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It is quite bad that you cannot use a paddle to defend yourself since the paddle is the weapon of choice for any fisherman. If the player's character is wielding a paddle it is even worse, because taking off the paddle to equip a weapon will waste a whole turn while the attacker can still go on. On the other hand you can fight with something like a rock which isn't exactly a weapon, but you cannot fight with a paddle which has a much longer range and tends to be a better club than a rock.

This seems to be quite irrealistic.


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Same goes for a shovel.

I suspect it's about balancing the tool vs weapon areas in the inventory.


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In Cataclysm:DDA any object in the game can be used as a weapon to greater or lesser effect.  One of the more entertaining things to do is to beat a zombie to death with a cheese sandwich, a pair of socks, or a dildo.  I think it makes a lot of sense to be able to wield any object as a weapon, though of course you should get rather large penalties trying to bludgeon a Njerp with a dead grouse or a pail of milk.

JEB Davis

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And yes, we should be able to cut down the largest tree in the forest with... an herring!


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Yes, I would love this feature. In many occasions I have needed a close range weapon and found I had only a bow and a paddle equipped. Also, It makes sense.


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Love paddles as weapons cause you carry one more often, but shovels would be way more badass improvised weapons, all three attack characteristics, at least for the metal ones...
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When I'm finished with the mod I'm currently working on, I've been considering adding some new tools which perform multiple roles (but not as well as specialized single-purpose tools) if I can figure out how to do it.  For instance, an adze which would be both broad axe and shovel, but doesn't count as a sharp tool for harvesting and makes a poor weapon.  Or a shoulder saw which acts as a woodsman's axe and carving axe.  Or a mattock which can be used as a good two-handed weapon, but also acts as a splitting axe.  And so on.  I like the idea of being able to mix-and-match tools according to need, preference, skill, and weight.


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all three attack characteristics, at least for the metal ones...

google "chinese army shovel".

we need that.