Slender tree trunk

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Slender tree trunk
Slender tree trunk.png
Basic Info
Weight: 50 lbs
Trade Value: 0
Flammable: Yes
Burn Duration:
Required By: Club, Juniper Bow, Light lever trap, Sesta, Ski stick, Small deadfall trap, Staff, Trap pit
Crafting Information
Skills Required:
Tools Required: Axes, Knives
Prefers: {{{prefers}}}
Ingredients: Slender Spruce Tree and Other Young Trees
Craft Time:
Finish Time:

A slender tree trunk is one of the wooden raw materials for construction and crafting in UnReal World.

Acquiring the resource

A slender tree trunk is acquired by cutting down young trees. This can be done using a knife or an axe and the Timbercrafting skill. Each young tree will yield 3-5 slender tree trunks.


A slender trunk weighs 50 lbs. A strong player character may pick up (,) and carry slender tree trunks instead of slowly hauling them (m).

Uses in construction

In construction, a slender tree trunk is used for the following structures:

Item Type Needed
Cellar Storage 6 slender tree trunks
Housing 8 slender tree trunks
Shelter Housing 3 slender tree trunks
Floor and ceiling
in a Wooden Building
Housing 2 slender tree trunks
Light lever trap Trap 1 slender tree trunk
Small deadfall trap Trap 2 slender tree trunks
Big deadfall trap Trap 8 slender tree trunks
Heavy deadfall bear trap Trap 3 slender tree trunks

Uses in crafting

In crafting, a slender tree trunk is used for the following tools and weapons:

Item Type Needed
Club Weapon / Tool 1 slender tree trunk
Juniper Bow Ranged weapon 1 slender tree trunk
Sesta Transport tool 1 slender tree trunk
Ski stick Transport tool 1 slender tree trunk
(for a single stick)
Staff Tool / Weapon / Material 1 slender tree trunk
Wooden stake Material 1 slender tree trunk yields 6 to 8 wooden stakes.


See also

  • Tree trunk - The thicker equivalent produced by older trees felled by the player character.