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Nice! What's the long habergeon weight? 30lbs? Or is that the long hauberk weight, can't remember.

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I corrected that. It IS a hauberk...sorry! Aye, it weighs 30, 5 more than the one I'm presently wearing, which is NOT a Long.


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Holy mooses!

Excuse the pun, but got 3rd elk kill in 10days. 610lbs of elk smoking in the sauna, in early Fall month. Antti and big-dog Pena are set for few months... with 250m pit trap-fence completed between two lakes.

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My oldest character, Bul, is at his island stronghold, but it's winter now and the river's frozen over.

He found day-old human footprints and started tracking them. The intruder appears to be a woodsman because he's leaving fallen tree trunks. Using a big bull, he carted every one he found back to his cabin for future use. After a week and finding almost 3 dozen trunks, the tracks had petered out and he'd lost track of the intruder.

Then, surprise!, while out very early, he found FRESH tracks. Carrying a torch and stealthily tracking he literally bumped into a Njerp! The Njerp missed his first hack with his axe, hit with his second, then took a spear to his eye, knocking him unconscious. The dog pack finished him off while he was down. He was not a wealthy Njerp as all his clothing was well-worn and his few weapons, a woodsman's ax, a handaxe, and a broad knife were a poor legacy for him. At least I got a ton of tree trunks without annoying the forest spirit!



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Maybe that Njerpez was tasked for felling trunks ahead of the rest coming in the spring to build a war camp..?

Antti was tracking a bear after local foresters housed a hurt adventurer. There’s no room for man-eating bear. Scouring the spruce mire with pine mire to the East, which is 1/4 of the nearest 15km every direction (other 3/4 of the region has pinemire in south, west and north...)
Spotted an invader about 700m away, in the open/pine mire. Annoyed by this interruption, Antti and big-dog Pena headed to greet him. Couple arrows in, the Njerpez fell, but managed to scratch Pena with his knife. Swung the broad sword and cut him square on the eye, killing him. Picked up the rest of the goods: lamellar hauberk, spear, some fur clothing. Headed to the cabin to drop the load off.
Bumped into an angry bear!
Could it be the same bear that had been attacking people in the region?
None the less, it was charging ferociously.
Block with round shield, deft strike on the standing bear’s knee got him fall over. Pena ferociously bit the bear on foreleg. That seemed to distract the bears attention to the dog. Which allowed Antti stab the bear in to skull with the sword. The bear was fighting a losing battle from that point.
Now it was getting late and Antti was getting weary. Bear’s carcass was way too heavy to lift. And way too far to drag it home. Resorting to trick he had learnt from his now missing dad, he chewed on some bear pipe leaves and started to skin the bear. Oh, it already had thicker fur. Winter’s close. Decent skin, finally the countless hares, birds and 9 killed elks harsh skinning and tanning jobs seemed to have worked. Next to piece the carcass for meat. 218lbs. With goods from the invader, and wearing armor, had to leave some meat behind for getting later.

Got to cabin, meat in cellar. Cleaned and rubbed the skin with fats, passed out of exhaustion. Woke up, left some bear meat for the Old Man. Headed back to pick rest of the meat and look for tracks, hopefully leading to the camp and the spear Olli’s dad had given to him.
Antti wondered if the man would’ve noticed if he gave one of the spears taken from fallen Njerpez instead. But rather than worry about having man-eating bear in region, it had to been done. Wait, whose dog is that? It hadn’t shown any sign of noticing Antti or Pena yet. Oh damn, another Njerpez. This one only wearing leather clothing. But carrying spear (that’d be 4th to Antti’s armory) and more alarmingly short bow and stack of arrows.
Slowly sneaking closer when he was looking away, Antti got to 12m and shot the invader in thorax. Didn’t kill him, but definitely slow him down with only the feathers showing, on this side of him anyway. While the swearing Njerpez was readying his bow, Pena was engaging that dog, somewhere behind.
Next arrow pierced the Njerpez left shoulder. Good, rather not let him shoot arrows. Drawing his sword and moving forward to administer “forest justice”, Antti fell sharp pain in his right knee. Turning around, sure enough the foreigner’s dog was defending her master.
Good dog, bad choice.
Stabbing the dog, it dodged effortlessly, but got bitten in hindquarters by Pena. The dog turned to flee, but couldn’t run. Swift cut on the head and it fell unconscious, bleeding from the deep cut on her skull.
Couple steps and decapitation of the Njerpez: still stuck on spine. Bludgeon the dog, skin and butcher it. That’d ought to work as bait if nothing else.

Cleaning the tear on his knee, it got Antti wondering, are the invaders planning a full on war? This is 9th warrior, in just 2 seasons. Maybe the winters cold will keep them away for couple more seasons. Better go alert Kiesse to the north-east. Maybe go get news from Reemi in far south-east 1st.
At least the wound wasn’t too bad and should heal in few days.

Finding Olli’s spear wasn’t too difficult... after killing 2 invading warriors, one dog and the angry bear. At least Olli taught Antti some new sword techniques for future battles.
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Side note: not cold enough yet. The whole bear batch got stale before I could get it to dry. Ah well, bland bear “jerky” it is then.


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No slowing down the rate of Njerpez scouts and occasional hunter.
Antti went to check the traps towards Reemi. 2 arctic foxes, one capercaillie across the 6 sites.
Bumped into Njerpez trapper? As he was armed with handaxe, knife and shovel. Disposed of him quickly. Got back to cabin and started tanning the catch. Sleep the night and go check traps further to west, towards Koivula. Nothing at first site, bumped into Njerpez hunter, he had hunting bow, hunting knife and woods man’s axe. Through the spruce mire to next pine mire section and 2nd site, Njerpez in the open, 200m ahead. This one was a warrior. Mail hauberk, lamellar leg armor, scimitar, round shield, knife and short bow. He hit Pahka, Pena the big dog by now is scarred and hard like a burl (pahka), Antti deemed name change was appropriate... to shoulder, before Antti hit the warrior’s arm, removing his ability to draw bow. He still managed to hit Pahka hard on the hind leg. Another scar to be, for the hound.
Check the traps, one fox. Nice. Turn back toward cabin and POW. Another Njerpez. This one was a logger, with woodsaxe and broad knife.

That’s now 24 Njerpez since Swidden, and it’s only early Winter month.
Need to pack some dried cuts and go on scouting for war camp in the region.


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Running traps lines, few foxes, more Njerpezes.
27th was a sleep when I met him, but he woke up to Grandmaster sneaking with -3% for winter clothes and weapons. Alert one!
The warrior equipped his mace and round shield. And he wore mail hauberk and leather shin guards. But a deft opening slash at his thigh got him running... he turned away, fatal mistake.

Tom H

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Bul, in his 4th year, has completed the Bird Thief quest (First time any of my characters has done so!). Perhaps the site was easier to find with the ground covered by snow?

Another character, Kali, has taken to carting dead Njerp to a nearby mountaintop for the spirits to admire and his foes to be warned. There are presently 8 piles of human bones there.


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Mihku (on his 2nd year) distributes the fallen Njerpezes on across the mountain and hill tops.

Antti just leaves them where they fall. Funnily enough, haven't actively gone looking for any Njerpez and he has killed 31 of them Swidden-Winter month. Not counting the 4 killed by Pahka the big dog.


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And other trapping area..


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Checking traplines again, blackgrouse at first site. The cunning glutton milling around 2nd site, but not taking bait. It's still limping from the previous meeting. But missed the shot.
It seems there's something going on around here, got a rush hour. 2 groups of traders and 2 njerpez ..
What are you doing at my swamp?? >:(

Pahka got the first kill, after Antti put an arrow to the archer's hip, 2nd to his chest. the large dog snapped the unconscious invader's neck with one swell shake.
2nd warrior, couple hundred meters to the north, tried to hide in the spruce mire, put did the mistake of checking what's going on with his scout partner. Only to be run over hail of arrows; hit elbow, knee... (just a scratch, he didn't even collapse) and 3rd through his neck.
Antti 32, Pahka 5.


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English is not my primary language, so there certainly will be tons of grammatical error :P
Leafsky, a lost traveler from the far east, had a tough time surviving in this world.
In his first summer, he built a waterfront cabin.
In his first autumn, he learned not everyone in the world is friendly. All his belongings were looted by robbers when he tried to greet these people. He was beaten to unconscious, luckily, survived and still able to strive a living by using the fishing rod he left at his cabin.

He was then realised he had chosen a poor spot to build his house on his 1st winter. The water nearby would froze during winter and he can no longer fish near his cabin.
Due to his terrible physical attributes (low strength, low speed, 160cm lol), active hunting is nearly impossible for him. He cant help but get really frustrated after chasing elks in the region for several days and lost their tracks completely.
The stored smoked fish are not going to last this winter, he thought, and decided to travel back and forth between his cabin and the unfrozen sea to fish.

The first half winter was calm, he dried half of his catches every time he went to sea and enjoy the sound of fire cracking when he roasted another half.
When he get bored he often went to the nearest driikilais village in the north to see if anything he can help.
He helped them to build their sauna and do other chores, in return, one of the elders told him the tale of forest maid and he managed to met the lady several times. What a night.
Perhaps he was blessed by the spirits, he even managed to ambush a small elk behind a big rock when it is drinking water. Using the fur from his first prey, he made sufficient clothes to keep himself warm in the upcoming harsher weather. He was also surprised to found an elk frozen to death in an ice hole and this made him suddenly rich in food.
Luck cant last for ever, he thought, and he decided to take this opportunity to practice his hunting skill, and the targets are the seals inhabited near the unfrozen sea.
Most of the time he threw the javelin into the air, watching the seals dive in and out of the sea, sometimes got bitten in his butt.
It took him several weeks to actually hunt down a big and two small grey seals, tried him physically and mentally.
This is time to rest and chill, he through.

But he was wrong.

In the later half of the winter, he continue his daily routine: ski back and forth from cabin to the unfrozen sea, fishing, gather firewood.
It was until one day, on the usual route to the unfrozen sea, he discovered tons of weird footprint all over the snow.
Those footprints were parallel, disciplined, like the legion swept the area.
It was an army of wolfs. An army of wolfs hidden in the shadow of forest.
He was terrified because by no means he could win the fight with these killers face to face. Not a chance.
From that day, he decided to stay near his cabin, dig a hole from the ice to fish if really needed, completely avoid to mess around those beast.
He was scared.

One night, he was woke up by a strange feeling. A bloody smell in the cold air. He grabbed his trusty javelin, paying full attention to the environment.
Silence. Not even the sound of wind could be heard. In the darkest time of the night, he cant even see further than 2 meters.
Although he saw and heard nothing, he sensed death. His heart was beating too loud, he thought, whatever waiting him outside must have heard the pumping sound.
Second by second, time passes, moon began to shine on the shutter of the cabin. He saw something moving quickly.
Without thinking he threw the only weapon on his hand. The javelin flied straight into the dark and he regretted this stupid action, now he is unarmed and helpless. He sit behind the cabin door and hoping this would delay whatever outside intrude his cabin.
However, when the first light of sun finally shine on the ground, he found a dead lone wolf lying outside the window, a javelin stick on its' abdomen, teared a large opening and blood leaked all over the ground. The spirits must have helped him in that shoot.
He felt reborn.

Not letting his second life slipped away, he decided to do everything he could to survive from this large pack of killers. Information and preparation, that's all in his mind.
He cautiously go back to the site he discovered the footprints, observing the tracks: 1 big, 6 medium, 1 small. So there must be 7 wolfs left.
Being extremely careful, he follow the tracks and set up a big deadfall trap in the place he thought those wolfs would come back, baiting it with a cut of bird meat.
Retreating to his cabin, he chopped down every young tree he could find in the region, bringing all of the trunks inside the cabin.
He set up another big deadfall trap right in front of his door, baited it.
Then he change his sleeping pattern: Tracking and sleeping at daytime, stay alert and preparing javelin inside cabin at night.
Few days later, at daytime, he noticed the legion was migrating towards the direction of his cabin and he knew that, the war is coming.

But this time he is prepared.


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I'm concerned for the health of my character. All one surprise fight with three robbers, except that shallow cut with the condition box next to it. 0km/h a quarter of the map from home will be problematic. Was knocked unconscious at ~60%, woke up at 72%, and kept fighting from an advantageous position. Killed all three AFTER waking up, so at 90%+ total fatigue.
Iiiiii juuuuust want to set the woooooooorld onnnn fiiiiiiiiireeeeeee.... Iiiiiiii don't want to start a flame in your heeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrt.
And with your admissiiiiion you feeeeel the same, I'llllll have reached the goaaaal I'm dreamiiiing offfff, believe meeeeee


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The last couple of messenger quests I received have sent me to vagabond villages with a single Driik resident. I initially thought that if I should meet one Driik then perhaps one-half of the population in town is Driik, but that wasn't true.

The messages exchanged between Boulderyclimb and Boulderland were: "The lake turned red" - "it is in the north"
From Passagesteep to Cloud wild: "The wind is raising" - "it is not ready yet"