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« on: January 05, 2021, 06:29:57 PM »
Suggestion reply marathon - Apr-Dec 2020

This marathon thread is a compilation of suggestions and replies to them from nine from month period of April to December 2020.
Each reply can be also found in their respective forums threads. The majority of suggestions were about the game interface, character skills & related mechanics, and NPC behaviour & interaction. There were 110 suggestions in total , and the most participating 10% did post 50% of all these suggestions.  Naturally some of these things will never end up in the game but replies are given nevertheless and thus the development roadmap hopefully grows clearer. After these replies my time to continue ponderings on these very subjects rarely continues, but the topics stay open and discussion can naturally go on till the end of time.

Here we go...

Sub-categories for food in cellar

I find it tricky at times to find the stuff in my cellar.
There's all herbs/seasonings, vegetables, meat, fish, stews and soups all in one big... pile?
I like the fact that top most items are the oldest in there, so using those first makes sense.
But what I'd like to see is add additional food categories for cellar:

Complex piles here and there is a common result of hoarding playstyle. Item selection categories are item type related, and this kind of custom categorization would be a mess and super costly to add, and thus not considered worthwhile. The best solution is to arrange things that don’t need to be stored in cellar in to different piles around your homestead, or to use several cellars. However, the more there’s hoarding the more there is browsing in general.

Recipe [optional] with +/- % quality

I would be nice if in recipes for making crafts that optional items could give a chance for different quality which in turn can lead to a higher value by the fine/perfect modifiers.

For example a decoration of headress with   leather on branches in the baseline, adding optional bones a +10% quality and adding optional feathers a +10% quality so together if both added a +20% quality so likely to bump it up a category.

We understand there are many crafting syntax ideas which can come up in modding, but in general we tweak and enchance the syntax foremostly based on the game’s need and the modding possibilities then follow. This idea might be something to explore deeper, if practical item applications are come across. However, for me a quality is a confusing word here and I think you meant bonus/minus to skill roll instead, which then in turn might result in better quality craft.

Skin sizes, adjust please.

Also, boars and sows give only 4lbs skin and seals 5lbs. Yet the body/torso size of ‘sus scrofa’ isn’t much smaller from ‘rangifer tarandus fennica’
I.e. reindeer yield 8lbs skins for roughly same body area.

E.g. making a skin for liquids takes 4lbs of leather, that’s the entire pig’s skin. Of course there’s some loss, but the ratio is way off.

Tl;dr; please check: calves, boars and sows, and seal skin yields.

If I recall correctly the average wild boar skins in the game should be closer to 5 lbs, big ones might reach the 6 occasionally. The original finnish landrace pig which is now extinct was said to be rather small and skinny creature. But maybe these could increased little. I'll ponder. However, the liquid skin material requirement seems way off indeed. I think it's a bit anachronistic item anyway. To tune or to remove, that is the question.

Deer and elk calf skins are minuscule.

Preferably around:
3lbs skin from young deer calves, 5lbs (winter skin) from old calves*
8lbs skin from elk calves, 12lbs (winter skin) from older calves*

But... the calf/cub skin sizes already depend naturally on their age and thus the size of the calf. It's not a fixed value - if people thought so? There's nothing to adjust with calves. You can find all the calf skin weight examples you mentioned, and everything in between, and more.

edit: 6lbs from ringed seals, 16-20lbs from grey seals

The seal skin yields seem low indeed and would need adjustments. I'll have a look at those values.

Since calves' graphic is resized...

the calves' graphic in game is actually just resized adult one.

And I immediately though that it would be relatively simple to have this:
?   in late spring and summer you'd meet the tiny calves we see now
?   in autumn and winter (winter fur time) they'd be say, about 50%, of the adult

Of course the meat yield and skin sizes would vary accordingly.

This all is featured already. The calves graphic icon grows as they grow. Their skin and meat yield is based on their size.

Seasoning thread

Fat for seasoning.

The seasoning mechanics could be checked indeed. To add more possibilities, but also to make it possible to decide how much of the selected ingredient to use. The fat I would add as its own optional ingredient in relevant recipes. We’re doing some cookery additions currently, so this all might happen in relatively near future.

tweaks to the flora modding (trees)

So I finally ventured in to the flora of things. Made some slanted pine trees and straight deciduous ones.

Currently having 0 value in the tags below makes the flora not work or load at all.

I suggest following actions with the assigned 0-values,
Code: [Select]
(Will be spawned only once - when zoomed-in map area is first generated)

(Will be an obstacle like trees and will be spawned already mature)

(Will be never wither or despawn - unless picked up in case of [mushroom]-tags)

These hopefully simple modifications would allow tree modding (among gazillion of other peculiar things) while we wait for a more complete tree overhaul with species recognition.

Tree modding isn’t truly really possible, and I don’t know if it ever will be. Within the game mechanics and internal structures the trees are handled completely differently than the flora_* plants. Even if those tags would be added, the things generated wouldn’t really be trees for the game.  You notice it immediately with a need to add an option to make a plant an obstacle like a tree - and a lot more. So in practice this approach is suggesting to add an new tree related tag possibilities for flora_*.* plants, and if that was done we would need start reworking the character and NPCs movement etc. code as well to recognize certain plants as obstacles etc. etc. etc. Just to mention very few tiny things about how it would be snowballing. So, trees will get a lot of love and more species in the future, and the ideas regarding that can be (and have been) suggested already. But we really need to wait until it’s being actually coded.

Walking through the fire message

It'd be helpful to state how long the fire will burn instead of the current "You can not walk through the fire" warning that you only need to read once in a player's lifetime.

EDIT: I wasn't aware / didn't remember the 'x' command, which diminishes my suggestion below treshold of making it.

There are hundreds of small things individual players, in their playstyle, would want differently. That’s eternal. The message is clumsy though, so we might address it if this comes up again, or we happen to wander around that part of the code.

Remove fistfulls from containers

It would be good and a quick code to apply to the "A"pply command to "R"emove things from a container. Flowers would go back in hand, beans back in hand although liquids like water would be lost.
This would let us also carry a box of berries to put out fistfuls in traps.

That would be good and reasonable addition. Those containers are clumsy to handle, within the code as well, so it’s a bit of a headache to add actually but I’ll be checking out possibilities in regards to this. The thing is, when stuff is put in the container it loses its base unit  so fistful of berries becomes just heap of berries. The same goes for the fish, which become just one big heap of fish in a container. That’s why container content removal hasn’t been a thing from the start. The bigger chances to containers are evident at some point, but let’s see if we can come up with simple workaround while waiting for that.

(Minor QoL) Remember last zoom level upon game launch plus savegame load

a) Launching the game (from desktop), then loading a savegame results in loss of player's previously active zoom level setting (i.e.: game starts with default zoom level of maximum zoom in).

Based on the above, it appears zoom level setting is stored in memory but not written to disk.

I think it would be a small improvement if zoom level is stored on disk and retained every time.
Yes, it’s true the zoom level isn’t saved with the character, and there are quite many other interface related things as well that don’t get saved. These are mostly things that have came along long after the early character structures were defined. It doesn't harm to add zoom level to savedata so I'll see about taking care of this.

Please make it possible to quickly shorten tying equipment

Could you please add a single Tying Equipment menu option to cut down (a single chosen tying equipment) to 1 feet pieces?

1 feet chunks is the ultimate choice as it is the only size that will guarantee that a character can do 100% of tying-equipment-related tasks and waste no tying equipment at the end of task. There is no other size that fits all tasks and wastes nothing at the same time.

There is a side benefit (in my eyes) that it will only take one menu-entry per tying-equipment-material-and-quality-combo.
e.g.: it would read "87 1-feet bitch-bark ropes"
rather than e.g. 8 10-feet bitch-bark ropes + 1 5-feet, 2 1-feet etc.
I acknowledge that this may not be a good thing for other people as others might prefer cutting down everything as chunks of 5 feet or n feet or a combination of various sizes.

This thread was replied with a modding snippet which gets the thing done. We might consider adding “cut this number of this long pieces” at some point, but it doesn't feel urgent. At least there hasn't been too many mentions about that.
But surely, if people need hundreds and hundreds of short ropes at once for their playstyle it surely is burdensome to come up with. However, from role-playing perspective adventurers always carrying 1 feet cordage seems silly and not appealing for my eyes at least. And with metric system in use (future option) the inventory wouldn't even be that tidy: “87 0.3 meter ropes” etc.
After all, I'm still thinking of an addition for automatic length cutting upon tasks, though it's a bit costly thing to do.

Harvesting(edited:boiled down to harvesting, ignore redundant leather discus.)

Your character is standing near a ripe plant. you press 'alt+a' for agriculture and 'h' for harvest, then 'space' to confirm.
So this is nothing new, so now my suggestion. I would really enjoy a feature like this:

Instead of the harvested plant laying on the ground[requiring you to further key-jockey, like 'alt'+'g', choose direction 'choose amount' 'Enter' 'space' to confirm(all this for 1 tile of plants)], it is put directly inside your inventory. Just like when you pick young leaves or berries or mushrooms, for example.

that would be the standard harvesting procedure. Also the old method would still be there as "Cut" in the agriculture menu, which would leave the crop laying on the ground just like it has been for now.

Yes, there are several occasions where the interface could be made less burdensome for the player – and harvesting mechanics is one of them. These things exists often because chaining the character actions is quite troublesome due to design and nature of the roguelike game engine and approach. Sometimes it's more doable, than in other cases. I guess it would be doable to add pickup command trigger right after harvesting is done, so I'll explore this possibility, although weird setback may sometimes follow. One thing that would do harvesting (and some things also) easier would be to allow auto-picking up single item stack, just like one single item is picked without confirmation. But then again, sometimes you only want to pick x items from a stack.
All in all, if this gets implemented in the end we'll probably add new “Harvest and pick” command to agriculture menu for this alternative.

Character custom picture slot

Just noticed in the directories it is already there as 'portrait'

The suggestion would be then during character creation to be able to select an empty or silhoute with the player to replace later.

Those who don't fancy the game portraits can replace them with their own anytime. Add your favourite portaits to each culture and you can then select them easily during character creation.

seal-catching and dangers of entangling into a net
The proper way to catch seals would be the net, btw. (instead of the heavy deadfall)

Is the suggestion to add possibility of seals to be able to get tangled into fishermens nets, or?
I believe the modern nets are far more dangerous and effective in that regard.

NPC command requests

Fell trees to:
Fell tall trees (for tree trunks)
Fell young trees (for slender rods)
Add cut trunk into blocks (alternate to boards)
Make stakes (out of slender trees)
(This would allow the helper to be a good partner when laying a long trap fence)

Yep, they should be able to do many more chores than currently. I'm sure we'll see new commands popping up every now and then.

Note taking

Some sort of way to write / read text would provide a nice way to roleplay note taking/journal writing for players. Lot's of ways to implement it so just thought I'd throw it out there incase you think it might fit well for UnReal World's setting in some fashion.

Maybe instead of text, Finnish symbols, or other marking methods.

We already can add text to message log and on the map markers, and I think that's enough for player written information. Although, I'm not quite sure what kind of ideas you're thinking exactly.
Some character made wilderness and sacred site markers in the historical fashion would be nice to add at some point. As a side note, ancient Finns didn't have written language back in iron-age.

Well icon for villages

Arriving into an unfamiliar village in the winter I really am having trouble finding where the water tile is. This would be handy to drink from. The villagers have a source of water for themselves.

It would be nice if we could have the village water tile as a well or barrel. That would also become a graphic we modders could access for the player's own stead.

We'll be adding a way to ask the location of the village water supply. They hardly have wells, but the water supplies are more often springs.

Directions from the women

I'd like the locations that we receive from village women to show on the F6 map when they give us the directions, instead of still having to scout the area to locate them.

It's deliberate choice that the verbal information is all you get. Having everything precisely marked up on the map turns the feeling of the world into something very different.

Additional historically accurate cordage: "Lime Bast Cordage"

I think it would be neat to add Linden trees to the game and allow players to gather the bark and prepare it by one of the methods described in the article (either by peeling in summer and then soaking in water for 4 weeks or by gathering in winter and smoking it). Alternatively, perhaps a process to gather bark from a variety of trees beyond what's currently permitted and prepare into cordage by soaking, peeling, and twisting?

Yep, Linden trees and their bark usage for cordage would be a suitable addition. The same goes for willows too. More trees and more usage for trees is among planned development goals.

Naming:First Word Tag Please for Modding

I'm able to mostly accomplish what I want with modding with the [naming:last word] tag but there are times the naming would be a lot less awkward and allow for more precise modding if a [naming:first word] tag.

We understand there are many crafting syntax ideas which can come up in modding, but in general we tweak and enchance the syntax foremostly based on the game’s need and the modding possibilities then follow. This sounds like a simple thing to add, but sometimes weird setbacks can be met on the code level. However, I’ll take a look at the code and explore the options.

End of part 1/6. Read on ...
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« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2021, 06:35:42 PM »
Suggestion reply marathon - Apr-Dec 2020 | part 2/6

Buff up the elks, add swimming and jumping over fences

Ok we all know Unreal predators (even lynxes) are dangerous. But that's cool and all, I'm not here because of that.

My point is: Unreal elks aren't. They really are wimpy compared to the real ones. My current char had so much trouble chasing an elk he dropped all weapons but a small knife in order to ski faster. In the end, he knifed and kicked an adult elk to death (with near or zero skill in those). Sure he got a crush in the eye and fractured ribs and some bruises.

And there are also stories of characters who have dropped dead in the similar situation after receiving a single elk kick into their heads - which sometimes leads to discussion if the elks are ridiculously fatal in the game. So...we have to remember that not all the elks in the game behave equally. Some are more wimpy than others.

And I also remember a documentary of some indigenous russian tribe and its two hunters who were hunting a bull elk. The hunt lasted for a day. It was wintertime and the hunters were walking in elk’s tracks. At the last phase they sent their dog after the elk. It chased the elk for some time, and the men walked in the both creatures tracks finally reaching the prey. The bull elk stood still, seemingly exhausted. The dog had been called away. One of the hunters took his knife, walked slowly at the elk which was facing his direction. Some staring, no movement, then he quite slowly thrusted his knife into elk’s throat, and retreated few steps. The elk bled to death pretty much at the same location it had received the blade.

I personally want to have the both kind of elk hunting endings to appear in the game – depending on the many complex and unpredictable factors and mechanics. So, we don’t often balance things based on “this one thing happened once to me”, but always need to look at the big picture.

Let’s look at the suggestions then, which are better to post as one crisp thought rather than a list, but here we go:

1) I'd like to see elks, especially bull ones, buffed up considerably. It should be madness to go against them practically bare-handed. The reward is anyways a huge amount of meat. More strength, stamina and speed.

We can add more strength, stamina and speed, but that doesn’t increase the fatality of going against them bare-handed. One kick kills are possible for them already. It’s more of a matter how their desperation attack mechanics get triggered. Animals choose to attack based on a lot of factors, with cornered animals the desperation builds a bit bit by bit. What we might adjust would be these mechanics, but it also requires experimenting with numerous game elks. I can play a little to see if there’s something that immediately requires attention. The thing is, who is to say how many of the say 100 elks you get cornered would really choose to attack the pursuer to their fullest potential. 25%, 50%, 100% ? We only know it’s not 0% but not 100% either.

2) Elk AI: Naturally they should almost always just flee, but when cornered they shouldn't just run circles to exhaustion but stop to rest and threaten the pursuer with a snort and kicking the ground. Fight or flight, not flight until breathless.

Like mentioned sometimes they do threat and attack the pursuer. Desperation attack mechanics are result of many factors. The resting thing is different and tricky one, and it’s cover all the animals and NPCs in the game. It’s true that they sometimes tend to exhaust themselves in situations where they could rest. If it’s made too clever the persistence hunting times are pretty much over.

3) Enable elk to jump over fences or even break them when fleeing.

If this was added it should be linked to gradually building desperation, and not enable just like that whenever the creature is escaping. I’m fairly sure elk’s primary option would be to try to find a natural route to flee rather than to jump over or break a man-made things. At least in the history there are so many examples of driving wild animals to their death with simple man-made obstacles which could have been broken if the animals just tried. So it’s a decent idea, but it’s not a simple one. I can already see the headlines “Elks are jumping over fences too often.” ;)

4) Elks are great swimmers irl, ought to be grandmasters in Urw.
It'd be cool to come to a new version of urw and try to exploit this old tactic only to realize the elk just swims away. Of course there should be some reluctance to animals wading and swimming, but it'd be a cool addition.

Good swimming escape wits is indeed something the animals in the game lack. It’s not only about elks. This is something that would be nice, and also interesting to work on. Of course it’s lots of study to figure out how the decision about entering the water should be done. However, the cornering tactics on ice would still be quite usable if hunting with bow and arrows, as relatively slowly swimming elk is a good target.

5) Urw ungulates (hoofed herbivores) are pretty good to get out of a hole in ice?
I've noticed that ungulates fall through ice easily and get out just as easily.

I don’t have the code at hand now to check, but I’d like to think it’s not just like that thing. At least the mentions about dead elk in the ice are far more frequent. I can check but could this have been situation, animal attributes and water depth related thing..

6) EDIT: Attack: Trampling. (Allow aggressive elks/big reindeer/beoars to enter a tile with a character, making them 'fallen'.) Hehe. And there it goes...

I’m not too fancy to add new attack mechanics as the wound effects with the current ones are similar,  but truly the big animals could do harm simply by running against the character.

7) EDIT: Only pits should work for ungulates. This was always odd anyway... It's not in their nature to go into tight spots. I think all ungulates should pass all snares, lever and deadfall traps without harm or trigger.

Yep. Elks getting into such traps isn’t intended but just something that happens due to trap mechanics. There are some other oddities too, but we haven’t found them too critical to fix.

Completing random starts

This is to add in to the various character creation steps more options for random steps. Sex male/female and seasons are missing this.
Oh... and names.
Surely you could put some Finnish culture in there with male-female names. Though maybe you should have the which sex selection done first.

Random option selections and random names have been suggested every now and then. It’s never felt too urgent but I trust we might add at least the random names at some point. Requires character creation step re-ordering, though.

Hill, cliffs and mountains

Currently it seems that higher elevation features: mountains, hills and cliffs, only have trees grow on the edges, not atop or on way up.
Please add some small /slow growth birches and pines on them.

There should be a possibility for lone trees to exist even at mountain tops and cliffs, occasionally. But I guess the hill terrain generation is very crude and unpolished. I’m aware of it and not pleased with it. Gotta check when time allows.

Adjust cliffs and mountains  to occasionally have a sheer rock face, to steep to be climbed.

Those should exist already.

Re-triggering command for loop snares and paw-boards too

Obviously they don't have to be previously triggered, only requirement being exactly one trap item lying on nearby tile.

Would be handy of course, but isn’t necessary all too simple to add as item traps are handled differently from the trap constructions in the game mechanics. But I’ll see about the possibilities when wandering around the part of the code.

"I want to be a trader"

This post is seconding a suggestion/question if villagers value different goods differently.
It’s planned, and will happen eventually.

I imagine spices and herbs will become big business for us adventureres who are just starting out.

Spices and herbs wouldn’t come a business at all, but things like metal tools and weapons, furs, preserved food etc. would be probably the first things have different values among different cultures.

Will there be different quality values for farmed produce?

Yes, some farm product would fit in the scope of tribal value differency. Not turnips maybe, but grain and flour and other time consuming products.

Point and click start location

It would be nice to be able to choose start location more freely, for example on islands without having to choose Islander.

Hmm. Maybe. Although I don’t consider this all too important.

Please add ability to 'detect' NPCs

I am requesting 'Suggesting' that the ability to detect NPCs by some specific property be added to the Modification system.

 There are probably more reasons than I have thought of, but I think it would provide a method to more deeply interact with NPCs.

We understand there are many crafting syntax ideas which can come up in modding, but in general we tweak and enchance the syntax foremostly based on the game’s need and the modding possibilities then follow.
If the stuff you are thinking of would fit in the game world you can also take time to polish your ideas into a separate suggestion about new NPC interactions to add.

HITCHCOCK BIRDS aka allow automatically ignoring birds during tasks

We all know that feeling when eager to get something done and... you see a bird.
And another...
And yet another...
On fourth bird you remember a certain cult classic horror movie...
Settings in the urw_ini.txt allow to automatically ignore animals/humans.
Please add a separate row for only birds, as automatically ignoring all animals isn't very useful.

If they aren’t flying around in circles all the time this is quite a minor nuisance after all. During the task you should be mentioned of the same individual animal, bird or not, only once.
We might consider new setup options but I’ve got the feeling vast majority of the players aren’t bothered with this all that much.

More usefulness for curing

So, getting finally to my suggestion:

1) Curing should be immediately available for fresh skins
2) shorten curing times to max overnight or allow picking up of skins with curing still continuing
3) accept cured hides for kota covers and "sleeping in furs"
3) complicate tanning to make it more realistic and to encourage curing to be used more
4) make cured skins available in villages and for trade - preferably much more commonly than tanned hides. I understand this would affect game balance significantly and prices would need to be adjusted accordingly, with tanning lifting the cost especially of big hides - not so much of the valuable small furs.
The hide processing is naturally simplified, and one of the many practical approaches chosen. We reckon the curing here to be quite precise cleansing and drying step but yes it could be more rough step too. It’s very true that in wilderness conditions you would want the hide with you with minimum effort, and current curing step seems more like a settled condition thing.
Being able to use cured hides for rougher purposes, such as kota covers, is very good idea. We’ll likely feature it.
Having villages to have more cured than tanned hides I’m not too certain of, but there could be cured hides also available for sure. Also, asking skilled NPCs to tan the cured hides for you is  something that’s been on to-do list for quite some time.

Finally, I’ve heard of theories that among stone-age hunters the hides weren’t necessarily practically tanned at all. Primitive clothes were sewn together from quite quickly cured, or cleansed to bare minimum hides. The fat and sweat from the wearer’s skin and the constant movement when the cloth was worn finally tanned the hide, over a longer period of time. Just an example that many processes can be done in less effort or as rougher version, but in the game world we have to draw a level of detail somewhere – still knowing it’s not the only way to go about it.

More Than One Output/Byproduct

It would be great to have a crafting process that works the way timber currently does, where you cut up a tree and you get both a log and branches, for example.

I'd love to be able to do something like this for modding, for example when making cheese you get whey and curds, which can both be further used in recipes.

We understand there are many crafting syntax ideas which can come up in modding, but in general we tweak and enhance the syntax foremostly based on the game’s need and the modding possibilities then follow. The diy_* craft system has only one item output as that was what was needed when the crafts initially got defined within the syntax. Expanding it isn’t considered worthwhile at this point, and would be a costly thing to do anyway.

Live fish sometimes visible in nearby water

- EDIT: add splashing sounds/messages to notify the character of fish presence
- it would be stupendously cool to sometimes spot big fish in water (when very close, next tile or at most two tiles away)
Seeing the fish or their splashes has been suggested before at times. It would be nice atmospheric effect but I don’t know if we get into it anytime soon. The same goes for messages/sounds. This is foremostly because the fish population checks s are activated only when the fishing is started. Having them to be run with certain interval, and to generate the visible result on the map, is a bit tedious to add. But we agree this would be cool.
- this would possibly be the only way to club/spear/tridentify fish
- this form of fishing could require usually lot of moving around / along the edge of ice / wading
- only in certain places and times of the year fish would be so abundant that just standing and waiting in correct place would be good
- EDIT: I'm not suggesting big fish would be modeled as 'true/persisting' animals, because that would be unnecessarily heavy implementation
There is already a possibility for club/spear fishing. It’s very simplified mechanics, the character waits by the shore, and should a big fish appear they try to strike. Just apply spear or club to start.

Modding, Optional items affect output

it would be interesting if optional items could have a way of modifying the output with:

= changes chance of better results (more like to get fine or master item), like if you have an extra type of tool or extra nails to strengthen a shield

= the price value, adding more to the base value if we add things like bits of metal of decorations
This sounds like some sort of duplication of this suggestion:
If this would be worthwhile depends on the practicality from the game world’s perspective, which I don’t see much currently. We understand there are many crafting syntax ideas which can come up in modding, but in general we tweak and enchance the syntax foremostly based on the game’s need and the modding possibilities then follow.

Going nuts!

I thought it might be worth suggesting a new forage food item: european hazelnuts (Corylus avellana). This species grows wild in southernmost Finland and might be unique to southern territories in the game map (Driik, Reemi, etc.) and provide another option when foraging in the forest.
There could be more trees indeed, and we’re expanding that sector of the game at some point. However, I believe we’ll see a bit more common tree species to be added first.

Add Roe deer doe / Roe buck

After a quick search, Swedish wikipedia says they "returned 8000 years ago to Skandinavia" and Finnish that there's some speculation of it being native based on some old place names. Anyway, being the realism-nerd that I am, on historical perspective, I'd still be happy about them being featured .

Yeah, it’s a bit hard to say how era accurate this would be, but their existence is still probable.
I’ve got no specific enthusiasm to add these, but who knows, maybe one day.

Small scale primitive smoker

I think a primitive small scale tipi type smoker would make a great addition to the game. Smoking doesn't really demand a huge building unless one smokes huge amounts of stuff. So maybe a small structure from three slender tree trunks, a large hide, some tying equipment and branches where one could smoke smaller quantities of meats?
We could allow smoking to be done also in kotas – like mentioned in the follow-up. That would do the trick, but the smoking times would get longer too and taking care of the fire would need more frequent maintenance.
Smoking is anyway thought of as more or less settled food preservation method than a quick
wilderness expedition option. But still kota smoking would be reasonable addition, since we don’t necessarily need log cabins to settle down.

End of part 2/6. Read on ...
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« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2021, 06:43:20 PM »
Suggestion reply marathon - Apr-Dec Mar 2020 | part 3/6

Imminent death warnings

So I suggest:
- freezing to death to actually blink continuously when it's on - isn't so disturbing because rarely us 'on' at least for long 
- have warning sound effect/pause when freezing (shivering female/male voice would fit here nicely)
- have warning sound effect/pause when freezing to death (intense shivering female/male voice would fit here nicely)
- have sound effect/pause when danger of drowning (gurgling female/male voice would fit here nicely)
- 'q' is a bit too often used a command for both drinking and 'Q'uitting, imho. I use 'Esc' anyways to leave game so I rarely even 'Q'uit.

Pauses could be added here and there, but blinking and sound effects is a bit overkill. Sound effects would be nice in general, but we can’t secure everybody has the sounds on. However, if all the cases where player might miss the warning messages and die as a result would be secured with pauses, the game would be quite often about lots of pausing.
The tricky thing with freezing and swimming pauses would be that the warning messages are spammed by the game a lot – to make sure they aren’t missed that easily - and it would be quite annoying if there was a pause with every turn. Gotta think about this.

Inventory interface change/tuning

At the moment arrow keys 'left' and 'right' in inventory are duplicates of 'up' and 'down'.
Multiple keyboards on laptops and alternative platforms don't have PgUp and PgDn keys.
Would it be possible to either have the 'left'-'right' arrow keys to hop between groups* or to function as PgUp and PgDn keys?
Both of these could be done easily, and would really make a difference when PgUp / PgDn are not handily available.

First we gotta confirm if some players are using left and right keys mostly to scroll inventory. I guess not, but if you are, then speak up now.


Add willows to the game.
Yep. More trees is planned, and willows are on our to-do list of the new trees.

Character and clothing&armor sizes

Have small characters, say under 65kg (~143lbs) average/usual size above that and below ~90kg (198lbs) and large characters, above 95kg/198lbs
Then add ‘small’ and ‘large’ sized armor and clothing items. Keep the current items as average/usual size.
Decrease small clothing and armor weight by (maybe 10-15%) and increase large variants weight by 10-15%.

Having character sized clothes/armour is nice idea to think of, but can easily get overly complicated in action and on code level. We’ve thought about this occasionally too, but after more pondering it hasn’t felt too necessary addition. Maybe, we could try it first with little pieces of equipment – say boots – and then see how fun, or painful it becomes. It would affect to trading as well, as villagers wouldn’t be too eager about the not fitting gear. If you were to sell character made clothes you would have to be able to choose what size to produce. And dozens of other little trivial things that might make things fun on one small sector, but cumbersome for the most of the time. Still, we’re thinking of this, and who knows...maybe one day.

Dog's Priority List for Food

It is winter, my pack of dogs wake me with barking and I go out to see one of my fox traps had an Arctic fox caught in it, alive. I am happy, winter arctic fox fur! I leave the dogs to eat their bones, raw meat, spoiled raw meat etc scattered in piles between the traps.

I kick the beast dead. I was exhausted. I need to wait to be less tired to skin it. Only in the minutes I rested, the dogs had eaten the entire fox. Leaving just bones. Valuable fur gone.

I don't know why they ate it first?

Most probably they chose to go for the fox because they were starved or really hungry, and in their condition prioritized the fresh kill over other foods available.
In any case, this isn’t really a suggestion but more of a question, unless the actual suggestion is that dogs should never eat fresh kills if there’s other food closer by. For that, the answer would be no, and starving dogs will remain keen on tasting fresh kills and carcasses.

Arrow physics while shooting seal / water fowl

I think the arrow flight paths could use a bit modifying when shooting seals / water fowl. I tried hunting seals from a punt and missing the seal some 10-20m away resulted the arrows flying 100-300m past the target. The aimpoint being generally downwards this seems funky.
Also: bouncing arrows?

Projectile physics are modelled very precisely, so if the aimpoint really has been downwards this sounds like a bug. But we don’t know the actual shooting setup you had, and this is just one case example. So, test again with similar setup and report as a bug if you really find it happening.
Arrows shot in the water don’t bounce. Not in the game, nor in the real life.
Historically there have been special bouncing arrows, which we’d like to feature at some point, but they can travel beyond the first impact only tens, not hundreds of meters.

Using water from containers on ground - eating and drinking from table

If the game would simply use water from containers on ground automatically (for example from largest first) or at least include the water containers on the ground on the inventory menu. This would be a *huge* interface improvement. Why are the tubs so small anyways?

Relating to this - it would be cool for table top contents to appear on the list menu when 'e'ating or 'q'uaffing. That way having a table in one's cottage would really be a lot of help as in real world as well.

This sort of functionality, especially to use ground containers in various task, has been suggested and replied before. The ground items are handled differently within the game mechanics so including them to this-and-that is quite costly. We’ll seek ways to allow some easiness to ground item usage, when time allows.

Change criteria for waking up due to cold to only happen when worse

I had a character that was freezing to death, desperately trying and failing to light a fire while dead tired. Eventually the fire got going (despite repeated interrupts due to confusion), and I could finally let my character rest. However, each time the cold condition IMPROVED to a less serious cold condition the character woke up due to the cold with the fire still burning. This should only happen when conditions worsen, not when they're improving, i.e. the the game should take the previous state into consideration when determining whether the character wakes up or not.

I’ll be checking out how this sort of waking up is coded. I believe this isn’t something that you run into very often, but if it can be easily and reliably remedied we’ll do it. For the atmosphere I personally wouldn’t mind that seriously cold character sleeps bad even though the things are slowly going to warmer direction.

Customizable keys

I'd love to be able to add minor macro/toggle for certain things. Keys 4,5,6,8 are not used. Plenty of letters are unused as well.
Not sure how tedious it'd be to enable functions such as:
4. get skis and ski stick from this location
5. toggle apply/Take-off for skis and ski stick
6. Take-off and drop skis and ski stick
8. apply ski stick (for those skiing archers)

Very tedious. We won’t be seeing programmable macros in the game I believe. The interface is what it is, though some easiness to keyboard jockeys is added at times.

Villagers build new houses and start new settlements

There might be higher chances for fine and masterwork items to appear in new building. Villages expansion also gives cause to add new quests such as falling some trees and making boards.

Furthermore, villagers could start new settlements, say, once in five years, so as to enhance the impression of tribes actually strengthen and evolve.

Village life will see some improvements in the future, but this is single player character oriented game and village and community simulation is a different genre in our books. But still, for example new building to appear could be something that will be featured at some point.

Disengage command & Shouting function for human companion

One of the commands I want to suggest is to ask companion to disengage from enemies.

Yep. That would be reasonable addition, and we’d like to get this done at some point.

Animals for sale respawn

It would be nice if new animals for sale appear instead of ones you've bought, over time. I guess it may be implemented along with animals breeding, or even earlier

Maybe it comes along naturally at some point when animal breeding gets going for real. However, we really don’t know when that might be. At this point we don’t see a need to artificially add animal respawn, as what’s available in the whole game world should suffice for most.

tanning terminology + rinsed should not spoil

I have had several thoughts about the tanning of skins in this game for a long time. Here's my suggestions on how to make the tanning feel more right - at least in my experience.

Thoughtful input is always appreciated, but it's still better to pinpoint one crisp idea than a list of things.

We don't really feel like getting into changing the terms as the current terminology isn’t that much off, and people have gotten used to it over the years. The terminology could be of course defined better and better on various sectors of the game but it’s just a mess to do after something has gotten good footing.

2) Remove the need for water for cleaning skins. When I do that IRL, don't require water.

Upon first creating the tanning system we followed certain guidelines and practices and instructions on how to proceed with it. There are variations and things can be reasoned in many ways, but we gotta stick to some mechanics within the scope of possibilities. Anyhow, we’ll digest this input, and see if a need for change arises.

6) Dehairing seems to have an odd step after it. A dehaired skin is not dry, but very wet. It doesn't need to be soaked, quite the opposite. The membranes are scraped off or at least broken when they are dry. A thorough wash and salt water are beneficial after dehairing, to slow the rotting which caused the dehairing in the first place. I'd alter the soaking step to a wash and dry. (I'm aware of many methods of tanning, but in this rubbing method the game uses this would be appropriate.)

We’ll ponder this. I can’t quite recall clearly what was the original logic or instruction behind the soaking, but surely there was some purpose to have it in there.

8 ) No cutting weapon needed in dehairing.

Yep, but cutting weapons are still quite commonly used to cover some bits and pieces along the way. Doesn't hurt to have it around.

9) Tanning by smoking, in the same style as smoking meat.

Would be nice addition, and maybe – just maybe – in the future, but as we have one working tanning method already I’d rather use my limited coding time for something else.

Auto-confirm if hauling a single item

When grabbing a single item, player doesn't have to press Enter or Space to confirm picking up. Shouldn't hauling a single item work the same way?

Neat, simple and reasonable suggestion. We’ll see about adding this.

Small predators like ermine, pine-marten and polecat much more common

I've trapped hundreds of birds, gluttons, hares, bears, seals, wolves and foxes during my experience with Urw. But the times I caught trapped one of the three in the subject: only very, very rarely.

I really feel these small predators should be much more commonly encountered and more easily trapped. In fact, more than any of the above.

I don't know how common pine-marten or polecat were 1000 years ago. But I think that when it comes to the smallest predators like ermine, it might be that one doesn't see them so often. In wintertime you spot their tracks, but you seldom see the animal.

I'm thinking about this from the coding point of view. Like, if we continue to spawn animals like it is now, but just add a piece of code that when one comes to check small traps after X number of days, in addition to the normal simulation there could be some probability of catching ermine, even if that particular ermine wasn't spawned into the game world like lynx or elk. Something like that could yield the desired outcome - when walking in the woods you seldom see ermine, yet in your well-placed properly-baited small traps you could find ermine more often than in the current version of the game.

drying meat with a cord should degrade it

Feel free to contradict me, but shouldnt the process of drying meat on the cord be degrading to it? I would suggest that the tying material goes down 1 step in quality each time it's used for meat tying.

Lots of wear and tear of things, smaller and bigger, is ignored since it's not that meaningful to have in use in the game. The wear and tear in this case is so minimal that it's not quite worthwhile to pay attention to.

Heh, it's quite interesting that this suggestion even comes up. See, not too long time ago cords were used up completely within drying and smoking processes due to game mechanics. It was happily welcomed addition that you could re-use the cords again, and again. And now, who knows if we'll see a wave of "make the cords get destroyed again!" suggestions.

Different types of wood

Don't really know if it's already suggested but different woods like spruce wood or birch wood should be in the game I think. I realized it when I was building a bow. I thought well, I can't really make a strong bow out of pine. Obviously it doesn't need to be that detailed but I would like to see a difference between different trees in the game like a kuksa out of birch wood or something like that.

Yes, this is the direction we're heading, but it's a big, big transition and doesn't come overnight. The level of detail needs to be indeed considered to serve the gameplay experience.

Buoidda already replied about the pine as bow wood, and I second. The strongest bows to be found in the world would be two-wood laminates made of compression pine and birch. Just an idea about the level of detail which would suit the game.

Quality of Life improvement: drink from container on animal

Just a quick QoL improvement suggestion please; allow us to drink from a container that is located on an owned animal which is standing on a neighbouring tile.
As you know, currently we do this:

    Take container from animal.
    Drink from container.
    Drop container.
    Push container on to animal.

This 4-step process is repeated too many times every (winter) day.

Container handling from the ground, or whatever, is suggested before but the internal design of things limits the possibilities to easily allow it.

In this case, why can't you just carry the container yourself? Easy way to ease the keypresses. If it's too much of a burden, then pack something else that's not needed on daily base on the animal instead.

Finding my arrows

I pray to the URW Gods on High for a spell and a device (divining rod) and an animal companion command (fetch) to retrieve arrows I shot that landed off in the distance. I love my broadhead arrows and it pains me to think of them lost and alone in the wild, orphaned from all that is good and kind.

Hehe, it's refreshing start in this post :)

It's archer's life to spend a lot of time walking around finding their arrows. In the game and in real-life too. Most don't find it all too fun, but I reckon it adds something to archery in the game too as the shots with precious arrows need more consideration. Will I find it if I shoot now?
Having the dogs as arrow fetchers feels too gamey addition for me.

Location, Location, Location

I've seen videos of new players who have lost track of their traps and have personally experienced the same annoying problem, that of being unable to locate a trap.

When we move around much in an area where we've laid a trap and lose track of its location our only solution is to explore the entire area and, hopefully, find it again. It would be very helpful if we could choose to enter the area near the trap, as opposed to always/only entering at the last place we exited.

But doesn't it also work so that if you zoom out and nearby the trap, the next time you zoom in on that wilderness tile you will be placed back there? That's the existing method you could use, but yes of course you have to remember to exit the trap site like that deliberately.

There are several difficulties and cons, discussed already in this thread, to always placing character near the traps when there are such on the zoomed-in map. The logic would be pain to make, given there are lots of trap, and some players specifically prefer to enter back where their exited. With a change new confusion would arise for some.

You can also try to select trapping at zoomed-in terrain locations which are easy to remember. IRL thing that works in the game too. Or you can add natural markers, such as felled trees and branches, like some suggested.

Also, if you scan the area walking in ever decreasing circles (or squares is easier in the game) that's best way to locate something, rather than running around randomly. That's also IRL thing that works in the game too.

End of part 3/6. Read on ...
- Sami | UnReal World creator


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« Reply #3 on: January 05, 2021, 06:50:47 PM »
Suggestion reply marathon - Apr-Dec 2020 | part 4/6

Basic emblems for the individual cultures, to tell them apart quicker ?

Just a minor suggestion: Could the individual cultures have simple, stylised emblems that player characters could use to tell them apart quickly ?[
For example, the northern tribes would have a silhouette/outline of their totemic animal, from which they derive their monikers. The other cultures could have simple emblems that would reflect their typical economic and cultural strengths, and so on. Due to the more primordial feel of the setting, I think the background texture of these emblems could imply they are painted onto or burnt onto a decorative piece of leather, or painted on a smooth enough piece of bark (specifically, the inner side of the bark).
Why would emblems be needed ? Because, as much as I like that more anonymous approach, sometimes I wish I could just look at a conversation screen and see that the other character has more than just a boring text description there, saying they are from this or that culture. Ergo, I would find it nice if they also had a little emblem representing what culture they are from, situated in some empty part of the conversation screen.

Upon reading this suggestion I mostly kept thinking in which menus and screens you would imagine the emblems to exists? Chat screen is mentioned, but it would likely go to everywhere where NPC or village culture is mentioned.

We have to think about it, but in any case putting something like this in action would have to wait until the graphics and screen arrangement are once more on the table for some bigger chances and updates. It maybe a minor suggestion, but quite a costly as an addition. If this was done in neat style so that the outcome would be more unique than gamey it could nice little graphical improvement, but due to all the work it requires I don't quite see this in the list of near future priorities.

Hillforts and tribal protected areas

It's well established that hillforts were a thing in prehistoric Finland, and I think it'd be a fun addition to have them dotted around the landscape. Maybe with alloted "chiefs" that consider themselves an authority in the area, offering special quests and such. I know that the Driikiläiset fortified cities are kind of this, they are still not a straight representation of this phenomenon, which occured all throughout pre-historic Finland.

Hillforts are something we've pretty much always thought of being such an essential element that they should be added. And I guess they've been also suggested before.
Yet they seize to exist in the game. And that's because, well, we've worked on something else instead. But still we cherish the idea of hillforts and would like them to exist in the game one day.

Torch Holder

Just a small thing, but it would be really nice to have a way to mount a torch on a solid surface. I've tried dropping torches but they just go out. Even with a fire and a torch lit, my cabin can feel pretty dark and I'd love to have torches burning in a few places to me it all cozy.

I'm under the impression that candles and primitive oil lamps were for special occasions. For every day use the most common additional source of light was a thin piece of wood called päre.
The link shows a wooded stand holding a päre in horizontal position. Such stands were used pretty much like a chandle holder. I'm not exactly sure but I'd guess they often had a bowl of water sitting on the floor, to catch any sparks or red glowing small ambers falling off the burning päre.

One piece of päre would burn for 15 minutes, so it isn't that handy for the kind of constant light we nowadays have in the era of electric light. Burning several päre in a row was the method to provide that necessary additional light when doing some indoor work which required more light than the glow of the fireplace.

Additional spell

I would like to see more buried in a bog style spell. In particular some little message when I burry animal bones in a bog

I'd like to add lots and lots of more spells, and when I'm at it I try to remember to check if my books have good ones regarding bogs.

But I'm not sure if you here just suggest simply having more specific messages when throwing stuff in the bog.

Ground blind

A ground blind would be neat. Maybe a shelter like structure to build but it adds a a massive bonus to stealth if your (H)ideing in it.

I reckon those as more modern inventions. In the game you can already hide better if you stay out of the open, near trees and such so the terrain already helps to hide. And staying put and not moving also as well.

Nefarious NPC

Wouldn't it be cool to see more NPCs having dark sides to them, even amongst the kin-folk? Maybe there could be quests added which involved you getting into disputes between villages or people, like stealing animals, destroying buildings, kidnapping or even murdering other villages unsuspiciously (all with appropriate loss of "karma", of course). Maybe Kullervo doesn't like Juha's loud mouth, and wants you to destroy his traps, or ruin the catch in his nets.

Yes, it would, and we would like to add several quests that test your morale and include this sort of malevolent content. Few quests already have this sort of motives for some of the people involved. Also, tribal disagreements and even occasional warfares fall into this category. That's also something on our want-to-do lists.

Combat Options

My one suggestion is that perhaps in future there could be the addition of multiple game modes (i.e. a pacifistic mode where there are no human threats such as Njerpez or robbers, the 'standard' or original level of human v human combat in the base game, and potentially an even more hostile game mode where both Njerpez and robbers are more common, and consequently villages are more suspicious and less welcoming to the player until trust can be built).

In my opinion, other humans are the greatest threat the player faces, and it could be interesting to see a selection screen similar to the starting scenarios where we might be able to decide how much or little human combat we want to face in addition to the other dangers of the forest, and perhaps the ability to change between them later on.

I'm not very keen to add different modes that exclude, or accelerate some parts of the already developed and all-together adjusted game world. From developers point of view it's not very satisfying, and also can disturb the deep understanding of the whole concept. In a less "serious" game, I would't see it as a problem, but with this one I do. That's the feeling now.

There are characters that never meet robbers or Njerpez even if they tried to, so the more characters you play you may find the the lives of those can be truly different in regards to threats the face. Currently Njerpez can be also actively avoided by settling further and further to west and north.

Let salt be salt, not preservative

I am quite surprised that nobody suggest salt shall be count as seasoning, as it should be.
It is kind of disappointing that I cannot add salt into my lovely hare meat stew

Back then the salt was used foremostly for preservation. The food was seasoned with herbs instead. It's far later habit to add salt to everything as seasoning.

~Can't find my way hoome~ (Clapton)

A Companion that finished his service to me has been hanging around my settlement area for many weeks now. That's not a concern, although pathing may be a problem for him.

The problem is, his only weapon now is the broad knife I gave him. He had other weapons and a handaxe but now he's carrying only the broad knife and stones and rocks. He's killing birds and killed one deer, at least he finished off the wounded deer he'd chased for a couple of days when it ran into my deadfall trap!

So, has he thrown away his weapons during hunting? I just gave him a bow and a bunch of arrows. If he keeps hanging around I guess I'll be finding arrows soon.

What Shall We Do With a Disoriented Companion? (Trad.)

Parry as skill

So maybe add some more fighting related skills like parry, and then it shouldn't be a problem that simple lumberjack is master of their weapon buts that all, with someone who have decent knowledge how to parry, he wouldn't stood chance, but from simple robbers can defend himself

It's quite hard to express the real fighting mechanics with numbers and math, in all the possible situations. The systems are always simplified.
It indeed sounds a bit silly that no fighting lumberjack is excellent to block with his axe, but without seeing the actual logs and situation we don't really know if the robbers were making lousy attacks (due to their condition?) or the character being superior with counterstrikes.

Nevertheless, the pondering here is justified but the question is how complex we want things to go. If parry was a skill, shouldn't it also be a skill that need to be learned separately for each weapon type? If I learn to parry with a sword, I surely need to find the different best parrying practises to be used with woodsman's axe, and knives, and clubs. Should the counterstrikes, and maybe blocks also always be very poor if they haven't been practised for real? And practising for real would mean that you'd really need to train with more skilled fighter than yourself. As a result, pretty much all of our characters would be quite helpless since they don't have any fighting experience when the game starts.

Yes, these systems are simplified, yet believe me, the one in use is still quite complex and functional.

Gaining the high ground; Elevated hunting blinds/tree stands

Hence why I suggest; tree stands or raised hunting blinds! Wooden towers with a little optional windowed shed perched atop from where a character might be able to have a good view of the surroundings - and possibly shoot game within range. I figure they might have two different useful modes to them giving them increased versatility;

I reckon these as more modern inventions, and the thrill of the fair hunt would be diminished to something we don't want to encourage. Plus, you can already find a higher zoomed-in terrain locations and lurk your prey there.

["b]What are you doing?" option for followers [/b]

Party members can be helpful with all sorts of things, but it's not always clear what they're doing at any particular time. Are they felling trees? Cooking meat? Making boards? All of the above?

Having a "What are you doing?" option in the command menu would be great to see what a companion's current task(s) are.

Yes, would be useful. Or maybe add it to their description when looking at NPC ie. "Kimmo The Kaumolais Hunter (Felling tree)"
This will be surely considered.

Cursor is hidden on keyboard input and unhidden on mouse movement.

This feature is available on Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (CDDA) and I hope it will be implemented in UnReal World as well.

CDDA has three options:
Show: Cursor is always shown.
Hide: Cursor is hidden.
HideKB: Cursor is hidden on keyboard input and unhidden on mouse movement.

First time we heard this kind of suggestion, so not the most urgent thing.
I've got no idea how costly this would be to add, nor opinion really.

A "get lost!" button?

My suggestion is, could we make a conservation command to ask the npc to leave, even outside settlement tiles? It is not like they really have to accept your command 100% of time, just warn them if they dont leave, there will be consequences (a fight). I would gladly accept a duel with the outsider to defend my territory and the preys within, but now without this function I can just shoot some arrows into his face and without giving him a chance to properly fight with me.

This would be needed addition at times, I admit. The most troublesome thing would be to come up with the logic how the NPC weighs and reacts to that kind of statement.
There is, or at least was, "Go away!" chat option which you can (or could) use at your own settlement. Response for that was that NPCs always did leave. But if you're further away in the woods, then it's bit tricky. Player characters do this as well, hunt and dwell in the vicinity of villages. Something to think indeed. Would be fun to get deeper into this, so we'll consider the idea when times allows. 

Ice Checking

Like in topic - throwing stones/ blocks to check the ice if is able to withstand a weight

Just do it. Works already. Ice should react under load regardless of it being stones or whatever or your character.

more sea-ness of the sea: drinking sea water

When drinking sea water it would help immersion with a short message about the disliked taste (would psychologically work like eating awful food: player doesn't have to mind it, but it still nags a bit)

Little messages here and there could be fun, but it's a question of time and priorities whether this is worthwhile. It's not a mere message thing but we would also then need to track what type of water is in the containers, and to really add new sea water type for the sake of a trivial message feels a bit costly right now.

more sea-ness of the sea: ambient message when entering an area next to the sea

- when entering from mainland to coast: a short message like "a salty gale greets you" (I know the sea isn't especially salty, but something like this to note the presence of the sea would make a really nice ambient element, especially if approaching in zoomed-in map and the sea isn't yet seen)
(would probably need a cooldown not to spam all the time when on the coast: maybe retriggered only when inland)

There's no existing game mechanics to display messages based on what the type of next zoomed-in map ahead, and I don't feel this being that important reason to start building one - especially as the logic to avoid message spamming would be pain to do.
What could be added is the scenery image and message in the same fashion we have when zooming-in by the lake etc.

Skiing on ground without snow should be very clumsy and fatiguing

I suggest adding 5% or so of fatigue for every no-snow-tile travelled using skis. A similar penalty should apply for wearing skis and not using a ski stick.

Just a small historical side-note. Actually, skiing in summertime has been a thing. Although, in that case it is more like walking with skis on - that has been one method used to safely move around a bog. Also, something like snow shoes have been used for similar purpose.

Coding-wise I'm afraid this kind of seemingly minor adjustments will require quite a bit of code. But I'm not saying it is never going to happen, let's see how it goes with all the other stuff on Sami's workbench.

Board splitting, historical alternative to axes.

Currently our characters can split boards of a trunk preferably with Splitting axe or Woods man's axe. But any metal axe will do the job.
Another historical method to split boards, is with hard wood wedges.

So I suggest to allow splitting boards with "˜wooden wedge'*1, made from either slender trunks or from stakes. Maybe 4-6 wedges from a stake, bunch more from slender trunk. The wedges should be "scrap" or 0 squirrel hides value. Fire hardening requirement debatable?

I think we currently assume that use-once wooden wedges are automatically crafted (and destroyed) during the board splitting process. The axe is used to make the few initial hits, and then to hammer in the wooden wedges.

Managing individual sound levels?

I would like a sound "equalizer" (sound level more likely)
between sound FX, ambients, music, etc...

I enjoy really much the ambient sound, but then, all other sound gets too loud.

(Maybe ambient sound, terrain/season dependant, would mean a LOT, at least to me as side)

Hmm. This is something I don't recall having being asked before, so I believe for the majority the current mix is okay. I'm audio enthusiast myself so I understand the urge to get things perfect for your setup, but I'm not quite sure if we have much time to invest in this currently. Maybe in the future, if we feel there's greater need.
What you could do as a workaround would be to find music audio files in the audio/ folder and use some audio editor to set their levels to suit you. 

Can I zoom in closer?

My only issue is that I really wish there were a way to zoom in more on the local map. I play sitting a few feet away on a big screen TV, as I know a lot of people do with PC games these days. From this distance, however, I can't see the things as well as I would like. I can zoom in with the scroll button on the mouse, but it doesn't go nearly as far in as other games with a similar graphics style. If I had more control of the zoom it would really improve the experience.

Hmm. It's not that simple thing to add, and the result would start to get blurrier the closer you zoom as the current max out level is where tile resolution stops. I understand the need though. We might see about this the next time screen layout related things are on the update table, but at this point I can't really say whether this is a thing we'll feature in the end.

End of part 4/6 - Read on ...
- Sami | UnReal World creator


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« Reply #4 on: January 05, 2021, 06:55:48 PM »
Suggestion reply marathon - Apr-Dec 2020 | part 5/6

Warning before eating unknown plants

To my surprise, there's no warning message before i eat unknown plants and get poisoned again. Luckily this time it is not deadly, but still, it would not be nice if I accidentally kill my character due to my clumsy fingers. I think it would be a nice modification to add such warning box before you eat/ drink anything that's unknown to you.

To eating plants we could add such warning message, and since there's once for mushrooms it would indeed be reasonable - and hopefully utilise the existing code. We'll try to get this done sooner or later.

Route Points On Wilderness Map

I suggest the player could make route points on a wilderness map. I would use it when I want to take a scenic look a  round to see potential game or threats. My route would go along the hills so I could see far.

People already replied to this assisting how to add different colour map markers. That's the way add your points.

Rendered fat

Been messing about with seals. All that fat made me wish for a way to preserve it for a longer time in a usable form. Wondering about the historical accuracy of rendered fat or a similar process to have a tanning agent on hand.

If you're just into tanning agent that doesn't spoil then collecting birch-bark is the way to go. About preserving fat with some method I don't recall any historical mentions, but that doesn't mean there wasn't.

Butchering and tanning agents

I'd prefer to get entire muscle groups, fat, brains and other organs, even blood, tendons, full skeleton as butchering products. Not just 1lbs cut of meat, 4 bones and fat. (with possible skull and antlers)

Especially for tanning, brains would be nice. For vitamin source (not yet implemented... eventually? cooking and eating liver shouldn't be overlooked. Lungs less usable, kidneys and spleen definitely. And I've personally always liked the flavor and texture of stewed elk(alces alces) tongue, delicious with cranberry jam and truffle mashed potatoes... mmmm  :D

But to the real suggestion:
Can we please simplify the 'fat/brains' received from butchering animals?

I.e. get "fat or preferably brains and lump it into a single inventory item.

Yep, you could add lots of details to butchering, and some will possibly follow. Organs, blood and all that as butchery results has been suggested many times before.
Changing the fat item into generic item doesn't feel like too urgent adjustment.
We'll see how it goes then when the butchery code will get on the table one day.

Fire inside warning[/quote]

It would be nice if there would be a warning in case of making fire inside a building while not aiming at a fireplace.

Reason: I accidently burned a lot of resources stored in wooden bowls when I wanted to make a fire but accidentially did not aim on fireplace (whole stock of flours and herbs have been burned down).

Technically this is quite easy to add since the conditions is so clear. So I think we'll have this warning added.

Quality of life suggestions

It would be nice if i could sort things by name and by weight etc. It would also be nice if it marked the whole row like shown in my picture I linked here.

I'm not quite sure how regularly used the sorting function would be after all.
Full line highlighting would be way clearer but the menu system in use doesn't allow it easily. We might consider when time allows.

Adding modding code for changing menu assignment of vanilla items

Passing this over to the suggestions area after thoughts on the BAC maintenance vs avoiding editing core files.

This is probably a "biggie" so might not be viable to make but here we go for filing if nothing else:

The suggestion is to allow a method for modders to change what menu a vanilla item goes into without editing the core game files. Currently AFAIK the only option is to put it in within a set of menu blocks thus to relocated vanilla items I need to edit the core vanilla files.

I may fail to follow what's the actual things that would be prone to changes in this suggestion, but in any case it sounds like quite big and costly mess to add. The recommended method of modding is to have mods feature only what's new/changed and leave the vanilla data intact.
And like mentioned before, we generally invest time to crafting/modding syntax foremostly based on the game's need, and the new features then come available for modding.

Born in a barn, were ya?

Please, teach my Companions to CLOSE THE DOOR behind them.

Hmm. We shall at least take a look how big of a lecture that might be.

Return the action pictures

The game used to have pictures for the actions that your character did and also a framebox for your character build. A 4 year old post on steam says that "they were (temporarily) removed because of developmental and technical and practical reasons. They might return in some future version, but can't promise yet.". I waited and waited... and waited, but after 4 years they are still gone.
The pictures made the game more immersive and would really like to see them return.

Things come and go, and sometimes what's planned temporary becomes permanent until further notice. That's what has happened to action pictures as at this point we've got no masterplan for featuring them again. But nobody knows of the distant future as the evolution of long-term projects are mysterious.
I liked them too, but I also know that if they were returned it wouldn't take long before somebody would suggest to remove them. That's how it goes.

Boatmen and fishermen!!!

I think it would be interesting if you could run into fishermen and other such boat-goers when travelling by boat/raft in larger water areas (the sea, lakes) in the same way that you can run into traders and hunters on land. I could see this being executed in pretty much the same way as on land, and it would definitely add some spice to water travel, especially when travelling in the Islander archipelago.

It would be super nice. I'd like that too. Been also thinking about rowing boats nearby villages which you could occasionally borrow. This all would be a big addition but absolutely on our want-to-do list.

Trapped Crippled Beings Are Too Good At Dodging.

I decided to do a seal hunter character. 6 seals so far and I had been using big dead fall traps and then finishing the seals off with a whack with my spear. (Grandmaster level skill in it.)

I decided to try kicking the beast and kept missing. Animals who have their limbs crushed and mangled. Those who are unable to move, with multiple fractures in their limbs and is currently buried under 10 14lb stones and 3 logs weighing 500lbs each are leaping out the way. I need to regularly drop my carry weight to under 20% to ensure I hit often.

I would like to ask, that the whole being crushed and crippled lowers their dodge ability more?

Occasionally combat results like this can happen, of which some are more off than others. In this specific scenario, given the trap and animal type, it indeed sounds like being more off than it should be. How to remedy all that, given that there needs to be generic combat rules and generic message output at the background, is more tricky thing. Easy option would be to disable dodging from animals in deadfall traps, but still some might in reality get eg. their head away of the slow and lousy kick - accidentally or not.
We may try to experiment with attacking different trapped animal at some point, but at least now I don't have all-round perfect adjustments in my mind.

Functionality change salting

Main attraction for salting vs smoking or drying is the time it takes. Yet, you need to come back 5 days later to collect the salted protein. And coming back deducts usability that we can get by smoking. I.e. if I have to come back for the protein, why not take it to cabin to begin with?

As salting doesn't require water and tub, we presumably heavy salt in-game.
So other than game mechanic from all other cooking, why can't our characters pack the salted protein and let it cure in the rucksack?

In short, allow salted food to be picked up, before it's "cooked"/cured. Don't allow eating it before cooked/cured.

The salting mechanics in the game have worked just fine for the past decade or so, and I don't see an urgent need to change it now.
Salting is simplified in the game and it would need a container in real life. It would also extract liquids from the foodstuff and be messy to carry around, and the moving of the salting container wouldn't do good for the carefully stacked foodstuff especially in the early stage of the process. So, carrying wouldn't feel quite right and it's considered settled food preservation method after all.

Tilegfx for peeled trees and seasonal graphic changes for deciduous trees.

Suggestion to add tilegfx for bark peeled trees.

Yep, that's only missing due to lack of time. I'd kind of like to add it as overlaid small  graphics, or other marker, so that it's less tile re-drawing. 

Graphical representation of known people.

But more specific, if an unknown/not yet introduced villager has a quest, or has something to tell or suggest to the character, have them display e.g. yellow ! Or ?

If that character was known to the character, display the icon in blue and if friendly, in green.

It'd also be nice if known NPCs were similarly identified, so character wouldn't need to manually look at them, just to see if they're known, or if that's the NPC quest giver or not.

In my books having the unknown quest carriers marked is far too gamey. We see it in many games, but won't likely see in UnReal World.
When it comes to known NPCs, eg. quest givers, having some markers could be a thing to consider. The game world, and concept, is designed so that much has to be found by yourself, so marker additions need some consideration in order not to spoil things in advance.

Stuff sack/bag

Would be extremely nice to have a stuff sack in game.
I.e. enable containers, at least bag, possibly birchbark basket too, to be able to take multiple types of items in and also get them out manually.
Nethack/rogue style "Bag of Holding" where you can "˜apply' the bag to put in or take out items.
(Apply bag, then fill/put it/take out (instead of "˜empty in to oblivion)

Sacks and other multi-item containers have been suggested and discussed also before. Containers are very simple, like we know, and I've got no big plans to overhaul them in the near future because of more important priorities. But maybe one day. However, even though people want multi-item containers in the end their usage may require more key presses than all-at-once inventory. It depends, of course, but may be cumbersome at times. There other benefits to multi-item containers, though, but it should be kept in mind that it's not all fun as to have fluid mechanics there isn't all that simple.

Collecting embers

In the light of fire mechanics change, I suggest picking and packing embers for portable fire source. Should work with wolf hide or bigger, using dirt* as insulation. Or collect the embers in a pot.

I think you would have to carry quite big bucket of carefully covered embers to sustain their glow for a decent amount of time.

The ancients have used tinder fungus to carry a spark with them, though, and that's something I've sometimes thought of adding. But once it happens it comes with addition of making amadou tinder from the said fungus, and all that what was traditionally used in primitive fire making.

Axe haft and spear shaft repair, and alterations

In the dev.plans, and Sami's comments, we'll get axe haft repair sooner or later.
I suggest to piggyback on that and alternate haft lengths, within reason. Short, medium and long hafts

Handaxe head with medium haft: handaxe, with short haft: hatchet, with long haft, hunter's axe.

Woods man's axe renamed to Felling axe. Felling axe head with long haft: Felling axe, medium haft: forest axe, short haft assembly attempt to suggest awkward setup, allow it and result in awkward axe*.

We have no good reason to start renaming axes, and I'm not too keen to add new types/name either. Also, that would be a mess to do and hard to get adapted by the average players. Too much complexity over playability, in my opinion. Moreover, when there is zero shaft repairing in use yet and we haven't even introduced the system at all this is seriously going ahead of things.

Deer&elk Calf hide yield

I'm not sure on the math with the calf skin size, but it seems... low.
I just skinned another forest reindeer calf, 2lbs fine winter skin*. 42lbs meat.
It'd seem the calf yield is low vs other fur bearers.
Not sure if bug, intentional or oversight?
But both calves seem to yield roughly third of the skin size vs other creatures.. less so for badger vs deer calf where the discrepancy ratio is 1:5.25  :o
  so I suggest to 2x or 2.5x the hide received from skinning calves

The calf/cub skin sizes depend on the age and thus the size of the calf. It's not a fixed value.

End of part 5/6 - Read on ...
- Sami | UnReal World creator


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« Reply #5 on: January 05, 2021, 06:58:30 PM »
Suggestion reply marathon - Apr-Dec 2020 | part 6/6

A few ideas after playing quite a lot:

I have a few suggestions that I think would be nice.  Keep in mind, everything herein is my opinion, and I'm welcome to criticism as long as it's constructive.  At the end of the day, developers develop at their own discretion.

It's always far better to pinpoint one crisp suggestion or idea than to provide list of things. Also, having the suggestion title to clearly say what it is about helps us all.
But here we go:

More modular modding support

I get it, this is so generalized that it's probably been suggested before in various ways, but the skinny of it is this:  A lot of mods struggle to accomplish what they are going for because a lot of the game is locked behind C (Or C++) and the build process.  Every item and every use and attribute of that item should, more or less, be plaintext.  Some examples would be things like more types of trees, more types of animals, tools, etc.

Modding is very simple and limited yes, but I've said it many times over the years that my intention is to develop a game rather than game creating or modding syntax. There are games that have very detailed modding possibilities, and everything is free to edit, but these have been often started up with the modding in mind. UnReal World was never designed for modding in mind, and the few possibilities we have are only quite recent additions. (Heck, even the concept of everything should made editable by the developer is somewhat recent player approach within the lifetime of the game.)
The syntax will likely grow over time but it's enchanced fore mostly based on the game's need, and the possibilities then follow. Heavily moddable game development is a different game development genre in my opinion, and I have never had strong to lead such project.


I'm not suggesting the addition of a pearl-white Volvo 240 but a nice travois or "Purilaat" would be nice.

Yep. This sort of traditional means of transport are planned.

A "[CRUTCH]" tag

You've just lost the use of one of your legs (or both!) and this slows you down or stops you from using your legs completely.  Having weapons or tools with a [CRUTCH] tag allows you to walk as long as they are equipped.

Yep. Crutches, or the kind, have been suggested before and it's something that we could think of adding indeed. Not considered high priority, though, so maybe some day when time allows.


Smoke!  I can use my sauna as a smokehouse, which kind of defeats the purpose.  You wouldn't want to stand in a smokehouse, and fish wouldn't get preserved in a sauna.  My idea is, just a simple 'smoke' tile that fills up and dissipates whenever there is no roof above the tile.

This would nice, but it would be also something that most players wouldn't fancy if we stay historically accurate. There are no chimneys in the cottages either, so every time you heat up the fireplaces you really want to stay outside. You'd be spending lots of time outdoors during the wintertime. We would kind of like to make it that demanding and accurate, but it wouldn't necessarily be fun addition at all. We'll postpone this, once again, for future consideration.

    Cultural Traits

One thing that currently exists is that certain cultures get a minor boost to a few skills.  The biggest boon to picking certain cultures is their starting weapons and skills.  I think it'd be interesting if they also had some specific traits, like maybe the Seal-Tribe gets a 10-15% skill bonus to skinning seals, or Reemiläiset take a 30% less penalty when using awkward tools for house building. 

In general all that would be beneficial although the level of detail, where the culture background shows, would need to be considered. There's some cultural knowledge already for example regarding plants, but it could extend basically to all the sectors of the game world. Spells, diet etc. NPCs in the village follow culturally specific things with their game animals, for example, but currently players aren't really mentioned of their background.

    Long term projects

In Dwarf Fortress, people have accomplished 'everything'.  As an open ended game, you have to keep yourself entertained by coming up with 'megaprojects'.  Things like a huge farm field, or a cabin so large you could house an entire village under its one roof.  It would be nice if things like this could exist in the current game.  Maybe a shrine made of 10 bear skulls, or a way to create your own 'village' that attracts settlers (and thieves!) and 'retire' once certain conditions are met.  As there is no endgame, it wouldn't hurt to give major optional goals and objectives.  Things that would take between 2-3 winters.

Yep. This is something to consider endlessly. Big topic, in all the open world games. End-game comes sooner or later, even after all the possible major goals and objectives are reached.

all random character creation

Quick & Easy always creates Kaumo tribesman. Is there a way to get other random tribesman by Quick & Easy?

And.. random naming.

Quick & easy always selects Kaumo, as they are often the easy to get started.
More randomness is sometimes suggested, and random names also, and it's likely we'll tweak the character creation to that direction at some point.

Round shields (once spear & axe shafts repair is added)

Once tool/weapon repair "goes live", can we also get round shields repairable?

I don't know, it hasn't crossed my mind. All I know is that we'll start with the basic shaft repairs first, and can think things further only after that has been implemented.
In any case I don't see we'll ever have a system where you can repair just everything.

Additional "trophies"

It'd be nice if we could get skulls of taken: lynxes, gluttons, wolves.
Get tusks of wild boars. Claws from bears and lynxes, gluttons and badgers.
And maybe even Njerpez's/human skulls.
"Have skulls, build a grimoire"

And it'd be pretty nice touch if we could apply pair of antlers or a predator skull above the door on our cabins. Or ask for optional "trophy" when building door.

I think more skulls will be added in time, maybe even claws, but these foremostly would have to serve the setting and game world purposes i.e. to having magical and practical value within the game mechanics etc.

Trophies on the walls is maybe part of more modern hunting culture, where you want to show off with your achievements. It kind of contradicts with how we imagine the ancients having respected the game. Magical usage, and hunters status necklaces, and practical applications is a different kind, but we'd like to have strong historical background to this.

But yep, more skulls eventually, after some more browsing of my spell books too.
However, playing with human skulls then again doesn't quite fit the world. The dead, and their parts, were feared rather than collected.

Roads and creeks, brooks. Springs!

Suggest to downsize road tiles from 100m, full zoomed-in tile 50x50, entire Wilderness map tile, -wide to mere 3-5tiles wide on zoomed-in.
Likely a massive programming task for world map generation.

While that is done, add creeks / brooks. To run between lakes and rivers. And from springs to lakes&rivers.
Width anywhere from 10 tiles (20m) to mere 1tile (2m) width.

Even the narrowest brooks should be traversable with punt. Only larger creeks or after winter (thawing snow) or heavy rainfall they should be traversable with raft.
And they should be shallow enough for ford, with maximum of 2-3 tiles (4m-6m) swim across.

As much as I'd love to have this kind of additions, there are user interface related questions which are more or less unclear for me.

Let's imagine we would have brooks some 1 - 12 meter wide, criss-crossing the terrain. And you're travelling on the overland map. Would you like to get notified every time you automatically cross a brook? Or get zoomed-in every time? Or just simulate on a higher level, assuming that your character figures a way to cross the brook without asking player decisions? Or allow the player some setting or configuration to be switched based on need? For example, if you are thirsty, you'd probably like to be notified whenever your character spots a small brook?

Or, you are just covering a longer distance, travelling on the overland map, using the high-level simulation of automatically crossing brooks without interrupting your gameplay with constant notifications like "you cross the 23rd brook of the day, again". But then, that one time the simulation, RNG and skill checks would determine that when auto-crossing a brook you slip and fall. Now what? You then get zoomed-in into the situation?

(also, I have to say that adding small paths and brooks would require a lot of additional data to the world-map, to keep track on how these smaller-than-a-world-map-tile features go, something like "this tile is mainly forest of type X, but there is a brook running from north to south, and then there is also a east-west path", and should the data structure allow only one brook and one path per world map tile, or are the occasions we would need two creeks near each other? It would be an interesting coding task to inflate this data so that when you travel in the zoomed-in map these creeks and paths would run uninterrupted but with natural curves.)

I'm not saying these are reasons we won't implement these features. It is just to affirm that, like JP_Finn says, this would be a sizable change, requiring a lot of re-coding the map routines and re-structuring the entire map data structure.


Please consider adding crayfish in-game (astacus astacus) and "˜rapumerta' a crayfish trap.

We have considered, and didn't find it too important years and years ago.
We'll re-consider when time allows.


Suggestion to add quivers.

Before that multi-item containers would need to be done. We'll see in the future. But ...

Hand held 2 arrows, the fastest for follow up shot (ask which arrows, from single stack, to hold when wielding bow, with marginal reduction on Bow/Xbox accuracy. Selecting none results in slower follow up shots, but highest accuracy) If these 1-2 additional arrows are held in bow hand, they need to be shot first, or dropped if taking arrows from quiver or ruck.

We have something along these lines already in use, and it can be assumed to resemble the fastest loading style for the archer, wherever they prefer to hold their next arrow.

I think how fast one loads and shoots depends on the style they have practised meaning that holding an arrow in the bow hand doesn't automatically make you faster than loading from the quiver.

Code: [Select]
How fast your character reloads and shoots an arrow is now dependent on your
BOW-skill. The effects of this are clearly shown if your BOW mastery level is
lower than 25% or higher than 70%. Otherwise all the characters shoot pretty much
with the same speed. The first shot is still fastest to perform if you have an
an arrow already wielded ie. you are carrying the bow and arrow readied for a quick shot.

Belt quiver, 2nd fastest for follow up shots.

Back quiver, 3rd fastest for follow up shots.

If there were quivers in the game they would need to be back quivers as that was the type used. (Although, with belt quiver I assume you mean hip quiver.)

*whenever character runs, falls through ice or falls down (regardless if being struck, tired, voluntarily going prone ...) should have a chance of none, some or all arrows falling out the active quiver.

Hmm. I think all the quivers that have practical value are designed so that the arrows don't fall of very easily. Also, I'm quite sure poeple really wouldn't want to constantly be afraid of arrows falling off when running in the game.

"Raw Meat" recipe change. (was 'pea soup recipe change')

Traditionally Finnish pea soup is made with leftover ham, but URW recipe for pea soup asks, optionally, for 1 lb of raw meat.
It'd be... thematically appropriate, if we could use "left over meat" ... or in other words, preserved: salted, dried or smoked meat.

I don't know if the leftovers were the traditional thing back in iron-age, but nevertheless allowing preserved meat & fish to be used in cookery recipes is something that should be taken care of at some point, and to allow it. It's been suggested few times before. With dried meat & fish I'd like to either add soakig options, or to auto-lengthen the cookery times when such ingredients are used.

Shelter(s), rain&snow cover, mobile winter hunting.

I can't come to accept that people 1,000, 2,000, 3,000... even 6,000 years ago would've not used some hides (tanned hide, fur coat, fur cloak in URW terms) to set up overnight shelter during inclement weather. To be taken down in the morning and heading back on the unknown wilderness.

So the suggestions:

1) 'Loue' shelter
2) fur ... bivouac?
3) More than 1, moddable shelter/world item type... ( this could be a PAIN to code... ick)

What was used commonly was to rest under big thick spruce trees, or to fell one spruce to lean against other to form so called "asentokuusi". Nothing more complicated was necessarily required, and that's what we'd like to feature.
I'm not sure if textile shelters in loue fashion will fit the era.

Auto select withes when building fences.

Stakes are automatically selected from nearby&inventory when building fences, but withes need manual selection from inventory.
It’d be easier if the game would auto select the withes nearby. If no 4’ withes nearby, then ask to select cord or rope sections from inventory.

Yes, it's a bit cumbersome. Upon first adding withes I kind of wanted to have fences to be built with withes alone. That would streamline fence building
as only number of withes could required, and would also be true to the tradition. But as we've allowed using other cordage too, in length based units, this is how it goes.
Easiest solution would be to always withes in fence building, other solutions are more demanding. One way could be to add preferred tying equipment mechanics
which would then select withes automatically if available.

family ties in the village?

Hmmm ... there are children, old people and girls in the villages. It is obvious that they all have a family connection with each other. I would also like to know the age of the hunter from the neighboring village, whom I help. This could be a separate issue in the dialogue: Tell me  about their family / about themselves. Residents could answer: I am a son (name) and (name) to me (age) and I have a wife (name) I am a hunter. They can only answer if they have a good relationship, if they are bad they will probably answer:  I am not talking to you about this, traveler

We'd like to feature this, the family relationships between the villagers. We've always wanted to feature this, but it has gotten buried under the...well...the usual evergrowing workload of other things. The age and other little details would also bring in more depth to NPCs.


NPCs consuming food

This would likely be a massive overhaul.
But it’d be F’n amazing if NPCs would consume food.

I'm under impression all the NPCs do consume food already, and village communal food consumption should happen as well.

Dog size to affect prey they’ll engage

Suggestion to change how dogs corner or engage targets

Keep “regular” size dogs as is.
Change small dogs to only engage squirrel/marten/weasel size and corner fox/badger/beaver and bigger. No attacking Njerps with small Fido.
Change large dog to engage all but bears, elks except calves, big and regular forest reindeer.

I don't know if it's good to have the dog hunting behaviour linked to their size alone, but there could indeed be difference in their effectiveness as hunting companions. What I'd like to do would be that you need to train you dog to go after the prey. They wouldn't all be equally courageous and obedient from the start. Well, villagers surely would have their hunting companions trained but certainly wouldn't want to sell their best ones too easily.

NPCs to use exactly same movement rules as player character.

Be it walking or running in snow or swimming, paddling on raft, enable exactly same movement for NPCs as character deals with.

No more skiless robbers running in waist deep snow to catch up to grandmaster skier.
No more character peppering Njerpez from watercraft without chance of the hostile to swim over and climb or capsize the vessel.
No more NPCs waltzing through traps. Have them at least kick the trap 1st to trigger them.

Skiing NPCs and snow penalty for NPCs has been suggested and talked many times before and it would be justified, good and reasonable, and surely to-do when time allows.
From coder's point of view, the magical "allow" button doesn't exists, and many NPC movement related enchancements need to be approached as separate and often surprisingly complex additions.
NPCs always triggering the traps they can avoid ie. walk past them has been discussed before and the conclusion is and still remains that it's not the best approach but would be sometimes only annoying.

The End
- Sami | UnReal World creator