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Foreign traders travel in caravans of many traders at a time. They are neither aggressive towards nor afraid of the player character. You can trade furs with them in exchange for weapons, iron armor, and other valuables they carry for trade. They will only accept furs as offers for their items when trading.


Foreign traders carry items that are otherwise very difficult to find such as iron weapons and armor, and valuable jewelry. In addition, they can also carry high-quality versions of leather armor, bows, and arrows.

Foreign traders are hostile to the player when the player finds them in the Njerpez cultural zone.

Attacking Foreign Traders

Killing foreign traders can be extremely lucrative for well-armed and experienced players, but make sure not to underestimate them. Foreign traders almost never travel alone, and their companions are able to hear them in distress from far away, even when they are asleep, and will come running.

Also, as owners of high quality weapons and armors, they can be considered more dangerous than Njerpez. If you decide to kill one group, make very sure that no survivors escape, or they may return to fight at inopportune times.