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Above you see my new bearskin rug and wall antler decorations.

Seeking ideas/suggestions for other decorative items that could be implemented.

I'm hoping to have enough to justify a single menu.

Some sort of flower wreath will be one. Perhaps more than one flower-y thing.


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 Not sure if any of these still align properly
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 Not sure if any of these still align properly


I like the images, the last one in particular. It's a bit anachronistic, since I don't think we'd be seeing glass, no? But I still like it. I'm torn.


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Replace glass bottles with wooden, and ceramic cups, and bottles.

Wall hung furs, later with fabrics becoming more accessible/affordable, hung wall cloths.
Search for “ryijy” in Finnish for inspiration pictures.
No idea if it were ever a thing, but wall mounted weapons would make sense. Keep them away from kids, out of any clutter or animals, yet readily available. (I often push warrior style character’s door frames with shields, swords, spears, axes. Whatever the characters uses)

Not an interior, nor decoration; but I’d like to see ‘seita’ which is sort of ‘totem’ a place for communing with spirits, leaving them gifts, asking for favorable harvest/hunt/catch and so on.


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A while ago I found the bench tile in someone's pre-v3.3 graphics pack on the old forum. I thought it was an excellent candidate for modular furniture, so I used it to replace some of the woodworking pieces in BAC but I'm posting them here without the mod's prefixes. (The bench can also represent a single shelf over a fireplace.)