Blunt arrow

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Blunt arrow
Blunt arrow.png
Basic Info
Trade Value: 4
Flammable: Yes
Burn Duration:
Combat Information
Skill Required:
Blunt Damage:
Edge Damage: N/A
Point Damage: N/A
Attack Bonus: None
Defense Bonus: None
Crafting Information
Skills Required: Carpentry
Tools Required: Knives
Ingredients: Branch, Tying equipment,
3 Feather
Craft Time:
Finish Time:

A blunt arrow, with a blunt wooden arrowhead, is used for hunting purposes, specifically when the hunter wants to prevent damage to the skin or fur of the animals they're shooting at. Blunt arrows can knock hard into smaller animals, but they don't deal as much damage as arrows with arrowheads.


This is one of two arrow types craftable by the player, the other type being the ordinary Arrow with a simple stone arrowhead.

Crafting requirements

1 x Branch
3 x Feather
Tying equipment
A knife


Quality scale from worst to best: curved, rough, decent, fine, superior

Blunt arrows of the worst quality (curved) are not accepted for trading while bartering.

"Decent" (i.e. average) quality is not indicated by name in-game, and is considered default.

URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes the blunt arrow thusly:

An arrow with a blunt head used to hunt small game without damaging the hide. Blunt arrows have a large club shaped heads and the whole arrow is usually carved from one piece of wood. Blunt arrow impact can be enough to kill fragile animals immediately, but their ability to knock animals unconscious is just as effective in order to obtain undamaged hides. Blunt arrows are rarely used to shoot anything bigger than a fox as the impact doesn't hurt larger animals that much - unless they are shot to joints or head from a close distance.


See also

  • Arrow - Common, craftable arrow, with a stone arrowhead. General purpose arrow for hunting and self-defence.
  • Broadhead arrow - Rarer, non-craftable (but tradeable) arrow, with an iron or steel broad arrowhead. Capable of cutting impacts, causing bleeding wounds. Useful for hunting, and especially for combat against less-armoured enemies.