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Nettle fiber is a type of cloth, derived from plant materials, specifically nettle fibers.

Nettle-fiber clothing is derived from this material.


Nettle-fiber clothing needs to be bought by the player character at settlements.

Some mods, such as Rain's Cloth V3 mod, allow the player character to craft their own nettle fiber and derived nettle-fiber clothes.

Real life context


URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes nettle-fiber thusly:

Nettle is a useful wild plant used as a source of fiber.The process of separating fibers from a nettle and spinning them into a thread is somewhat similar compared to the process of producing linen out of flax. Some even say that garments made out of nettle-fiber are more beautiful than the ones made of linen. Nettle is commonly used, but not as largely as linen, for all sorts of clothes.


Nettle-fiber clothing articles and other nettle-fiber items in the game.

All nettle clothing aside from the cloak currently uses the same in-game tile graphics as some of the linen clothing articles. (Ver. 3.52)

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