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Thanks, can I know if this apply to zoom-out map? or only zoom in map?

Basically the title, I know leashed animals won't drown in water, but I am not sure if companions can cross water with me. Anyone know the answer?

Have the same issue earlier, through it can still be solved by using the command: [ S]kill -> T[R]appring -> [5]trap pit.

Bug reports / Re: [3.63 - Steam] Force transaction?
« on: August 18, 2020, 02:52:15 AM »
I also reported a trade bug in the thread called 'Stolen Fur'. One month later, it has gotten zero response.
I read your post just now but it seems to be two different issue if I understand it correctly, as your brought fox fur mysteriously turn into a reindeer fur? Haven't encountered this issue yet and since the post got 100+views with no response, you might encounter a rather rare bug. At least it turns into something more valuable :D

I had the same issue. It was a stack of 143 roasted elk cuts that I had sold them previously, but when I came back to the village later, the stack was showing as 143 roasted elk cuts (taken), regardless of if it was on the floor or in my inventory, and the villagers were asking me to pay for it. I did try to grab and drop the stack several times to remove the tag, but it stayed. Removing the stack from my inventory using URWCharacterMenu didn't remove it from the pending transactions either.

That sounds like the villagers were disappointed by your cookery skill and want their money back lol

Bug reports / [3.63 - Steam] Force transaction?
« on: August 17, 2020, 09:15:14 AM »
Enter a village I previously visited, chat with a villager, decide to window shopping for a while.
At the same time as I move forward, another villager shouts and ask me to pay before I leave. The chatting interface appear and they request me to pay for 12 blunt arrows that I never touched (at least at that moment I haven't have a chance to touch, can't remember if I ever interacted with these arrows in previous visits). Paid, and found those blunt arrows laying on the floor inside one of the houses.   
Well at least this time I am able to pay and I get the wares, but if they kept forcing me to buy this and that I will be bankrupt in no time  :o

I have a back up save after paying the arrows, let me know if it is needed :)

Msglog shown below.
Spoiler: show

(143270):u9i6:[  #  ]{0321068E}      | Entering settled area ...
(000000):u9i6:[Y]{0321068E}      | You shake the needles from your shoulders and come forward among the people. You are entering a driikil鄜s village...
(000000):u9i6:[T]{0321068E}      | The game is controlled mainly by keyboard commands.
(008000):u9i6:[=]{0321068E}      | Press [ESC] or [?] to see list of commands.
(A80000):u9i6:[!]{0321068E}      | Driikil鄜s Woman shouts: "You need to pay for those goods right now!"

[Edit: And I just realize one of the options in the dialog (I am not able to pay, Take what is yours) means returning the goods to the villager, I though that means take whatever valuables they desire from me as they like lol silly me)

Suggestions / Re: A "get lost!" button?
« on: August 14, 2020, 12:06:29 PM »
I was thinking about that and I have to confirm that I did not really understand yet: Why is it smart to piss of a guy who passes your way (somewhere) who didnt do anything wrong?

I remember a quest called 'bird thieve', that villager in URW would punish villager in another village who steal his prey by mythological means, sadly we can't do this ritual outside the quest and can only stick some arrows into the thief's head. Simply passing by of course the one did nothing, but it is quite unlikely based on my limited experiences. Apart from the experiences I mentioned in the first post, once I had recruited an adventurer and disbanded him near my settlement. Few minutes later I heard a sound of fighting just outside my house, when I rush out that guy just causally pick up a grouse carcass from my trap, right in front of my house and right in front of me. It's quite lucky for him that it's just a grouse and I have the option to command him to leave outside my settlement.

Personally I feel quite stressful and troublesome when I saw human wandering near my settlement in zoom out map, especially those adventurers - you just can't be sure if they are robbers or not until you approach them, and that means a lot of risks. Even if they are really friendly woodsmen, hunters and adventurers, I still don't want people messing with my traps, scare off preys nearby (or even hunt them) or chopping down woods everywhere just few hundred metres away from my house. It won't be wise to threaten others unless you use it as a mean to state your boundary clear.

From my experience, he will return to the village by himself. I once hired a very powerful adventurer and gave him armor and weapons for a long-term adventure. Then he returned to the village, and after a few years, he still did not agree to my invitation to travel again.
That's getting more and more worrying, he either get lost on his way home or became a dead body since half a in-game year passed already.

If he has gotten into trouble you can try to follow the path he might have taken on the zoomed in map but it'd be pretty tedious: you can use tracking to follow his footsteps and also your knowledge of the location of the village, for example going east but veering north around each obstacle if it was mostly east but a little north.

If you run into a river it's worth looking if he tried to swim across and failed, that happens sometimes in previous versions (maybe it still does, I don't know)

I don't think I can find any tracks after such a long time, but you remind me one thing that the day he left my settlement shall be still early winter and the ice may not be solid enough, so he might possibly get drown/ freezing to death if he trying to cross river. However there's no river on between my settlement to his village. Is it possibly that other dangers on the road got him into troubles?

Here's a rough map with marked dangers, I hope it helps.

XX[V]XXX <-His original village
XXXX[N]X <-Njerpez War camp, I rarely saw any Njerpez movement in the region through, just saw once in the past two ingame year
XOOOOX  <- Large open/pine mires with occasional robbers presence, once I had beaten and robbed on the NW side on the mires by those bastards
~~[H]XXX <- My settlement, the X is simplified representation of any type of the forest/spruce mires/hill/mountains..etc.
~~XXXXX <- The ~ represent sea and water tiles near my settlement.

I had recruited an adventurer long time ago, disbanded him near my settlement which is quite faraway (around 5km?) from his original village. Haven't seen him since then, he is not returned to the village and I have not notice any tracks might be related to him, neither on zoom in or zoom out map. It hasn't been a problem until I want to recruit another villager. None of them agree to go with me "until they saw the left adventurer again". I am clueless on his whereabouts but felt a little bit responsible for his missing, so I want to ask if anyone have any suggestion on how can I find this missing adventurer? or his body? It could be in-game method or other method (cheat?), I dont mind and thanks in advance.

Suggestions / Re: A "get lost!" button?
« on: August 08, 2020, 05:40:45 PM »

> The skill is useful already. In hunting and fighting an archer combines it with the bow when he does not need to unwield the bow. Kicking is a serious attack of blunt type even more of a 100 kilo guy hits the opponents legs at the right point.

Since I am still playing my second character who has very limited strength, low weight and short in height, I am only able to kick a grouse to death. Kicking even slightly larger animal like ram can be suicidal to me (Literally, it hoofs me like crazy and I got extremely unlucky once and fractured my eyes), I cant even penetrate its' skin sometimes. And why would I use kick/ punch instead one handed melee weapon if armed enemy is charging up close? Unarmed attack is not useless for certain, but without training opportunity in a lower risk condition, I would say it have very limited usage for my current character. But I guess everyone have different gameplay style :)

> You want some wild guy in the no mans land/wildernes to do what YOU want to his disadvantage?  ;D You want a button to force him to fight you without weapon? Isnt that a bit too unrealistic? He asks you to put down your weapon first  ;D Or he apologizes and comes back with ten of his friends next day.

> How do you think you can claim the wilderness where is no mans land as your territory?

Umm, that's something I never through, I guess I did presume everyone would honor the duel but I guess you're right. BTW it would be really fun if npc would tactically retreat and call his companions to revenge. And no, I don't want to claim the wilderness as my territory, I simply just want to tell npc to get lost as civilize as possible outside the settlement tiles and if they reject, let's fight then.

> Any change is work for the Admins. Here think about whats important and whats unimportant.

I know it would totally be a dumb idea if it implemented in game completely based on what I had said. But I think what important is, it might be worthwhile to share this dumb idea if developers could turn it into something more interesting or magnificent, come on, they are like magician IRL or else URW won't exist. The least important thing would this suggestion get added into game or not. Besides it at least give everyone a laughter :P and I am glad Erkka found it interesting. 

Gameplay questions / Re: How do I build wealth
« on: August 07, 2020, 04:22:44 AM »
If you want to rely on crafting for a living, the most valuable, accessible, useful and easy to carry item would be arrows. Arrows are absolutely the currency you are looking for and it does make sense in iron age Finland, unlike other trade items - who need tons of wooden bowl/ boards in iron age?

Build lots of light level trap, preferably near berries and your corps and sometimes it wouldn't even need to bait, the birds just filed in if you choose your trap location wisely. Their meats can be used to roast (I usually give the meat for my dog as treaty through), their skin can be turn into leather and very useful to produce both bandage and cords and their feathers for arrows. The trick is, shorten each cord (15ft) into 15*1 ft cord, so you can produce arrow one by one and arrange your time in a more flexible manner. I am only competent in carpentry and it is already guarantee no curved arrow. So you can keep those decent arrows to yourself and those rough arrows for trading. I haven't been the richest man in the iron age yet but that's how I brought my first iron helm by trading rough arrows to villagers. Besides, you got tons of decent arrows for your hunting :)

Gameplay questions / Re: Forest spirit is acting weird
« on: August 06, 2020, 02:56:39 PM »
Ok, that means I did sacrifice my sliver and the spirits accepted it. I once thought the spirit rejected my sacrifice so the sliver remain un-touch.
But I still don't know the spirits' attitude, does he like me or not? Am I killing too many animals so he appears to be upset but since I sacrifice after each kill so he kind of forced to bless me?

Gameplay questions / Forest spirit is acting weird
« on: August 06, 2020, 04:47:46 AM »
I regularly sacrifice my prey to spirits, always feel at ease and felt unity with water. Haven't have any feelings/ omen related to breeze/ forest for quite a long time through.
Lately I summoned the forest spirit. I expect he looks pleased but instead, he looks upset.
However, when he spoke, he actually leave some kind words and blessing to me. 
Can any sages here interpret how the forest spirit feels towards me?

Edit: BTW, the sliver ring did not disappear after the sacrifice, is this normal?

Some updates on the footprint issue.
It's still winter, I was patrolling around my my base and found tons of human footprints on the snow. Most of it were old but several footprints appeared to be very fresh and it provoked me a lot. I nervously search around those fresh footprints in circle and hope to find which direction the guy was heading. This method works every time in tracking animal but this time it failed. I only found other old footprints on ground and those very fresh footprints scattered here and there among those old footprints. Is the person were jumped out from thin air and magically teleport to elsewhere?

I do have a successful experience in tracking another human and it is totally different from this time. In the previous encounter, the human was walking more or less linear, just like animals. And this time, the human is apparently walking in circle like a drunk, stepping in a around 10*10 zoom in tiles area again and again, occasionally leave some tracks outside the central mess but eventually return to the center.

I am starting to wander if tracking on human footprints somehow bugged. Or maybe just my real life tracking skill check failed? lol

Off-topic / Re: Check out orange1's let's play
« on: August 04, 2020, 06:49:11 AM »
I love this game but I think it is not really a game for producing a let's play series - unless you don't mind the views. The art style, confusing (at first glances) UI & control, hardcore elements, lack of lore and planned exciting plots (the story is generated and felt by the players, but the viewer might not able to catch up or feel the same), all of these aspects make it very demanding for both youtubers and his/her audiences. Let's play series normally last 10-30 mins and in half an hour you can't even track an elk if you're unlucky, and if you're extremely unlucky, you got one shot in eye in just a few turns. The immersive process is fun for the players but for those simply watching, unless they're URW players, I don't think they will find it very entertaining to watch. GL to orange1 through.

Suggestions / Re: A "get lost!" button?
« on: August 04, 2020, 06:22:20 AM »
You can throw a glove in his face, which would probably make him angry enough to fight you...

Haha, that sounds reasonable. But no, even throw a rotten grouse egg into his face it would only turn into a death battle, and I personally don't want anyone get seriously injured or died. What I would want is a function to challenge others into some kind of duel, preferably unarmed (which also makes this skill finally useful?) to avoid either of the sides get into life-threatening situation. It's like you being the robber - Engage in conversation, if npc denied the demand, a fight begin and the winner can throw the loser's unconscious body to several kms away.

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