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Suggestions / A "get lost!" button?
« on: August 03, 2020, 04:26:58 AM »
One day wandering near my settlement, I encountered a vagabond adventurer, we greeted and I decided to ask him to leave since I consider nearby regions are my territory. Of course the adventurer simply reply I am in no position to command him to do anything, which is fine if he is just wandering around, I guess I can still tolerate. The tragedy is, I found some very fresh lynx footprints in nearby forest, cant hold my excitement (my first time hunting a lynx!) I immediate start tracking, only to found out the still warm corpse, its' skin is harmed and being skin by the vagabond adventurer I encountered earlier.

I seriously hate the gameplay style of serial killers (unless targeting Njerpez), and I do hate to kill npc. But this anger me too much and my urge to kill this intruder just wont halt. My suggestion is, could we make a conservation command to ask the npc to leave, even outside settlement tiles? It is not like they really have to accept your command 100% of time, just warn them if they dont leave, there will be consequences (a fight). I would gladly accept a duel with the outsider to defend my territory and the preys within, but now without this function I can just shoot some arrows into his face and without giving him a chance to properly fight with me.

General Discussion / Adventurer gone missing & Human footprint tracking
« on: August 01, 2020, 01:33:31 AM »
I hire one adventurer from the village closest to me (around 5 km), after explore the wildness for quite some time, I take him to my settlement and pay him with tons of turnips. The problem is, after dismissing him, he still wander inside my fence (I had a wall of fence surrounding my settlement) and even break into my house, pathing problem I guess. I don't want to kill him so I command him to leave (by choosing the "go away! this is my settlement" option in conversation) and this guy leave in no time. Months later, I go to that village again and cannot find this adventurer in village but nobody appeared to be sad if he really is died in wildness. Anyone know where this adventurer might go?

Another weird thing happened is human footprints I found often abruptly discontinued. One time I saw a grey-clothing human figure in an open mire and went to investigate, turn out I only found 2 fresh human footprint on the snow. Later I hired another adventurer, paid him in my settlement, told him to leave, and the next day I tried to track where did this adventurer go, only found that his footprints abruptly discontinued around 10 meters outside my fences. I have my tracking skill at master level (90+), weather was good, snow was deep and I checked surrounding tiles of the last footprints and found nothing. Why is this happening?

Off-topic / Re: How to Sauna in the Finnish way?
« on: July 31, 2020, 05:57:54 AM »
That's a mix of interesting and terrifying feelings to me at the same time to know sauna is way hotter than I would expected. Sounds quite fun and relaxing to enjoy the smell of grain and drinking beers through :D
Maybe some stupid questions but I have admit I don't know the Finnish culture that well, what's a "sauna shift"? People take turns to enter the sauna base on some kind of roster?
Also I am quite curious about, did the public sauna closed during the time of pandemic? We got a cluster of infected cases due to their dinner, the hotpot (火鍋, people put raw ingredients into a constant boiling soup and a steamy environment is created). Experts claimed the virus could become airborne/ aerosol-base in steamy environment so basically every hotpot restaurants in town were closed till now.
Wish one day I can visit Finland and try out some of the sauna, preferably the traditional smoke-with-no-chimney one. I wonder if different woods give different aroma in this kind of sauna. 

Bug reports / Re: Breaking ice with raft
« on: July 30, 2020, 10:15:09 AM »
TLDR: This bug (or feature?) is actually triggered from the overall weight of you and your watercraft, and where/ how you enter the ice. if you want to use watercraft across ice and water, use punt instead.

Did some tests in 2 weeks before midwinter, here are the result.
1. Ice will break when items laying on it weight over 4-5 tree trunks (safe at 2000 lbs and break at 2500 lbs).
2. However, Human with raft (around 1250 lbs) are enough to break the ice from if you enter the ice from water.
3. If you push raft from shore into ice surface then walk to that tile of ice, although the total weight do not change (1250 lbs), the ice only make cracking sound and you can safely walk away.
4. Human with punt (around 120 lbs) wont break the ice no matter you enter the ice from water or carry it walking across the ice.
5. Human with punt and 2 tree trunks (around 1120 lbs) will break the ice if you enter from water.
6. Human with punt, 20 stones and a tree trunk (around 860 lbs) wont break the ice.
7. Human with punt, 30 stones and a tree trunk (around 1000 lbs) will break the ice.

So the conclusion is, dont use raft in winter and even if you have to carry a large prey across sea and frozen water, a punt will have no problem. Just bear in mind the ice wont hold the weight of multiple large preys even if you use punt. 

Suggestions / Re: Ice Checking
« on: July 30, 2020, 09:23:42 AM »
Tested and can confirm it works already, weight of 5 tree trunks (2500lbs) can break ice in the coldest winter.

Off-topic / How to Sauna in the Finnish way?
« on: July 28, 2020, 02:28:33 PM »
Lately I built a sauna in game and start to wonder how it actually is IRL, well, Finnish style I mean.
It's kind of funny because in the region I live, how to sauna is not a good thing to know since it more or less gave people the impression of place to do lewd things.
And nobody (including me) understand why people would go to sauna in a place where basically no winter presence.
So I am quite curious about how to properly sauna since I found myself have zero knowledge about it. It there any differences on how ancient Finnish and modern Finnish do it? I saw one of the year's greeting film, Sami and Erikka burn the sauna oven from morning to dusk, does it always take that long to properly heat the sauna? Do Finnish do it on summer? only winter? or both? What's the vasta actually for? How long do people normally stay in the sauna? (Just wondering won't people get dehydrated in there?) Any other interesting fact/ experiences about sauna you want to share are also welcome :)

Gameplay questions / Re: How far will you shoot your first arrow?
« on: July 27, 2020, 04:16:31 PM »
@甜汤 Appreciate your sharing and considerately translate the content into Chinese, though I can read English without much problem so you could just type English to save your time :)
I rarely do active hunting since my current character's speed is sh*tty (I made this character base on real life lol) so your experiences are surely valuable, I might try some of your tricks next time.
Broadhead arrows are good, but they are real rare, I searched 70% of villages in Driikiläiset region and only found 5 arrows. Too precious to waste them on animals, i will save them when dangers (robbers, wolves, etc) emerge through. Not going to kill any traders/ other peaceful people for arrows, that's just don't feel right. You may say it's roleplay reason.
Since i am trying make my current character lives as long as possible, I am not going face bear/ wolves directly, not until they' are trapped. I had faced 8x wolves in a frozen lake, and the tension is just unbearable when I face them head to head and retreat step by step. Not going to go through that once again. Since the last encounter, I even spent a whole in-game year to built a stronghold, preventing wolves siege into my barn and slaughter all my domestic animals. 
Your experiences on crossbow just answered what I needed, so based on the experiences of both of us, I would say crossbow seems to be better when hunting non aggressive animals. This becomes doubtful when concerning predators through.
By the way, elks and forest reindeer loves turnips (大頭菜), even if you don't farm, you can find tons of turnips in villages rather easily and cheap, very useful bait.   

Gameplay questions / Re: How far will you shoot your first arrow?
« on: July 26, 2020, 11:13:24 AM »
To 甜汤:
So how long is that relatively long distance? I am beginning to think about using crossbow instead of bow if the shooting distance is much safer.

That's interesting to know, but I guess that means a lot of arrows are going to be miss. How many arrows will you carry then?

Gameplay questions / How far will you shoot your first arrow?
« on: July 26, 2020, 05:23:59 AM »
Basically the title.
Had been practiced my bow skill in my shooting range recently, and I found that even with masterwork longbow, decent arrows and 90+ bow skill, the promising shooting distance for me is around 5 zoom-in tiles (10m), every steady shot within this range would travel to the desire location. However, longer the distance i.e. 14-16m, the dispersion becoming noticeable, even the steady shot sometimes would not make an accurate enough shot.

Gameplay questions / Re: Game remembering meat drying?
« on: July 26, 2020, 05:13:35 AM »
sounds like a bug to me.

Since sami said an hour or so would be enough (, I basically use 200 branches or 20 firewood everyday at noon, not being excessive nor being less. No spoilage so far, and I agree the consumption on woods increase tremulously, every 7 days I have to spend a whole day as firewood making day. But I kind of like how it is now, it makes the smoking meat process more challenging and makes me not only focus on 'how to kill' but 'how much are needed to kill'.   

Gameplay questions / Dear fellow hunters..
« on: July 22, 2020, 03:47:55 AM »
As winter is foreseeable, I am very close to my 18 winters in my life. This is quite meaningful for me since not many teens in my village live up to this age, and it is soon to be my second year leaving my home and living alone in this no man's land. I want to make it special and I am thinking, hunting down a bear alone would be a great ceremony for this special year. I am quite good at seal and small games hunting, occasionally trapped down some elks, and even managed to take down a large herd of wolfs. But I am certainly not a master level hunter, at least not specialized in active nor big game hunting. So I would like to seek advises from all the great hunters who see this message, what should I prepare? Also which trap works the best, the trap pit with sharp stakes or heavy deadfall bear trap? I am quite competent in trapping but I still fear the bear would escape from the trap, should I make multiple traps in the region? Any other advises you want to give?

Suggestions / Let salt be salt, not preservative
« on: July 21, 2020, 04:21:23 AM »
Search through the suggestion reply marathon and the forum, I am quite surprised that nobody suggest salt shall be count as seasoning, as it should be.
It is kind of disappointing that I cannot add salt into my lovely hare meat stew :( 

Gameplay questions / Re: How to learn the latest version of ceremony?
« on: July 21, 2020, 04:11:51 AM »
I guess you mean rituals? In current version it is acquired by doing quest in village.

The complete condition is quite weird, in that quest I fenced up around 10 tiles of ground, dig and made 3 trap pits and the task was still not completed.
Once i zoom out the map and leave the scene for around 10 tiles, the task suddenly completed.
It might be due to another trap fence lines I built in that area, which length around 30-40 tiles through.
So I would suggest you build longer trap fence and see how it goes.

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