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Happened to me as well.

As a possible workaround, I trade all heavy hides for lightweight and valuable fur, like lynx and beaver. But yes, it would be definitely great if this is fixed.

Not bugs / Re: Dogs eating priorities
« on: February 14, 2021, 12:48:55 PM »
I think chewing bones is more of a slow leisure for dogs. (Don't they chew the big bones for days and days in real life too?)
In the game bones aren't all that nutritious since it's not actually tracked how meaty each bone is.

Got it, thanks. Never owned a dog. I've thought they just crack a bone and eat the marrow immediately :) .

Not bugs / Re: Dogs eating priorities
« on: February 14, 2021, 11:27:41 AM »
Thanks for the explanation, @Sami!

And what do you think of just making bones much less durable? So that a dog, say, eats them one at a time (exaclty like meat cuts)? My guess is, that would solve the case.

Suggestions / Re: Simplifying keystrokes?
« on: February 14, 2021, 10:56:54 AM »
I was in a village right now looking at items they had available for sale, and looking through all items in one area is a process of going to one tile, hitting enter, going to another tile, hitting enter, going to another tile, hitting enter, etc.

That seems like really hard way. I usually just glance at the quick message log. In most cases there's not too many items, so the list does not exceed a dozen of lines and finds room enough in there.

Spoiler: screenshot • show

Oh, also, the info box goes away with any click, not just Esc.

Wow, seems I either didn't know that exactly or just never noticed. Thanks for the info!

Not bugs / Re: Dogs eating priorities
« on: February 14, 2021, 10:43:37 AM »
I’m not sure it’s alphabetical either.
Often the dogs eat hare bones, even if the pile has bear and forest reindeer bones too.. I’ve still not figured the logic. Maybe weight of individual item?
My belief is that alphabetical sorting is performed by item's base name (bone, cut), not by prefixes like hare/bear, roasted/smoked, etc.

The character I play now has just travelled to Kaumo and bought a couple nets, so I guess soon I'll be able to perform a bunch of tests using various combinations of bones, meat and fish.

Suggestions / Re: Simplifying keystrokes?
« on: February 14, 2021, 02:05:38 AM »
It is really hard to create a layout for such a game that has so much functionality. <...> So rather than trying to create "comfortable" shortcuts, it is much more reasonable to create easier to remember keystrokes. Like Alt+H for Hide working and Alt+F for Fishing and such. <...> Another thing to regard is how shortcuts are actually coded in the game. It can be a really long and tedious task if shortcuts were not created with the intention of customizing in mind.

Agreed. If memory doesn't fails me now, Sami or Erkka said it would require a real lot of coding to implement customizable keys. Can't find that very message, but here are some other comments on the subject I saw before: 1, 2, 3.

That would help cover part of my suggestions, but I also like I mentioned, I think there are too many keystrokes for common tasks too.

If Sami and Erkka are able to put in customizable shortcuts, maybe then they could also review what default options are for common keyboard setups, too.

Mate, don't get me wrong, I sure mean no offence (it's just being Russian probably, hehe, we're used to speak out), yet to me suggestions of yours look like you just want UnReal World to change into your own Perfect Game. And that's completely fine, but also it should be always considered that all of us have developed our own playing styles, which differ more or less, and what is perfect to someone, can be unsuitable or simply insignificant to someone else.

Nevertheless, thanks a lot for this particular suggestion! It inspired an idea to make (and share, of course) a set of my own macros for common tasks that require the most fingerwork.

Suggestions / Re: Ambient wildlife
« on: February 13, 2021, 08:05:24 AM »
By the way on this, it would be nice if the player could just hold down a key, like SHIFT, to avoid the prompts from coming up... so it could be up to your discretion, rather than having to toggle the setting in the init file.

Implemented already! Hold down Space, and all the prompts on creatures entering your character's view are auto-answered ‘no’. An ultimate nerve-saver in cases like a bird flies around while you're performing some time-consuming task.

I don't "use" all the creatures either, but you know as a player that they're there because they're useful; my suggestion was just that not everything in the game world has to be useful, it can be there for flavor, too.

I consider this as a matter of personal way to percept things. My own perception, say, differs from yours. As a player (and, well, as a man of zen philosophy), I know that they are there... and that's all :) . Without any ‘because’. So it's completely up to me, to decide how to treat a particular creature. And in the long run, there are as many ways to percept things as many there are players.

Of course, I've got my own i-want-this-to-be-more-realistic stuff too. Part of them is implementable via mods, and the rest is quite easy to just imagine while playing. My point now is that there should be balance between level of realism and amount of code required to provide such a level, in order for the game to be neither too simplified from the players' view (and imo UrW is not), nor too complicated to develop. Dev.plans list is big enough already, I guess :) .

Suggestions / Re: Additional “trophies”
« on: February 12, 2021, 11:46:22 AM »
Well, I really would like to add some otherworldly consequences for messing with the dead. That would include for example even using the equipment of the dead. Bears wouldn't have any part in that, however.

Equipment thing looks interesting! As for bears, that were just random examples, not insisting at all.

Cannibalism isn't an intended feature, but just a thing that game mechanics allowed to happen. If it was suggested in the form it worked when somebody first discovered the possibility it wouldn't have made it on our list. It was left there in the current restricted form as desperate survival option.

Didn't know it wasn't intended, thanks.

but otherworldy and spirit influenced consequences can happen.

Yes, that's exactly what I wanted to figure out. So, it's just me haven't had them or noticed any yet.

Heh. Can be called an oversight. I rarely even remember human flesh being an option so it doesn't end up in the checks. How the spirits would treat human flesh as a sacrifice according to folklore... well.. I believe that is something that isn't mentioned in any written sources I have.

So, I'll just use my own imagination then. Not really a thing to implement as soon as possible, I guess.

I rarely continue replying to suggestions I've once replied because I'd easily end up in endless limbo where I find myself only talking about the game, in ever-increasing number of threads. But here was my additional two cents. Hopefully it helps.

Thanks a lot for your answers, Sami! It's always good to learn more about UnReal World.

And for me personally, it's also great to learn something from an experienced indie game developer, as I hope to become one too, someday :) .

Suggestions / Re: Ambient wildlife
« on: February 12, 2021, 11:30:34 AM »
However, something I enjoy in UrW is just the feeling of wandering in the wilderness, so I think I'd also enjoy seeing birds that aren't what you'd call "useful" to me as a player, but would add to the ambience of the game, such as songbirds.

Well, I personally never feel forced to actually make use of any ‘useful’ creature. And I guess nothing really does force a player. A bird? Nice, let it fly. An elk, in case I've got enough meat and fur? Nice, have a safe walk, my horned brother, may the spirits help you to avoid predators and hunters.

If I'll ever get tired of a ‘creature spotted’ prompts (which feels to me completely fitting the game's spirit), I'll toggle [TASK_ABORT_ANIMALS:YES] option in urw_ini.txt

More ambience would be good. I think though, that's a lot of effort for the team, and pretty long time to wait for us players. But afaik, @Night is currently working on a project with some ambience-related features planned, discussed here.

Oh, spirits. Wish I could try aaall of this! Mustikka-ruispuuro looks espeсially tempting.

@Buoidda thanks a lot, that's an amazing code! Saved it. My first DIY mod btw, hehe.

Only replaced short with 1ft to avoid the text break interface border (running UrW in 800x600 borderless window).

Spoiler: show

Suggestions / Re: Additional “trophies”
« on: February 11, 2021, 10:14:43 PM »
However, playing with human skulls then again doesn't quite fit the world. The dead, and their parts, were feared rather than collected.
I suppose having such an ability would nevertheless be of good. Just in terms of more player's freedom, and more various and immerse roleplaying.

And that won't inevitably ruin the historical accuracy. Say, if character messes with human remains, he can be punished by spirits in some way: like, a bear will appear and savage him, or some of character's items will vanish during his sleep, or there will be no hunting luck for a long time, or his house will suddenly burn...

And would someone still want to play a wicked character, it will be appropriately harder. Way harder, I guess, but also way more immersive. We've already got cannibalism, so why not.

Btw, does any eldritch consequences happen? Seems I never noticed. Also, not quite sure if it fits the world, to sacrifice a cut of human flesh to spirits and ‘feel at ease’. Does it? Or should this go to Bug reports/Suggestions forum?

Of course, I'm quite possible, as a player, to misunderstand things, or perhaps to perceive the game's lore, unconsciously mixing it with my own vision. So, would be great to know how exactly the world's creators mean this.

Gameplay questions / Re: Any way to find lost items?
« on: February 11, 2021, 09:26:48 PM »
Just in case someone doesn't know, it is possible to drop items while on wilderness map and have them visible.
Spoiler: show

And when dropping stuff while zoomed-in, leaving a mark on F6 map really helps (appliable to the first case as well). After you've finished your business, just go back to the marked location, climb a tree, scroll mouse wheel down or hit Ctrl+‘-’ to zoom out, and you'll most probably spot your items at once (to make it easier, avoid dropping them behind trees). In rare cases, like when you drop something at the very edge of a location, it can take you two or three climbings.

Not bugs / Re: Dogs eating priorities
« on: February 11, 2021, 08:55:11 PM »
I thought of reporting it just this morning. Sure, dogs should eat meat first. At the moment it doesn't matter what do you put on a tile first, meat/fish or bone, your dog is gonna eat bone and ignore anything else.

UPD: It has just given me a thought of eating priority list just being sorted alphabetically (so the order is %animal name% bone — bream  — burbot — %animal name% cut — %another fish name%). Going to test it one of these days.

Also, bones are waaay too durable. Didn't do exact measures, but it feels like four elk bones is enough, for a regular dog, to chew for at least a week or two. While meat seems to be a bit less satiating than it should be.

Gameplay questions / Re: Are Map tiles eventually cleared?
« on: February 11, 2021, 08:47:49 PM »
I'd think Sami would like a copy of the save that was broken/corrupted by manual map maintenance. I've never had issues with it, since it was added several versions ago. And I use it at least everytime when ground colors change.
It's been a while... Most probably it was not even 3.62, because as far as I recall, I wasn't a forum member yet. I suppose it was version 3.5*. No backups left, unfortunately.

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