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Basic Info
Cultures: All
Weight: 4 lbs
Trade Value: 2
Flammable: Yes
Burn Duration:
Required By: Javelin
Combat Information
Skill Required: Spear
Blunt Damage: 3
Edge Damage: N/A
Point Damage: N/A
Attack Bonus: Good
Defense Bonus: Decent
Crafting Information
Skills Required: Timbercraft
Tools Required: Cutting Weapon
Prefers: Axe
Ingredients: Slender Tree Trunk
Craft Time: approx. 20Mins
Finish Time:

The staff is the most basic spear weapon, capable of only weak blunt attacks.


While it can inflict minor bruises, poke holes in the ice and slap at fish, its primary use is in crafting.


A simple wooden pole, the staff is a common item used to make many other things.

In the crafting menu, the staff is listed under L - "Lumber".

Crafting requirements

It can quickly and easily be carved from a slender tree trunk using a cutting weapon. The best tool for this task is a handaxe.

URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes the staff thusly:

Just a wooden staff usually about three feet long.