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Basic Info
Cultures: All
Weight: 1
Trade Value: 160
Flammable: No
Required By: "Käpälälauta"-fox trap, Arrow, Blunt arrow, Fur Footwear, Fur Leggings, Fur Shirt, Fur cap, Fur cloak, Fur footwear, Fur hood, Fur leggings, Fur mittens, Fur overcoat, Grainflail, Juniper Bow, Leather belt, Leather cap, Leather cuirass, Leather forearm guards, Leather leggings, Leather shin guards, Leather shirt, Leather shoes, Light lever trap, Pine Tree, Shortbow, Skin, Skis, Slender Tree Trunk, Slender tree trunk, Small deadfall trap, Stone Axe, Wooden bowl, Wooden cup, Wooden mug
Combat Information
Skill Required: Knife
Blunt Damage: 0
Edge Damage: 2
Point Damage: 4
Attack Bonus: Very Little
Defense Bonus: Very Little

Daggers are knives used mainly for stabbing (Point damage). The combat skill named for them effects the damage caused daggers and all other knife-type weapons. They are easily concealed and are popular amongst assassins and thieves, but not the best one-handed weapon choice in a straightforward battle.

While the dagger can be used as a cutting weapon in many tasks and crafts, it is intended for a more violent lifestyle.