Carpentry (Skill)

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Carpentry (Skill)
Carpentry (Skill).png
Basic Info
Required By: Arrow, Blunt arrow, Grainflail, Paddle, Shortbow, Ski stick, Skis, Wooden Shovel, Wooden Stake, Wooden bowl, Wooden cup, Wooden mug

Carpentry is a fairly useful skill. It affects how well you will make items out of wood. It is used for making these things: shortbow, arrow, blunt arrow, grainflail, wooden cup, wooden bowl, paddle, skis, and ski stick.

Previously it was best trained by making blunt arrows, but as of version 3.20 making these require feathers and cord, so the best thing to make for training is probably now paddles.

Shortbow and skis have the best multiplier for gaining a skill but they both require a lot of time and raw materials that are not cheap. Even though the paddle recipe doesn't have a skill up multiplier (it is 0 instead of 2), you can make more than 4 paddles in the time it takes to make a shortbow/skis and you don't need cord(s) or 4 lb of animal fur (as in the case of skis).