How did you discover UnReal World?

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« Reply #15 on: May 23, 2017, 01:15:25 PM »
I remember searching the internet for an indepth survival game, this was probably around 2011-13 when the survival genre got a massive reboot. Most of the games I was finding were pretty under developed and I didn't really like them. I then found this game on a reddit post, someone was looking for a wilderness survival game and this game was recommended.


« Reply #16 on: May 29, 2017, 08:29:24 PM »
Oh dear... I have no idea, though I clearly remember 2.80 coming out and me being all excited about it so I must have found out about UrW around 2002-2003 ...

It's been 15 years already  :o
We are getting younger!

« Reply #17 on: June 03, 2017, 10:17:21 PM »
It was 2010 when I first heard of it via watching it on a youtubers channel. I found it interesting, but not enough to play it myself. A few years later I have decided to try it myself, and I have found myself playing on and off again. Honestly, I mostly use it as inspiration of a fantasy setting than anything else.

Still the game is fun and I really want to get around to modding, adding possible endgame content.


« Reply #18 on: June 10, 2017, 08:49:47 AM »
Plus one for rock paper shotgun. At the time I read the site quite often, and I still remember the fairly short news talking about this game going free.


« Reply #19 on: June 11, 2017, 12:53:17 AM »
The most likely place where I found out about URW would've been on the Haven & Hearth forums. My village group disbanded after a world reset so I was looking around for a roguelike I could get comfortable with. I've been playing since version 3.17


« Reply #20 on: June 20, 2017, 09:12:16 PM »
Steam. I'm fan of games such is Unreal World...
In my youth days I liked playing Sid Meier's Pirates.  8)


« Reply #21 on: July 08, 2017, 06:39:26 AM »
I was an active reader of "The Escapist" and they ran this feature:



« Reply #22 on: August 27, 2017, 07:42:14 PM »

It must've been at least ten or so plus years now. Found Unreal World by searching for a game called Notrium, I think the spelling is correct?, back before they had zones in that game. So it must have been around 2003 or 2004. Can't remember further back. It was before the red boxes got removed from the zoomed in view and some sounds weren't there, when dead animals just flipped over. Been playing ever since then and it is still the first game I install after a clean format. I have also recommended it to many friends and they also still actively play. (My memory might be lying to me though)

PS: Sitting around a fire roasting marshmellows and telling each other all the stories and adventures that you've been on is a great way to spend time outside of the game.

- Steve


« Reply #23 on: September 19, 2017, 03:54:07 PM »
Really can't remember how i found the game at first... but found the receipt for lifetime registration dating back to 29th june 2007. ;D

Still playing it from time to time ;)


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It was somehow related to Dwarf Fortress but I can't remember if I read about it on the forums or if Toady One mentioned Unreal World in some interview/update first...


« Reply #25 on: October 29, 2017, 11:56:01 PM »
Well, let's see. Wow.

It's been on my Steam wishlist for half of forever. I discovered it on Steam at some point, wishlisted it and then downloaded the free version of the game a long time ago (I know this because I found it sitting on my hard drive yesterday). For some reason I never got around to playing it. So the game went on sale on Steam but I'm  holding off because I'm in between paydays, so I re-downloaded and reinstalled the free version and just started playing it yesterday.

I have mixed feelings.

Of course as a newbie I had to take it slow and learn things, so I wound up spending most of yesterday working my way through the "Easy Power Start" guide on Steam. I was about 3/4 of the way through that (had most of the decent tools I needed to start working efficiently) when I returned to one of my shelters only to be robbed and left for dead by a bunch of bandits.

So, back to no weapons and barely any tools (they even took the pig I started the game with!) and with the added fun of having to drop most of my stuff just so I could limp around and try to recoup. I was definitely feeling the pain of having about half a days' worth of gaming sucked down the drain. I know, I know, most of you power players and master survivalists probably have a fully furnished base somewhere with about three sets of tools you can grab 'just in case', but I wasn't there yet.

I almost abandoned my effort and just started a new game on the spot. Almost. For some reason, I kept playing. It was probably morbid curiosity, some vague desire to see exactly how grim would be the end of my first character. I didn't see how she could possibly keep going after that catastrophe. But she did.

She went on to recover from all of her wounds, discovering several more Driikalis villages in the process. She survived to complete the basic course and is about to finish her survey of the Driikalis territory now. She doesn't have all of her best tools back yet, but I managed to locate a village that sells most of them and other than that I'd say she is well recovered from the bandit takeover of her shelter. She even has a dog now. 8)

I wouldn't necessarily say that I discovered UnReal World. It almost seems rather that UnReal World discovered me.


« Reply #26 on: November 03, 2017, 03:24:33 PM »
It was somehow related to Dwarf Fortress but I can't remember if I read about it on the forums or if Toady One mentioned Unreal World in some interview/update first...

Same for me, was coming off a DF binge and wanted something with a similar feel, but more relaxing gameplay.
If I remember correctly google lead me to some UnReal World articles, probably the Escapist or Rock Paper Shotgun ones mentioned earlier.

Sidenote: the atmosphere heavily contributed to me taking up hiking as a hobby, turns out Hungary has some beautiful sites :)


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Bought it on steam when new, rage quit 32 mins in never refunded decided I wanted to try again last weekend watched lets play videos learned basics, love it, now recruiting others to play. We play together on discord sharing stories and me helping them out since I got 30 more hours in game then them and watched like 8 hours of videos on it lol But even then I am learning from them like one friend died one time only at the start to a bear on the hunter accident start, now he is still on char 2 got most hist first cabin done, and I went through like 3 guys who died, and gave up and went back to my old guy before i played with them that just did his first 2x2 and finished his first trap fence on choke point.

But teaching me now lol, like the levor traps I thought were useless we all complained about the birds flying by getting that "you spot something you wish to abort your task?" he would always stop and chuck a javelin at them. And now he is getting gamey putting up lever traps for them. I can't lie I did that where I was making a 3 world tile long trap fence, now realize a better spot was below me about 5 tiles with a one tile choke point. Anyways I set up like one every 20 tiles or so on local map because its summer time and I see them all over while I am digging my holes for trap pits and making trap fences, not only did I kill 2 of them, I caught a rabbit with one, I never even saw a rabbit in this game till now lol. Best part no bait needed, I didn't see that till I hit f1 to confirm it. So now that is my stable I got them near by cabin so I can come back from work on the trap fence, and cross fingers the birds that keep leaving feathers all over my island get caught.


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« Reply #28 on: November 26, 2017, 12:43:32 PM »
I was actively looking for a turn-based survival game.  One preferably without such silliness as zombies, or a post-apocalyptic theme. 
This game is just about as close as I've been able to find.  I was looking for something that was as realistic as possible for someone in a wilderness survival situation, and the real-life resources and survival techniques.
I've very much enjoyed this game.  If anyone knows of any other similar games, I would love to see them, or hope that the next release of this game comes out and is even more realistic as possible.


« Reply #29 on: January 01, 2018, 01:24:07 PM »
Thats exactly what i wanted to tell you about, because its obvious how huge amount of work is behind this game and even most potencial fans have no chance to find it without accident..

I was trying to mod The Long Dark to finaly get what i wanted from it (less wildlife and less loot mostly), then i got pissed of and typed "hardcore survival game" to google.
I knew there has to be a lot of people which want such a game in the world..

And i found this via some forums about survival games. This is really strange, i would play it for years now, but didn't know it even exists..
I played a lot of survivals and always was bored by how developers are trying to have the game more accesible (The Long Dark, 7 days to die). I didn't even try to buy games like Rust, or Ark, because i was part of 7d community and i knew they started to turn the game to be easier because of sale success of these both games. Major people unfortunatelly want buying easy games..

I played even games which were influented by this obviously (NEO scavenger).
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