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Bakinho's short story     They left him in the village entrance. The large group had lost its youngest member. And in the end, it was his own choice.
    Bakinho said good-bye and took a look over the place - A light rain falling constantly. An old man, sitting in a cabbin's door, watched into the boy's eyes: "Life is rough - they seemed to express - but you don't know about that yet".
    He didn't enter and went ahead with his lonely trip, seeking for a water source and getting into the unknown. It was not until he found a tiny lake, that the rain stopped. A new page in his life's book was up to be written, this new chapter living by his own.

    His first days were so hard. He knew plenty skills, in their mind and body, but his soul seemed to have sleept away: that burning flame in it was almost extinguished. He couldn't build a fire, fall a tree, get food. He had forgotten everything...


-Hi, my name is Bakinho. I am starving - I said with a tear rolling down my cheek. And a tiny, streched stomach.
-Hello, Stranger, we don't know who you are - Answered the old man.
-I need something to eat - I begged.
-Pick up whatever you want, but pay for everything you pick - He stared at me.

I went out the village. What were they doing, taking care of their own beloved ones and property or beeing pitiless?


Those days were even roughers. But Bakinho managed to fish and fullfill his stomach by himself. Never getting enough food, although he could get over the starvation and its issues. He realized that those tiny wild 'fruits' were edible, that those tree leaves were a great wall to get away the weather elements so then sleep better. His spiritual flame was growing. And he was thankful to the Great Spirits for that.


I am alone, I need to talk with someone. Is this what i think it is? And the village's people shown me their backs. Yeah, this is a fresh track! Some child, they are purer, they are more gentle. So you are going to the north, huh? It seems like a big creature. A child or maybe a good friend to be with me, to share even silence. I have to be very... careful... it saw me! Run!


Tomorrow will be a better hunting day. Luckely i have fish for breakfast.


Bakinho climbed up to the top of a hill, and watched the peaceful horizon. Two human shapes into the far. He went for the encounter, that was a great sign of providence, claiming that finally some fraternal warmth was near.


-Hello, my name is Bakinho. I am hunting - I said with a smile in my face, to the tallest man there.
-Hi, friend o'mine. You seem like a great hunter! Just look at you! - He replied with a perfect smile.
-Well, i do what i can. I am improving, though. 'Cause i am young. Now i became a lonely man - I said, my chest got bigger and wider.
-You are! Look that staff, such a masterpiece. You'd fight three bears back in a row - His vivid eyes had a hidden secret. I heard two human laughing behind me.
-I... c-can te-teach you how to make one fo-for yourself - I began to fear.
-Don't lose your time, just handle me that spear and knife, then if i feel mercyful i'll let you go with your legs still sticked in your body.
I am screwed, i thought. The last thing i felt was a hard hit in my head.


I woke up. The forest was strange, my inner, desolated. I was all broken and slowly i managed to recover. I understood i couldn't feed myself with those great fruits. I couldn't fish nor hunt.
I didn't find my way back either. After several days I found my shelter, and entered in the village, some hundred of meters away.


-Hi, i am Bakinho. I really need your help, I...-
-Hello Stranger. What do you want? - She asked.
-I need to recover myself, i am not well - I was clearly bleeding.
-I am really sorry, i cannot help you -

Fury. Anger. Awoke a demon within. I hitted her in the head, she ran away screaming in pain. I catched her again and hitting, i knocked her down.

He stayed in front of the unconcious body, breathing heavily, his mind drifting away. Some loud screaming were getting closer.

-There he is. I saw him, he is trying to kill her. Come everybody. He is trying to kill her!-

The old man hitted Bakinho's head with a club. Wasn't until there that he went back into reality. Bakinho fighted back, and really quickly understood he had failed. A second man arrived, with a knife. The two men were stabbing and hitting him. Bakinho just got lost into a dark new place, a new world.

At the end this was a short trip. That thorax stab was deep! huh! And i just have to say... those hits in my head are crushing my skull... to the Great Spirit, how regreted i am.
Another stab...


The coward young boy learnt from this life, and the soul's trip goes on. Now in another place, no more in this world. He learnt from mistakes and suffering, now he awaits a new oportunity to go beyond understanding.

(Migrated post. This section were quite blank. This was the first experience i had with the game some several months ago. I loved it. Regards)

May 23, 2017, 05:18:20 PM
Re: Drawings of my travels in UnReal. Loved them!!! <3 mostly the October 16 to 23. Great jobs. (i loved some of the others as well) Pretty nice, fellow.
June 09, 2017, 02:26:49 AM
Re: Can you be a Bandit?     Even if you cannot be a Njerpz by culture, eat human flesh while not starving and take someone's possessions before kill them I think you can still be quite "a bad guy" and laugh in a crazy insanely way.

  To name some of the things i do remember of reading in the old forum, perhaps it can inspire you:

 This traveller entered a city and as their not-hostile inhabitants welcomed him, he started killing them all for fun. Obviusly, this heavy armoured character was getting bored of this easy bloody task, and after killing a little child he used him as a throwing weapon. The message console displayed something like this: "You throw the grisly child corpse".
But the fun was just beginning, and for his surprise, this "new discovered weapon" made a house-wife get killed by a neck facture as the heavy weapon landed over her head.

So, perhaps it doesn't seem so maniac or psycho or devilish or whatsoever. But if you place yourself in that scenario you can get the picture, the feelings, what an spectator (her husband... the children's granpa).

Let's make shorter the next example, it's getting long:

This player (youtube video, older version) was the kind of "maximize your oportunities at any rate". He's chosen the scenario of Unfortunately hunting trip, where his dad was killed by some dangerous animal.
 A 16 years old boy going hunting to learn with his father. The beast attack and finally kill the parent. But the child just butcher the corpse, laughing cause he got some nice slices of meat.

As long as you connect with the game, you can picture really complex scenarios. Where you can act in several ways. Cowardly,  "heriocal", cold-hearted, benevolent, etc.

Lastly, i agree with the srukle 100%, That dichotomy perhaps could apply "Vietcom" or any war game. Where you can be the Freedom's soldier or the opposite (A.K.A. Vietnam, Nazi, CCCP, etc, etc). But of course, not only limitated to those.
UrW is not made to taste blood, to do GTA stuff, to be an hero or to be the bad guy.
Eventhough, perhaps you could be a really bad ass, bloody psycho in there.

June 23, 2017, 12:55:46 AM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? This fisherman got a new fine net (now has 3 - 2 from the scenario), a nice punt and began to build a small wooden place in order to smoke fishes at the south-west coast. Rather more lonely character, enjoys his free time to learn about plants and practicing to climb. Also learning how to swim better, but the waters are kinda cold still. He's seen a "perfect net" that he wants to have and several pots around. When the plants begin to blossom and to be mature enough, he'll get a pot, and a roundshield.

The area seems quite peaceful. Plenty stags around and black birds, also some hawk that always is heard but never seen. Some curious ringed seals as well, that watch him fishing. Dislike traps and doesn't know how to weild a bow properly. So he got really happy about hunting a big hare with the woodsman's axe. Now he's gladly eating some of its meat after so many fish diet and thinking about a belt after the dehaired skin gets ready.


July 03, 2017, 12:28:38 PM
Re: Where do dropped items go / 3.40 stable price list? Fellow, regarding point 1, i might have an solution.

I think that instead of cancelling the "bartening" and then dropping the axe for yourself (the same way you've picked it up) you are giving the axe to the person you're bartening with. So the villager says "okay, so there's no deal? well, i have the axe now. You won't carry unpaid items anymore"

The problem then is that the person, even carrying the axe that was in the floor, might not will to trade it away.

Tell me if that was the problem with the "misterious vanishing" of the item.

Good trips!

July 03, 2017, 12:52:03 PM
A lovely reward
He decided to do a long trip, perhaps from the northern areas to the southern coast (or viceversa). As the resources he got were quite few (some nice clothes, few tools, no food. Travelling light) everytime he had covered a nice portion of land, there he went biulding a shelter and settling several light lever traps. Once the belly got full enough, and the strenghts raised back, he then kept walking miles and miles again. Not without before disable all the traps.

Happent in the middle of the way that the tiredness and the low energy was strongly asking him to settle for a while. Shelter, rest, and the several ligth lever traps settled around. Seven in this spot, twelve there, five here and other eight over there.
Days went by, and no single hare nor bird captured. Patiently he tried to hunt some small games around while giving more chances to the traps. And yet, no single slice of meat to roast...

After quite a fair number of sunrises he kept going on the journey. He hadn't eaten in all that time, so he wasn't going to take the effort to disable every single trap he had settled before to keep hitting the road.

Here comes the thing. He had already left behind several forests and mountains when a feeling cought him during night time. Even starvation beeing around the corner, he went back to disable them all. And even if he knows the world sometimes has no explainations, he felt the Spirits smiling at him for his actions once he was there in the shelter, near a fire, eating the roasted preys the woods conceed to him.

July 10, 2017, 06:20:09 AM
Re: I have only axe and knife for crafting... Fish is not worthless. At least of course you can only fish what your body needs to eat and nothing more.

With fishes i've bought a nice fishing pole, net, hand axe... And now i'm really close to either a pot or a perfect net.

If you are patient enough you can slowly get the good you need by the means of fishing.

"Alright, you've got 3 nets, that's easier"

Yes, easier for sure. But imagine you can fish some puonds per day extra than what you need for your stomach.
Trade them for simple things (smoked food, an arrow, a leather rope, etc).

Not only you'll have useful things in case of need (salted meat, bandages, etc) but as well will you have some goods that now can gather togheter to buy that thing you want. Even if it is a Gigantic Bear Fur. Trade first all for a spear... trade them for a pot, then do the same again...

Finally, if you want to become a nice crafter. Then try crafting. Go ahead. Failure is part of becoming a good Crafter (or hunter, or warrior, or anything you want to be)


July 13, 2017, 10:54:42 PM
Re: ...fails to deliver a summer release || ...enters summer vacation. <3
July 29, 2017, 07:58:18 AM
Re: Is there any way to turn the rendering of rain and snow off? VoxelMush. You surely could wait up. I'm quite sure that the next release (if not the very next, then soon enough) this thing will be "corrected".

In the develop section there is a post tittle something like "little random additions" in which the developer said it will be added a "single tile effect for weather". (seems that how the game works the snow/rain effects are likely a "layer" on top of all, getting all slowed down). With this addition, every tile of the map will change into "rainy/snowy" version of, which i assume will kill this lag we - the people using not so fast computers - suffer.

JEB Davis have just solved your question.

My advice... once it is updated, try to switch it on again.

Good trips!

August 05, 2017, 12:30:40 AM
Re: Robbers ruin my early game @Kaleva

    I recall once i had a streak where my characters always were getting robbed.
Some young ones and others with more in-game time as well.

   Once i got robbed 3 times while travelling straight south. The third time they said to me something like "You've got nothing worthy, so go away quickly".

   Most died over starvation and the rest seriously wounded trying to fight.

   The point is that i stopped playing the game for a while and then played it back.
   Got more than ten characters since then in many areas and different "professions" as well. No sight of robbers.

Spoiler: show
Also facing death is something that changes over time. The first times i played i got really upset when my character died. It seemed a lot of effort for nothing, just a simple page in the ancestors that didn't reflect all the energy i've had spent on the character.
  Then, after a while, you realize that death is part of life, part of the game. It's great that the game doesn't have Save & Load stuff. You could have lost a great cabbin, masterpiece objects, a lot of skills upgrade, etc, etc, but you take it differently. Mostly learn from them, that fight back 5 robbers it's quite suicidal or that going after an sleeping bear could end with a lucky hit in the head and a brand great bear fur or it's the recklessly thing you can do. After a while each character's death it's part of their story. There will be great characters to remember, and others not so.

  Finally, you could do as previously advice, get a back-up folder each time you quit the game.

March 29, 2018, 06:32:36 PM