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So its been a long time since i first played URW, i first found it by the end of 2015 and the game quickly got a special place in my heart, well anyways, i found a printscreen i took when i killed my first bear after some weeks of playing and wanted to share it with you guys <3.

So many good memories :')


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Ahh one's first bear. Your character seems to be out in the frosty snow. A trusted companion Reindeer with you. The vast wilds.

What was everyone else's most memorable bear?

Well mine comes from the tale of Beodrin.

His story began with the tragic death of his father on a hunting trip. The random generated creature.... a bear!!  :o

It gets better. We were on an island! The man killing bear, dead dad and me.

At his point in my gaming and modding I thought you could only use leather to make rope. Rope to make a raft. To get off the island. To escape the man killer bear.

Now where could I get leather?
Oh oh.
There is only one source.
The bear that killed my dad!

For weeks I lived on the southern part of the island. The bear ruled the north. On one daring dash I recovered dad's gear.

I learned to sleep surrounded by traps. Fences, too, later learning man and bear alike could easily kick them down.

When a night's sleep was interrupted with "you think you hear something nearby" oh spirits was I worried!

There was only so many berry bushes on the island. Both me and the bear were eating them.

Finally I had enough leather from small game to make one, not three, ropes. So I made a the three tree trunk bear killer.

Coming back later indeed the bear had gotten into the trap. Alive. Angry. Roaring.

I tossed my three javelins for minor wounds. I tossed rocks and stones. I tossed many things. Where I could I went close to toss them again. Again and again I tossed things at the father killer. All the while the risk of it escaping the trap growing.

Perhaps my father's spirit was there. Holding the trap down on the bear.

After an arc of the sun the bear fell unconscious from dozens of minor wounds and blood loss. Most of bleeding wounds had even stopped bleeding.

Cautiously creeping forward the death stabs to the neck were made.

The bear died soon.

I had, I thought, to turn the bear into leather. So Beodrin lived a few weeks more on Bear Island to dehair the hide. Finally the raft was made and he sailed onto greater adventures. Before his death becoming known as Beodrin Two Bears, who killed two bears and wore them both. Yes he wore his father's killer. As leather armor. Ah, but those are stories for another day.

Wolfric Thorsson

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I can't possibly remember my first bear... that was so long ago now! But if we're talking most memorable, that's much easier.

I'd just started a new playthrough, less than an hour in. I'd been chasing and hunting an elk for most of that time, but lost its trail when night fell. Waking up in the morning, my provisions running low, I set out to find somewhere to make camp... and found a small bear in the middle of a clearing.

As soon as I took a single step in its direction, it looked at me and roared... I thought it was either going to run away, or worse, charge me. Armed as I was with nothing more than a handaxe, I expected it to be a tough fight... but the beast thought little of the pathetic human facing it down - it immediately fell asleep!!!

Hiding and creeping forwards, the spirits were obviously looking over me, my footfalls as silent as a cats... the bear oblivious to my approach, as I stood by its side... axe held high...

It's eyes went wide as the edge of my weapon bit cleanly into the back of its neck, but the deed had been done... the mighty beast decapitated in one decisive swing.

What's better, I was recording at the time ;D
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Good, Fahom. Not even a single injury did you got. That's quite cool, mostly when i remember all the human blood i've flooded out near bears, lol.