't happened to me yet. But I admit that I usually spend up to an hour looking for best. In total, summing up all the drawings, it took me maybe even 10 hours, a few days ago I drew about 3 hours because the creator's character does not support the new version, and only later I found out that it is possible to do it differently with hex editing what I did.

Screen nr1 showing dense urban like area, would you settle in this forest in the middle?
Nr2 A cave right next to the village,
Nr3 6 deers fully enclosed by fence with no space empty, animal right defenders already informed!
here you can learn how to change only your character picture, if you want change starting skills you can find info here
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Here is Taika on a trip who managed to find the twins' village, look at people in the cabin: 2 children, 2 woodsman and 2 women standing next to each other in the same directions, only the two men in yellow clothes in the right corner are not the same age, but how common is this supposed to happen?

And there is my second character and something finally goings on:
Maiden ask me for help, I don't remember if I refuse or I was still not prepered, but she menaged to travel alone. It was middle of the dark night, I was tired but was trying to save her as I know there was njerpz near the village. All my dark dreams come true very fast, I was chasing her when... here is screen
I wasn't even on time to get into combat, when 2 dogs finished fight after I crossed few tiles.
NR7 and NR8

I got buackup file I reloaded before she ask me for help. She didn't ask why we traveling in opposite direcion and thats how I kidnepped her and close in my cabin after removing door and placeing wall instead. NR9
She escaped anyway, this was small island but she wsa nowhere. So I reload backup file second time and did this mission.

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Here are some fine places I saw in the game:
Bridge on river, yes it was a river and redhead is standing on natural bridge.
Bear drowned in the pond.

You see this small lake?
There was island on island, the problem is there is no way to got on it when ice is too week to hold but raft still can not pass.


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My world is pretty quiet. I started in an isolated corner of my home culture. Just two villages nearby. I am focusing on farming and crafting. Started with the Agriculture start. I planted a ton of crops and now am spending my time trading/crafting and training up my skills. After using the trading board/loop exploit I have all the tools I need plus a few extra trading items. Even before I harvested my crops I have "made it".


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Just conquered a Njerp village (5x warrior, a peasant, two craftsmen, a maiden, a woman, a housewife and a child) and carried away my spoils on Conquest, Victory, Triumph, Honour, Glory and Pride, which are the two bulls and four cows those dead Njerpez certainly need no longer.

I encountered a Vagabond hunter in the forest. The man was probably hunting a bird, because - i decided to continue my journey when suddenly I noticed a bird that took off. It had probably been the target of a hunter, because in his anger he attacked me from behind and struck me dead with an axe. =L


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Decided to be real smart about it and place my mini trap fence in a sweet narrow place across the lake. That way i would have easy access to the real wilderness with the punt without needing to walk for kilometers each way. Didn't think winter is around the corner. As soon as i finished my little fence, ice sets in  :-\