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Suggestions / ‘Toggle off cultural regions on F6 map by default’ option
« on: February 10, 2021, 08:21:55 PM »
It would be nice to have such an option in the game's settings. I guess I'm not the only one, who prefers playing a bit more hardcore, and not knowing where exactly you are and where exactly to head in order to get to people, is a part of this play style.

Yep, I know, I can just close my eyes before pressing F6 and then hit ‘C’... but sometimes, having to do this annoys me a little.

Off-topic / Best music to listen while playing UrW
« on: February 10, 2021, 02:26:03 AM »
The other day I came across the latest Burzum album Thulêan Mysteries. Not only is it a staggering mix of ambient, pagan folk and post-black (not sure though, I'm not quite good at identifying genres), but also it fits playing, and intensifies immersion, and makes UrW feel a little differently. Solemner, more frightening, more enigmatic.

What music do you listen to while wandering the unreal land? And does it change the usual feeling of the game?

Off-topic / The beauty of winter in your land. Sharing photos
« on: February 06, 2021, 05:56:17 PM »
For the last few days, I truly crave for taking a long long walk to some area untouched by man, where only silence, wind, and snow crunching beneath the feet is possible to hear, and for setting a campfire and sitting by it, with no thoughts, just watching the world exist...

But there's still zero snow in my part of the country, and so no least desire to go outside. At least I can enjoy photos my friends take, and hope you'll like them too. These are from outskirts of Moscow.

Spoiler: show

And how does winter of yours look, adventurers?

Off-topic / Streaming UnReal World. Any advice and suggestions?
« on: February 06, 2021, 08:14:53 AM »
Hi there, adventurers! Really glad to be finally back and see you all again.

After a couple pretty hard months I've happened to have a plenty of time free from duties, and there had been already  thoughts on trying to stream stuff the last year... so recently I've finally started a channel and now going to give it a try. Not to become a pro streamer, just for fun (and, in a way, for the sake of self-therapy).

I do know UrW is not quite a game to livestream, like it's been said in YouTube content thread, and my case is gonna be even worse because of poor English and pretty low PC setup, haha. Yet, I suppose there are people who like it exactly the way it is, slow and calm and amateur.

Nevertheless, would be great to hear your thoughts guys on how to make letsplaying UrW better. Should I stick to challenges? Look for some appropriate relaxing soundtrack? Play funny or as hardcore as possible?

Hope @jonottawa is still here, maybe you can share experience you've got after making so many videos about UrW.

Just noticed this strange thing. Never happened before. It's the first NPC I met playing this character.

Looks like an error message, but I can't even guess what's the reason. Save is here.

My UrW is clean Steam copy, no mods (but a few custom portraits), no messing with game/save files except custom pc-male.png.

UPD: Reinstalling the game fixed everything (yet that poor adventurer will be known as eastm.dat notfouDV forever).

Spoiler: screenshot • show

General Discussion / How do you plan your year?
« on: October 27, 2020, 12:51:41 PM »
So, one of my characters has lived three years and I've thought it's better to plan her activity.

At the moment her schedule looks about like this:
  • Late autumn. As soon as it's getting colder, she starts gathering berries for baiting and sets loop snares and trap fences.
  • Winter. Passive hunting, replenishment of dried meat supply, tanning hides, building, just sitting beside a fire and dreaming.
  • Summer and early autumn. As soon as the weather becomes warmer, she disassembles traps (as smoked meat doesn't lasts for too long, and it's too easy to get meat spoiled or hides rotten). Time to craft arrows for barter, travel, trade, complete quests, hunt Njerpez, go fishing, peel bark for tanning, plant and harvest rye, turnips and nettle.
  • Occasionaly she hunts (usually bears), cooks something complicated, goes to mountains for stones and rocks, and takes a sauna once a week.

What are your plans, guys?

Suggestions / Animals for sale respawn
« on: October 24, 2020, 10:16:51 PM »
It would be nice if new animals for sale appear instead of ones you've bought, over time. I guess it may be implemented along with animals breeding, or even earlier.

Suggestions / Auto-confirm if hauling a single item
« on: October 22, 2020, 05:51:10 PM »
When grabbing a single item, player doesn't have to press Enter or Space to confirm picking up. Shouldn't hauling a single item work the same way?

Bug reports / [3.63] Tying equipment quality exploit
« on: October 21, 2020, 07:42:33 AM »
When joining cords, the resulting one seems to inherit the quality of a cord player chooses second. Say, if you're joining a fine cord to a decent cord, you still get a fine cord.

This way, having just one cord of better quality makes possible to obtain an infinite amount of better cord.

UPD: @JP_Finn figured out that the exploit works for any joinable tying equipment.

Suggestions / Villagers build new houses and start new settlements
« on: October 15, 2020, 05:45:22 PM »
JP_Finn's post inspired an idea of villagers building houses over time, maybe once in a year, and up to a certain limit. There might be higher chances for fine and masterwork items to appear in new building. Villages expansion also gives cause to add new quests such as falling some trees and making boards.

Furthermore, villagers could start new settlements, say, once in five years, so as to enhance the impression of tribes actually strengthen and evolve.

Gameplay questions / Building a fireplace outside of a house
« on: October 13, 2020, 10:57:39 AM »
So, recently I've got an idea of how to build a nice fireplace in my courtyard, and all of a sudden it worked.

Here's howto:
1. Build a corner, two walls and a ceiling.
2. Build a fireplace.
3. Deconstruct the walls.

Can't say for sure though if this doesn't break something. Has anyone tried this before?

Stories / Fjara the Huntress of Owl-tribe. A Quest for Mother
« on: October 11, 2020, 10:46:39 PM »
I read some of the stories here and all of a sudden got inspired a bit. So now gonna give it a try and write a few stories of mine. Can't say for sure what will come of it, but anyway it's fun to share experiences (and a good opportunity to practice English, as I'm not a native speaker). Sorry for probable mistakes, and feel free to correct me or just comment.

And, of course, thank you Sami and Erkka and everyone who takes part in UnReal World development. This game really helps to cope with my depression. Can't even say how glad I am that I came upon it a couple years ago.

Setup: URW 3.63, Windows 10.0.19041.508, Realtek High Definition Audio, single 3.5 rear socket working, eventual switching from speacker to headphones and viсe versa.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Run the game. No matter if you click any menu item or not.
2. Unplug your audio device. No matter if you plug it back, plug another device or do nothing more at all.
3. Click Quit, wait for the final reminder screen to appear.
4. Press any key, like usual.
5. UrW freezes and you have to force close it.

Can't say for sure if it's a bug, yet it had been pretty annoying until I've figured out the reason. Solution is simple though, no touching 3.5 jack while playing.

Gameplay questions / How to make new items appear in settlements?
« on: October 09, 2020, 08:37:42 PM »
Hello there, adventurers!

So, I've finally managed to stay alive long enough to build wealth. It took me, like, fifteen deaths, hehehe. Now I'm trying to trade the whole of masterwork armour, but it seems pretty hard so it would be really good to find a way of doing it faster. So far I've got spectacle helm, mail cowl and a couple of mail leggins.

Eventually I travel to the Driik and search every settlement for masterwork armour pieces, but it's still unclear for me how does items respawn work. Do new items just spawn instead of previous ones that lay in buildings? Or does new stuff appear instead of bought goods only? Do I have to buy all the items to increase chances of masterwork armour to spawn in this particular settlement? How long should I wait before checking again?

Spoiler: show
Sorry for possible spelling mistakes, I'm Russian.

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