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Linen is a type of cloth, derived from plant materials.

Linen clothing is derived from this material.


Linen or completed linen clothing need to be bought by the player character at settlements.

Real life context

Linen clothing was used by many different cultures for thousands of years as a light and comfortable clothing material. Linen is still a much more "recent" invention than fur clothing or leather clothing.

URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes linen thusly:

Linen is produced from fibers of a flax which is a commonly known cultivated plant. Linen, like wool, is largely used material for clothes but the process to make serviceable linen is more laborious than in the case of wool. For the wealthy this is no problem since there is also imported linen in the UnReal World.

Linen clothes are very comfortable. The more you wear a specific linen garment the softer and more comfortable it will become. You'll also feel cool in a linen garment when the weather is hot but still it will keep you warm when it's cold.


Linen clothing articles and other linen items in the game.

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