How did you discover UnReal World?

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I found it on a DVD that came with a german pc magazine in 2014 or 2015. In the beginning I had a hard time to cope with the keyboard driven gameplay, but I could not let it go, for there was - and still is - so much to discover in natures course, and life is so true.
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Found UrW on a BBS site, it sounds likes something nostalgic in early 90s. But no, it was in 2013.
UrW was v3.16 then IIRC. It was free to roast your dead Daddy on start-up lol.

I was enchanted with the opening theme music, and a game of Suomenusko background is totally something fresh to me.
Unreal World, hunting or being hunted. It's so simple and there're nothing much to do comparing to MINECraft of TES.
Yet I plays UrW more. Not a hero/lord in his mansion or castle, but a tribal vagabond just suits me.

BTW it's suprised to see that Ainu, indigenous people of northern Far East (mainly Sakhalin, RUS and Hokkaido, JP), use something similar to Käpälälauta as fox traps.
Amazing coincidence even though there're 7000+ kilometers apart from each other.

Thanks Sami, Erkka and people of Finland.


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It was one of the first indie/free games for linux ubuntu 10 on the ubuntu software manager in game section ... I did not play it for 1 year now, but I often feel the urge to go into the woods, my heart wants to return north as far as it was by the means of computer role play :)


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I found URW googling for RPG games.


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After reinstalling windows find out I dont have excess to drive which i didnt know was encrypted.
Decided to try a different OS and installed Ubuntu Hardy Heron, so it must be 2008.
With limited choice of games I found one with computer graphics and portraits of people in costumes. It also had keyboard control. It looked very original. I like games with gameplay over graphics. This one looked like more humanized version of Nethack.


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Not sure when I bought the game. Or where exactly I heard of it.
I got a remote recollection it was pre-1998 (as that’s when I graduated college and started my my military service)

Possibly from Mikrobitti or Pelit magazine. Or possibly an online website ???


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back in Ubuntu 10 and 12 times, it was one of the first Indie_games. It was even in the software center, as far as I remember, I tried a lot of games at that time and I got hooked with the magic of this one.

Thanks for supporting deb.



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Amongst the unidentified mushrooms I ate due to starvation and bear wounds whist ice fishing in Finland back in the day.


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Mandalore's review got me here.


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I marked "Steam", but specifically it was the from the 5-roguelike sale that I found it. 


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When searching infos in forum, I am quite surprised to found this development news: https://www.unrealworld.fi/forums/index.php?topic=1744.0
Did't realize this interview is years ago as I just saw it recently, and immediately been hooked and play the game since then.
Sadly there's no English translation, but the interview itself is quite in-depth and nicely wrote.


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i started playing UrW when i was 13 or 14.. im 30 in 3 months


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Can't really remember, it was back in 2006, but it was when I first started getting interested in bushcraft, survival, etc so I imagined I googled "best survival game" or something to that effect.


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My brother was playing the game maybe about 10 years ago. I remember he was dying alot. I was playing something else at the time, and forgot about UrW. A while a go he told me he had found the the game again and that it was now free to play. I decided to try it, and have been amazed how good the game is.

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