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Suggestions / Warning before eating unknown plants
« on: July 19, 2020, 02:51:24 PM »
My first character was died from deadly poisonous mushroom, since then i finally realise why would there be warning box before eating the unknown mushroom. That’s really great QoL improvement as I always seem to accidentally click and eat something I never want to eat. To my surprise, there’s no warning message before i eat unknown plants and get poisoned again. Luckily this time it is not deadly, but still, it would not be nice if I accidentally kill my character due to my clumsy fingers. I think it would be a nice modification to add such warning box before you eat/ drink anything that’s unknown to you.

General Discussion / Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World?
« on: July 18, 2020, 08:39:52 AM »
English is not my primary language, so there certainly will be tons of grammatical error :P
Leafsky, a lost traveler from the far east, had a tough time surviving in this world.
In his first summer, he built a waterfront cabin.
In his first autumn, he learned not everyone in the world is friendly. All his belongings were looted by robbers when he tried to greet these people. He was beaten to unconscious, luckily, survived and still able to strive a living by using the fishing rod he left at his cabin.

He was then realised he had chosen a poor spot to build his house on his 1st winter. The water nearby would froze during winter and he can no longer fish near his cabin.
Due to his terrible physical attributes (low strength, low speed, 160cm lol), active hunting is nearly impossible for him. He cant help but get really frustrated after chasing elks in the region for several days and lost their tracks completely.
The stored smoked fish are not going to last this winter, he thought, and decided to travel back and forth between his cabin and the unfrozen sea to fish.

The first half winter was calm, he dried half of his catches every time he went to sea and enjoy the sound of fire cracking when he roasted another half.
When he get bored he often went to the nearest driikilais village in the north to see if anything he can help.
He helped them to build their sauna and do other chores, in return, one of the elders told him the tale of forest maid and he managed to met the lady several times. What a night.
Perhaps he was blessed by the spirits, he even managed to ambush a small elk behind a big rock when it is drinking water. Using the fur from his first prey, he made sufficient clothes to keep himself warm in the upcoming harsher weather. He was also surprised to found an elk frozen to death in an ice hole and this made him suddenly rich in food.
Luck cant last for ever, he thought, and he decided to take this opportunity to practice his hunting skill, and the targets are the seals inhabited near the unfrozen sea.
Most of the time he threw the javelin into the air, watching the seals dive in and out of the sea, sometimes got bitten in his butt.
It took him several weeks to actually hunt down a big and two small grey seals, tried him physically and mentally.
This is time to rest and chill, he through.

But he was wrong.

In the later half of the winter, he continue his daily routine: ski back and forth from cabin to the unfrozen sea, fishing, gather firewood.
It was until one day, on the usual route to the unfrozen sea, he discovered tons of weird footprint all over the snow.
Those footprints were parallel, disciplined, like the legion swept the area.
It was an army of wolfs. An army of wolfs hidden in the shadow of forest.
He was terrified because by no means he could win the fight with these killers face to face. Not a chance.
From that day, he decided to stay near his cabin, dig a hole from the ice to fish if really needed, completely avoid to mess around those beast.
He was scared.

One night, he was woke up by a strange feeling. A bloody smell in the cold air. He grabbed his trusty javelin, paying full attention to the environment.
Silence. Not even the sound of wind could be heard. In the darkest time of the night, he cant even see further than 2 meters.
Although he saw and heard nothing, he sensed death. His heart was beating too loud, he thought, whatever waiting him outside must have heard the pumping sound.
Second by second, time passes, moon began to shine on the shutter of the cabin. He saw something moving quickly.
Without thinking he threw the only weapon on his hand. The javelin flied straight into the dark and he regretted this stupid action, now he is unarmed and helpless. He sit behind the cabin door and hoping this would delay whatever outside intrude his cabin.
However, when the first light of sun finally shine on the ground, he found a dead lone wolf lying outside the window, a javelin stick on its' abdomen, teared a large opening and blood leaked all over the ground. The spirits must have helped him in that shoot.
He felt reborn.

Not letting his second life slipped away, he decided to do everything he could to survive from this large pack of killers. Information and preparation, that's all in his mind.
He cautiously go back to the site he discovered the footprints, observing the tracks: 1 big, 6 medium, 1 small. So there must be 7 wolfs left.
Being extremely careful, he follow the tracks and set up a big deadfall trap in the place he thought those wolfs would come back, baiting it with a cut of bird meat.
Retreating to his cabin, he chopped down every young tree he could find in the region, bringing all of the trunks inside the cabin.
He set up another big deadfall trap right in front of his door, baited it.
Then he change his sleeping pattern: Tracking and sleeping at daytime, stay alert and preparing javelin inside cabin at night.
Few days later, at daytime, he noticed the legion was migrating towards the direction of his cabin and he knew that, the war is coming.

But this time he is prepared.

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