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Stories / Best start ever!
« on: August 17, 2019, 12:30:11 AM »

Mod Releases / Merry Christmas! ...tree
« on: December 24, 2018, 10:47:25 PM »
Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas time.

Here's a little widget for a Christmas tree, replaces fire as fire allows for action in the lights.
The file Xfire.png (attached) needs to be renamed fire.png Be sure to rename / save the original fire.png file

Mod Releases / The Massive menu Module
« on: August 09, 2018, 06:48:39 PM »
A blank template, which is easily editable by whoever chooses.
It seems to create a large amount of real estate. Here's the jist;

Defines the additional 18 (eighteen (19 with z)) unused default menu space allocations.
Defines location for up to 25 items/tasks/crafts per menu

This layout provides for all base menus and items to be unchanged while adding a logical
format to add 18 top level menus each with up to 25 tasks

That's up to 450 items/tasks that can be added with some level of order.

Here's how it works;
Placing the menudef file (menudef_priv-maxmake.txt) in the unrealworld directory will enable all 25 top level menus.
All the new menus will be blank until you place a task at the line in the associated menu
file. You can open the menudef_priv-maxmake.txt file and add // in front of any line to hide it.

//Here's how I see it working. Using a clip from the menudef_priv-maxmake.txt
//and from the diy_menu-a.txt files;
//Game Used letters BCLTRUW
.Menu a. -A- *MAKE*



.Menu a Item 1.

.Menu a Item 2.

.Menu a Item 3.

//Renaming the line in menudef_priv-maxmake.txt
.Menu a. -A- *MAKE* -> to -> .My Items. -A- *MAKE*

//This will change the top level menu display to My Items
//In the diy_menu-a.txt file change eg;
[SUBMENU_START:Menu a] -> to -> [SUBMENU_START:My Items]

.Menu a Item 1. -> to -> paste a valid recipe over this line

.Menu a Item 2.
[SUBMENU_END:Menu a] -> to -> [SUBMENU_END:My Items]

.Firing pot. "Wooden cup" [effort:3] [phys:arms,one-armed] [noquality] *TIMBERCRAFT* /90/ %20% |-1| [patch:4]
{Birch-bark} [remove] [patchwise]
{Block of wood} [remove] [patchwise]
{Axe} <Carving axe>

.Menu a Item 2.

//Setting the [SUBMENU_START, and [SUBMENU_END lets the game know the menu display name
// and boundaries.
//Overwriting ".Menu a Item 1." with a valid recipe will make the task appear on
//the sub menu.

//The submenu ".Menu" named tasks will not populate until a valid recipe in put in.
//Your configured menus should survive UnRealWorld update(s) as no original files or names are used or changed.

Mod Releases / Finally We have Fish cuts !!
« on: June 29, 2018, 08:04:02 AM »
Just something I've wanted for a loooong time.

Code: [Select]
.Clean fish. "Pike" [effort:1] [noquality] [phys:arms,one-armed]  *FISHING*  /30/ %10% |-2| [patch:5]
{Raw fish}      #1#     [remove] [name:%s cut] [patchwise]
{Knife}  '+for chopping and cleaning'

All cuts set to 1 lb of pike.
Names should be of original fish.
Fish cuts of the same type will stack for drying, smoking.
If you use less than 1 lb of a type of fish mixed clean fish will be created.

The attached file diy_fcuts.txt has this code in game format that will automatically use the "Lumber" section for the menu
simply download and copy the text file into the URW directory to install.

Have fun

** ! Warning !
** This mod may not be suited for everyone.
** The topics are a bit gruesome by URW standards.
** This mod creates standing size training dummies
** You can now train your weapon combat skills
** without throwing your weapon
** Gather the pieces, enlist the help of a goddess
** and Build your own weapon skill dummy
** Download is currently available below

The Finnish goddess of death and decay
Her name meaning "The Stench of Corpses"
Her favorite places to linger are graveyards and cemeteries;
Some say that she moves on a vehicle of odors, much like a puff of smoke.

Kalma has tried many times before to tempt the peoples of the UnReal World,
It seemed that the blessings she had offered in exchange, for a
few mere corpses, fell short of of tempting their morality.

She decided instead to enlist the Njerpez as surely she could tempt the army she needed.
So she left the UnReal world for peoples of the East. Slowly her hatred of these people grew
over time. Even their sacrifices were few and pathetic, if only there were something she could
offer that might tempt the peoples of the UnReal World. She would use them to exact her revenge.

Long she pondered until this day, the day UnReal World itself changed.
This new world now allowed her to offer a great prize.
One that any true warriors could not pass by.
Surely now the living would line up to send her the dead!

Now she must fine tune her plan before swaying the peoples.


It now appears that corrupted souls under the promise of great strength, are now in league and
helping Kalma put all the "pieces" of her plan into reality.

Kalma is confident that her plan will deal so harsh a blow to the Njerpez that soon
all the missed offerings will be a distant memory, as may soon be the Njerpez peoples.

Kalma is making an open offering to a few elite warriors, to accept her blessing (early) to be sure that nothing in her plan has been mislaid.
The path to her blessing is long and covered in blood, but if you think are up to the challenge of feeding a God, please contact this mortal.

*NOTE* I've included both the dummies so you can decide for yourselves if you play it.
Dummy A is used by default (less gore) and is dummy1.png
Dummy B is also in the download (not used by default) and is dummy2.png
Which ever one is named "dummy1.png" will be used by the mod.

Mod Releases / Chicken coop for the homestead
« on: May 13, 2018, 07:01:15 PM »

Bird Coop
Get eggs at home
Simple little mod that adds the ability to get eggs at home. You need some wood parts, and (5) eggs to try to hatch. The set timer is 45 days, after that you can get eggs.
Being at the coop and feeding your birds will result in eggs. The only control mechanism is the amount of raw feed. It just didn't feel like home without a coop.

The tasks are listed under the lumber menu and use timbercraft and cooking skills for building and harvesting respectively.

Mod Releases / Fish Farmer module v3.5
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:23:24 PM »

 The fish farmer module v3.5
Allows you to gather and raise your own fish for food and profit.

Mod Releases / Bees, hives and mead brewing v3.5
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:09:16 PM »
 Wild bee hives, honey and mead brewing module v.3.5

Mod Releases / Wood stacks for firewood drying v3.5
« on: March 22, 2018, 06:58:00 PM »
 Firewood stacking and drying mod v.3.5

Stories / Winter tales {What Blooms In Winter} repost
« on: March 14, 2018, 12:20:42 AM »
           {What Blooms In Winter}

 Bjern, an orphan raised by an old trapper, has only an old shovel left of the man he called father.

It was a cold spring day when Bjern found himself alone in the wilds. For days he wondered looking for a promising location with wild food, water and a chance for big game.
Bjern finally settled in a northern spot just on the edge of Owl Tribe territory. On the southern tip of a small finger lake Bjern setup a small shelter and began to build some trap fence as he had been taught. Within days any food he had was long a memory and the world's bounty had not yet begun to ripen. With little knowledge and his spear Bjern needed to catch a fish. After a day of failure splashing around like a trapper in water, a lone pike made the mistake of coming in range of his spear. As the large fish was roasting next to Bjern's shelter he was able to, for a moment breathe a calm breath.

With a sound southern fence build Bjern set about to add pit traps, working long hours in the hope of catching his share of any early season migrations. Starvation was Bjern's constant companion as he splashed around spearing the water every few days in an effort to last one more day. Bjern hung his hope on the lone trap line. He had been taught that without a cellar any good size kill would largely spoil and be wasted. Bjern set about collecting the needed items to construct the cellar. Few things are as hollow a new empty cellar, but Bjern needed to stay focused, sleeping had become a chore as his hunger woke him through the nights. With starvation lowering all his efforts Bjern knew he still needed to build a more permanent shelter. One that would allow him to smoke large game and provide the promise of future meals.

For days Bjern cut down trees, hauled them to the site and prepared logs. Now desperate for food and with nothing to trade Bjern used some small trees to craft a group of clubs. With clubs in hand Bjern began to explore, looking for any signs of a settlement. Within a day two small Owl Tribe settlements were in sight. As it was an unusual hour Bjern decided to rest in the small shelter provided by the town before making introductions. The Owl tribe were pleasant people with a great number of furs to trade in this early season but only a few dried squirrel cuts of food were available. Bjern quickly bargained for 5 squirrel cuts and headed back to his settlement. Though small the dried squirrel cuts eased his starvation a bit.

After several more days and a few trips to town for cooked meat, finally the corner posts for the smoke house were in place. While finishing the south eastern corner Bjern herd a snort just west of the construction site. Moving around the sound to the north then west Bjern sighted a large stag drinking just north of his south fence. Heading south and making a racket Bjern managed to scare the stag into one of the pit traps. Bjern quickly skinned and butchered the stag. It was then that his elation was brought back to reality. No smoker, no cord and 370 fresh stag cuts.

Bjern dropped the meat into the cellar and began the tanning process on the rough skin. Taking a moment to roast the 3 lb of stag fat in the hope it would provide him the energy to finish the smokehouse before the cuts start to turn. After two days the smoker is still one wall and one fireplace short of being usable. Checking the cellar Bjern's heart sank when he found 370 stale cuts sitting on the floor. Not willing to loose the whole stag Bjern set a tree trunk aflame and spent hours roasting the cuts, once roasted he immediately dropped them back in the cellar.

Now finished with the smoker and a ragged stag fur to cord Bjern can breathe and eat roast stag like there is no tomorrow. Now time became a different sort of adversary. Scooping up 50 roast cuts Bjern set out to the East in search for a second fence site. About 6 km away he found a promising location with spruce surrounded by pine forest. With no concern about food, it took only a couple days work and sleeping under the stars to finish the second trap line. Returning home it was clear that some of these cuts might be appreciated by Bjern's neighbors. Though the roast cuts carry little value, they are far less valuable once spoiled. Taking 100 cuts Bjern went to town and bartered them for some more dried meat and a couple small pelts.

On the first return to the second trap line, one pit was sprung. Hoof prints staggering off to the south. Within an hour Bjern stood next to a slightly injured, dead elk. Blood loss must have been it's undoing. Bjern Skinned the elk, butchered it and wrapped the meat in the hide to carry home. The first 180 elk cuts were set to smoking. Now the future looks bright.
















General Discussion / How old is your oldest survivor poll?
« on: January 14, 2018, 07:49:53 PM »
Just curious about peoples game play

Off-topic / Happy Birthday JEB Davis!
« on: August 04, 2017, 07:24:56 AM »

 Hope you have a great day @JEB Davis !

Off-topic / Balance
« on: July 18, 2017, 08:53:02 PM »

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