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Character Dementia Just had as close to character dementia as can be experienced in a video game.

Finished my cabin... built the sleeping bunk, and pushed all my lovely furs onto it to make it as cozy as possible. Woke up the next morning, and went out to the woods to cut timber for javelins. Came home to no furs.

Searched absolutely everywhere.. "Where would I have put them?!?!". I've never seen my own life so accurately represented as I frantically searched my entire camp ("WOULD I HAVE PUT THEM IN THE CELLAR?!?!").

Then it occurred to me. The cow. Yup... apparently in my exhaustion, having finished my cabin, I loaded all my furs on the cow, pushed it off the bed, and then went to sleep. I love this game.

August 05, 2017, 04:14:13 AM
Re: Type of breed the dogs in URW are? That's really interesting. It'd be neat in later development to see some breed diversions (even though breeds are a mostly modern idea). I guess it would really be like dogs having their own skills, and the player being able to emphasize certain skills in training (coursing, pointing, tracking, guarding), with the dogs inherent characteristics tempering the result.

I wonder if Samoyed-like dogs were among the Sami. I remember reading an article once that argued they were purpose bred to be warm, and snugly for cold nights hah.

August 05, 2017, 07:00:34 AM
Re: Character Dementia Sometimes I forget to close the door.
Cow comes in entirely of its own free-will.
It's all very consensual.... officer.

August 10, 2017, 02:39:49 AM
Re: Kaumolaiset to drik Board makeing GET RICH FAST
I don't really see the point in this approach. If you want to be rich, instead of grinding your way trough boards and living off milk, just mod the game and turn rocks into expensive things.

Although I see why it may feel pointless to work the game to "get rich quick", I definitely think some people need to feel in control of a game when they are first starting out, just to learn the basics. Pseudo-exploits (board trading, smoking in saunas, pit-trapping villages) will stop some people from getting frustrated and quitting before they get into it, so I think a guide like this is cool.

I know, one day, I will take the training wheels off and make a character who sucks at fishing and manages to survive the early game. One day...

Edit: Added quote.

August 12, 2017, 05:39:49 AM
Re: Culture Poll
The two favourites I picked are mostly for their role-playing value.

Seal Tribe:
I, also, enjoy how the northern tribes transcend just Finland and can feel very much like northern indigenous cultures throughout the arctic (URW has inspired me to start designing a game in my free-time set in North America's northern plains/parkland/boreal forest, early fur trade era, largely for that reason). The seal tribe is my favourite in that regard because of their mixed food-base (ocean, big game, small game). They are also conveniently located, if using rafts/punts, to make voyages to the south for fancier supplies. I have to admit, I think I also just like playing as far away from the Njerps as possible.

They are good enough in a lot of areas, but I really just enjoy their description from the game. Makes me think of them as very clannish, and I enjoy that from an role-playing perspective.

Honourable Mentions:

Kuikka: It's sad to see they don't have votes yet. I like them for a lot of the same reasons as the Seal Tribe, but I also really enjoy their placement. It's fun travelling a bunch of the world by rivers and big lakes, (unsuccessfully) hunting lake birds and fishing for salmon. They feel so far away from it all in an endless sea of trees, lakes, and bogs.

Reemi: They just have a lot of strengths in areas I make characters for (building skills especially). My most successful characters tend to be Reemi or Kiesse.

August 31, 2017, 06:02:52 AM
Wild Animals in Villages With a previous character (RIP), I had a really crazy experience with one village. It was a village I had lots of dealings with, and I had noticed wolves on the zoomed out map in their area before. One day, I went to the village and heard fighting sounds... a pack of wolves had jumped their fences and killed every one of their reindeer. When I showed up at the battle lines I managed to kill one wolf before the rest fled, leaving dead reindeer and villagers in their wake. I, ahem, helped clean up the carcasses. I went back a couple days later and found them in the midst of battle again... my arrival caused the wolves to flee but their shaman, and possibly many others, were missing.

I hired an NPC from the village (their only able-bodied man left), as well as another NPC from a nearby village, and started a kind of Iron-Age CSI episode ("who's afraid of the big bad wolf", taking off my sunglasses to a Who song). We set up traps, followed tracks, and generally hung out guarding the village. Almost every night the wolves would attack again, generally luring me one direction, then assaulting another. One night I sent one of my henchmen against a wolf, when two others attacked from the opposite side. The henchman disappeared.

Bit by bit we managed to kill the wolves off, though hilariously two children and a maiden had been horribly crippled in attacks and laid around the south side of the village for the rest of the game. They never got better, but I periodically brought them food ("How's it going?", "Mustn't Grumble. That's what the adults tell me", said the horribly brutalized orphan).

After it was over, I explored a little in the woods a few squares beyond the village, finding stacks of dead villager clothing (and presumably my henchman's), but no bodies.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? How do NPC's react to animals generally? I've chased reindeer into villages, but I don't think the villagers ever reacted. They definitely seemed to take on aggressive animals quite readily, though this is the only time I've seen it.

Edit: Another weird part of the story. Before the attacks I did a message quest for one of their villagers where I took a message to a vagabond village. Shortly after the attacks began. The guy who gave me the message wasn't around any more, so I assumed he had died. Later on, I found him living in the vagabond village... I highly suspect his involvement.

September 06, 2017, 07:45:53 AM
Re: Choose the starting Culture based on skills

Sure, but every Owl knows to bring a reindeer or two with him when out hunting, and make temporary shelters where to leave it :)

I actually either directly leave the meat to dry where the elk died (so many bogs in the north, no lack of water to make a temporary shelter to process the skin and dry the meat), or even just push it on a tree for later collection.

That, at least for me, is one of the big challenges in playing a pure hunter -- thinking like a nomad. There's absolutely no reason to not go far afield with a reindeer carrying cords and supplies, set up a shelter, a kota frame for drying, and process meat on the spot. Except for remembering to go back and get the dried meat. For some reason, I always get caught in the trap of "gotta get home... gotta get this home... then everything will be good". Sometimes I think the game needs a good built-in scheduling app to remind when things are done drying, when nets should be grabbed, etc. But yes, thinking like a nomad is the challenge and the true pleasure in that kind of character.

September 07, 2017, 02:07:14 AM
Re: Wild Animals in Villages
i'm pretty sure there are werewolves lurking about. twice i've gone to intercept a vagabond on the morld map, and zoomed in to wolf tracks and no sign of humans... and a strange adventurer was hanging around when wolves attacked my homestead. it's the only explanation!

Werewolves makes a lot of sense! That hadn't occurred to me. The message quests always feel very nefarious but I never know what, if any, outcome happens. It makes me wonder if you could strategically direct bears towards villages... maybe there's some arcane secret ritual I haven't discovered yet where you could summon one. That'd be pleasant.

September 07, 2017, 03:04:05 AM
Re: Feed the Njerpez Foundation needs your donations! Just look at little Igor. He's only had 3 elk cuts in the last week. And you can help him for the price of only one squirrel hide a day.

September 08, 2017, 03:12:31 AM
Re: Just Wow It is a phenomenal game. You'll also quickly learn that the community is just as awesome, so pop by any time.

You aren't the only one who has done this.  My first character died in the same way and I realized there was no save* or reload built into the game.  I thought, crap, this game just got real. 

*There are ways around this, but the reality that a character might die changes how you act when you: consider provoking a wandering bear, encounter a pack of wolves, agree to hunt down a band of thieves, or try to steal from a village.

This is definitely the core thing that makes the game so different. My characters are almost always too cowardly (or I am) to go confront njerps alone, so you end up doing things like gathering up NPCs to deal with threats, or even abandoning a trap fence until things seem less scary.

September 13, 2017, 11:45:49 PM