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Furs are a product of tanning fresh animal skin.

Availability and trading

You can acquire most fur on your own, by active hunting (hunting trips) or passive hunting (traps).

Foreign traders come to Finland to buy furs (and nothing else). They look for only the most valuable ones, like fox fur.

Acquiring fur

Bear fur provides the best protection against cold.

These fur-bearing animals provide fur:


There are five qualities for fur, arranged from best to worst:

  • superior (150% value)
  • fine (125% value)
  • decent (100% value; just reads "fur" in-game, the average/default quality")
  • harsh (50% value)
  • ragged (0% value)


The values of furs for trading has no correlation with the usefulness of furs for player crafting. Fox fur is extremely valuable for traders in contrast to bear fur, which is the most protective of all furs.

Example: In v3.14 an inferior bear fur (21 lb) is less valuable than a normal fox fur (<1 lb) to foreign traders.

Item Arrows Weight Value Val/lbs
Arctic fox 14a 0.8 lbs. 112 140
Badger 4a 2 lbs. 32 16
Bear 45a 24 lbs. 360 15
Beaver 20a 2 lbs. 160 80
Elk 25a 20 lbs. 200 10
Fox 10a 0.8 lbs. 80 100
Glutton 45a 3 lbs. 360 120
Grey Seal 22a 5 lbs. 176 35.2
Lynx 50a 3 lbs. 400 133.3
Pine-marten 15a 0.5 lbs. 120 240
Reindeer 25a 10 lbs. 200 20
Ringed Seal 20a 3 lbs. 160 53.33
Squirrel 1a? 0.3 lbs. 8? ?
Wolf 30a 4 lbs. 240 60

Fur items

Items that require fur for crafting:

Clothing items

URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes fur thusly:

Fur is mainly used in the winter-time when many pieces of clothing which are usually made of linen or wool are replaced by fur counterparts. Fur is mainly used to keep its' wearer warm but it can also give some considerable protection - although it's cumbersome to move about especially in very big, heavy fur garments.


Fur clothing items, fur items and other fur items in the game.

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