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Bert Preast

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Karma in the Unreal World:

A bug duplicated my masterwork battleaxe.  I neglected to make a bug report as I had no idea how or when it had happened.

I just walked drunkenly into the water and dropped my stuff.  My masterwork battleaxe, gone forever due to a typo and a moment's inattention.  But karma had already given me a spare  8)

In another example of you reap what you sow:

I planted 8 peas a few months ago.  I have just harvested 8 peas  :-[

Bert Preast

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I just raised an army of seven brave men and three dogs, and went to attack a Njerp camp.  Four sides of the camp were coniferous forest or thicket, so I decided on an assault from the heathland to the south.  Being lazy I went right up on the overland map then zoomed on an adjacent tile, then the bloody dogs started barking.  I had forgotten to feed them.

Surprise lost, ten Njerps came streaming through the trees at us.  My little army was bow heavy, as I had intended to sneak up and take them on in the open area of their camp.  The trees were riddled with arrows, and even a Njerp or two took some hits.  I was impressed with the new AI for bowmen, I didn't see any friendly fire from either my lads or the Njerps.  Mind, things were a little hectic to check so it might have happened.

I loosed off a few broadheads, dropping one Njerp and wounding another.  It was all too confused now, so I drew my battleaxe and launched into the fray.  I chopped one guy's arm off at the elbow then finished him, but one of his mates had got behind and absolutely ganked me with a spear in my back.  The lights went out; and when I came to some moments later I realised he had speared me in the throat while I was down, and I was bleeding out fast.  I let the dogs loose and managed to stop the bleeding as the fighting roared around me. 

I staggered up again and rallied the troops, finishing the last few Njerps.  I have named the camp Ilmari-Tommi, in honour of the two fine warriors who fell in its taking.  We built a fine pyre and cremated their remains.  The Njerps we shall leave for the crows.  My wounds are too grave to continue the campaign, I have dismissed the surviving men as I must return home to heal.  Let the Njerps know - I will return!   



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What's happening in my Unreal World?

Well, a curious social phenomenon has taken over local communities: a massive amount of sixteen-year-olds are trading their places in villages, farms and coastal settlements for a life in the wilds.

They seem to be driven by what's described as "a sudden call for adventure". The majority of these young hermits fails to survive the winter, unfortunately.

Sages are aghast.

Seriously, though, I just started playing, and I also just found these forums. Nice to meet everyone.

Bert Preast

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Welcome to the forum!  The chat's racy but never oversteps the mark.

I did enjoy how with your first post you tried to change the name of one of the oldest and most revered threads on the board  ;D

Keep us updated as to how your adolescent hermits get on in the Unreal World.  We especially like hearing about fails  :)


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Ow, sorry about that! I skept a beat and changed it unwillingly, hehe.
I'll make sure to honor the thread next time, while coming up with something a bit more spectacular (hopefully).