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Re: Kotas You can build a kota as big as you want if you build a lot of frames and have enough fur/hides for walls/flooring.

In my diagram, I put a box around the tiles representing the dimensions of a one-square interior kota and x is the tile you build the frame on. I colored the floor sections in grey and walls in orange. You'll need to build your frames apart by 1 or 2 tiles depending on the dimensions you want and all you need to do is build walls at the outside edges of the frames. I remember seeing somebody's picture of their livestock kota fence on one of the pages on the old forum's What's Going On In Your Unreal World? thread. It's a really good idea because predators can't break kota walls.
Edit: This is the post I was thinking:

November 25, 2017, 03:20:57 AM
Re: Vegan characters? If your farm plot is away from your homestead, I recommend setting up a cellar on site and stock it up with fish or something before getting to work. I generally like preparing plot squares of 6x6, but it definitely takes time to clear away trees for the space. I think 36 tiles is the most possible you can prepare at once before the ashes disappear after two days. 3 branches is the minimum needed to start a fire and adjacent tiles are guaranteed to light up. Since preparing plots is heavy work, you can reduce your fatigue by keeping your character naked and have in your inventory only food, a water skin, and a shovel. Your character's warmth status will be sweating because of the ashes, but there currently aren't mechanics that involve moisture.

Turnips are a crop you can maximize with two plantings within a year if you can start the crop early enough, and the Njerp cooking mod boosts their nutrition potential with a roasted turnip recipe. But I guess you might not want to use milk for the mashed turnip recipe. Still, having cattle can help to move the higher yields made possible when your agriculture skill improves enough.

Barley and rye are the grain crops and will be most efficiently processed with a scythe and flail, but if you don't have them by harvest time then any cutting tool and a club will suffice. You can store the harvested Plant (that's the inventory category) indefinitely and won't have to worry about animals eating your crops. But birds can eat your grain Patches, so it helps to set up some traps on the perimeter of your farm or get a dog to scare them away. Sometimes cold weather prevents starting the spring planting soon enough before grain patches wither in the Fall month, but patches come back after withering and you can guarantee spring sprouts by planting a plot in late summer. Another benefit of autumn sowing is that your agriculture skill probably will be higher compared to when you start spring planting. See this thread for a discussion about calorie yields for flour. You'll see that it's better to avoid planting peas.

Sorrel can be threshed for leaves and seeds, but you can collect it in the wild from hills and mountains. It buffs appetite satisfaction as a seasoning herb and you only need one unit to improve your recipes. Bearpipe is also a useful plant to get your vigor status up when you have tasks you don't want to sleep through.

Hemp is a very handy crop if you get one of the sufficiency mods for weaving, but you might end up planting less since cords typically are used to prepare meat cuts. It still is a relatively nutrition-dense plant and has a higher yield than, for example, clayweed. Seeds can be ground into flour, and you can use hemp leaves as herb filler in the cooking recipes.

Training your herblore skill will help identify unknown mushrooms that can supplement your diet. If you're willing to 'grind' the skill, be sure to collect different herbs at your homestead so you can just pick up the whole bundle each day and use the keyboard shortcuts to examine your food inventory.

Berries have a longer shelf life than meat cuts, but they can still spoil in the cellar. Depending on what kind of berry, the time spent harvesting from a bush can become costly, so don't be in a hurry to harvest them as soon as they're ripe unless you plan to cook a lot. I like using them in the cheese mod, but again I don't know your attitude towards dairy livestock. You'll probably end up using berries to brew kvass for the okroshka soup on the Njerp recipe mod.

But if you do end up going for the cheese mod, I recommend using Stonelobber's Primitive World Mod for the clay pottery module to keep up with milking a dairy herd. Pot quality matters in cooking, but simply storing seeds in ugly pots won't hurt.

Check the Plants page on the wiki for nutritional information on herbs. Lake reed can be found at big lakes (bigger than one tile) and you can harvest a lot of it. It's not as nutritious as the grain crops, but you can make flour from the roots.

November 09, 2018, 11:59:12 PM
Re: Bear's teeth? You harvest teeth by activating a bear skull from your inventory under the tools section. I think each skull yields four units. You also get teeth from seal skulls the same way.
December 14, 2018, 09:07:32 PM
Re: Is there some way to grind your sword skill without actually fighting? There's a mod for that: Combat Training Dummies by Privateer

You build dummies out of njerp corpses, but I forget how many are required by the crafting recipes before you actually can start training. I think it's around 7.

August 04, 2019, 11:31:42 PM
Re: Is reindeer ranching feasible? Breeding animals hasn't been implemented yet, nor do reindeer provide milk. Only sheep and cows can be milked during the summer period.
June 23, 2020, 05:39:31 AM
Re: No leather from squirrels? In the [H]ideworking menu, you have to select the option to de-hair a furry skin. Keep in mind that squirrel leather won't have as high a trading value as squirrel furs and it will take a while to amass enough hides to make leather clothes.
July 06, 2020, 08:20:30 PM
Re: No leather from squirrels? In order to get skins, you need to do it from the hideworking menu before you start butchering.
July 06, 2020, 09:31:08 PM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? The last couple of messenger quests I received have sent me to vagabond villages with a single Driik resident. I initially thought that if I should meet one Driik then perhaps one-half of the population in town is Driik, but that wasn't true.

The messages exchanged between Boulderyclimb and Boulderland were: "The lake turned red" - "it is in the north"
From Passagesteep to Cloud wild: "The wind is raising" - "it is not ready yet"

July 29, 2020, 05:58:47 AM
Re: How to Sauna in the Finnish way? There's an article posted today on BBC Travel about Russian style sauna.
August 04, 2020, 03:24:02 AM
Re: Who were "Njerpez" ? The folk etymology I've taken up for the name breaks it down into нерпа + -ец = people of the ringed seal (genus Pusa), where the Russian word нерпа is cognate with Finnish norppa (species Pusa hispida). It's a bit funny, seeing that Seal-Tribe territory is on the opposite end of the map!

But I suppose there's no direct real world analogue for the njerpezit.

August 08, 2020, 10:53:51 PM