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Re: Precautions against accidental fire setting
I found I've had to light arrows on fire though, to prevent myself from freezing to death.

This is why it's good they're valid kindling. Though maybe a confirmation for using crafted items would be worthwhile.

August 14, 2019, 09:57:38 PM
Re: Companions carrying?
Have you tried “Chat & deliver(give? Not on computer at the moment to verify)”?
If you give weapons to followers, and they use them in fight, they might not relinquish them later, other stuff you should be able to get back easily.

Ah, that's so easy! Worked like a charm, thanks!!

April 06, 2022, 01:50:23 AM
Re: [Tool] WhereIsMyRobber - a "Homeland Robbers" tedium remedy Geez I need this for wounded adventurer ugh
April 27, 2023, 03:44:46 PM
Re: Having trouble with trapping.
Sometimes we starve to death or succumb to the cold.  Happens to the best of us. 

Keep fighting while you can though, tomorrow you may get a lucky throw on an elk and cripple it.  Where there's hope...   :D

I build trap fences across bottlenecks between lakes or over peninsulas.  It sounds like you need food badly though, and traps are unlikely to get you it.  Go hunting.  Use javelins or rocks, or a bow if you have one.  Be persistent.  Never give up!

For that I've have to come across and elk, be close enough to throw, and make the throw ... oh and have the spare calories to make another javelin...

I don't think I've EVER caught an animal on foot that I've been hunting, I always loose them in the trees, and I NEVER have seen one in a mire or other open area. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

April 28, 2023, 12:06:41 AM
Re: Injured Adventurer
It seems on of your problems is that you don't (yet) recognize what heath looks like. If you look at your first image, I believe the tile about 7 tiles to the east is heath (trees on a yellowish ground cover).

In the same image you have a lake, and to the west of the lake you have a couple of hills with three tiles of heath surrounding them.

Yup, the heath description on the wiki did NOT help me here lol, thank you, that helped a lot. I eventually found it. Have no clue where the treasure he promised is, but hey lol I did the quest and that was nice.

April 28, 2023, 04:51:19 PM
Re: Roof Water Catcher

That Brygun here.

While there are a lot of water resources around you might want them on hand.

In terms of game mechanics all the water systems, including the roof water catcher, work on doing crafting to transform a tile into an outdoor water tile.

In life and in game you could haul buckets or tubs you make from those nearby resources. The game doesn't increase energy needed going up hill which would be a big factor. Also the game assumes the water is always safe. No bacteria, parasites and so on.

How much water you need depends on your activities and whether you are keeping animals. Then again the game doesn't model those cows needing huge amounts of water every day like they do in real life.

In real life their are several reasons for a water collector
= make it handy (save energy moving)
= control what it interacts with (avoid sickness)
= quantity (crafting or animals)
= its free (don't have to pay a water bill)
= Its a reliable backup (e.g. water mains shut off for street work)

As for BAC roof water catcher it is based on making water deflectors, such as modern eavestroughs, to have the rain water flow down into a large container.

Growing up one of our neighbors had one of these. They cut down on their water bill by using that water to wash their cars and water the garden. When heat restrictions prevented people running garden hoses they just filled a bucket to transfer from barrel to their garden. Also their large dog loved it. He would stand to put upper paws on top of the barrel to drink.

The cave one is more useful as cliffs being in mountains tend to be farther inland. Its a similar idea to divert the water into a catch basin.

The grandfather of all of these is IIRC from Rain who coded one based on digging a well. So lots of shoveling time. Then materials to stop it from caving in, a bucket and rope.

In this game freezing weather can be an issue more so if you are hurt or injured. Its still handy to put a pot of water inside your cabin or beside your shelter if you end up being bad off. Plus really most people would use one for regular chores.

Heck the game doesn't have us washing our clothes.

Appreciate the response, and glad to see you're still part of the community Brygun!

May 01, 2023, 06:34:09 PM
Re: Hired Companions Carry Goods?
Skull gets dropped after last cut of meat. Same time with bones and fat.

You can chat and “deliver” goods to companions. And you can push/pack from ground, same as packing on an animal. Get or ; to reclaim items back. Red items are theirs and you can’t take them.

I tried push, but it just went to the ground, maybe it was because it was too much weight. Delivering in dialogue and the Getting after did work, thank you!

June 08, 2023, 05:06:11 AM
Re: Make Menu only for Modded items = saving BAC and other large mods Ok, so I want to address the "small bunch", and take it as you will. Modders are definitely a minority, and in some games those who use mods are also a majority. The main goal of mods should be to increase a players play time, so they remain engaged with the game. I think that's something BAC achieves, but as stated every update is a potential issue and not just for this mod, the collisions can happen with small mods too, leading to confusion for players who are not modders but use mods. I'm also not convinced that the figure stated about mod downloads really expresses the number of users who have likely used BAC over the lifetime of the game let alone other mods. This really isn't just a conversation about BAC, it's a question of how can we make the CREATION of mods easier and also make the USE of mods easier, to extend the playtime of the average player, isn't it?

I agree that it doesn't solve all ills, but it seems like a good relatively low cost option compared with the alternatives and better design ideas (like having an item identifier system that allows preloading/overlapping/replacement as stated). Is it a good use of developer time? Well that's a question I think we'll disagree on, but I think the potential improvement to the average player engagement time might be worth it, not just for BAC and current mods, but for future users making new mods that may be easier to maintain and therefore longer lived. Things like BAC do not occur commonly in a lot of larger modding communities because of how difficult it becomes to maintain, so any barrier is a problem.

You're also likely not going to get a TON of interaction on this thread because a) a lot of people are interested but don't know enough to contribute to the discussion, even some modders since modding here is so simple they don't need to know any programming at all, and b) people ebb and flow to this game, picking it up and putting it down often so the number of active people isn't always high, I tend to look only when there's an update and if I like it I play it for a few months and I know others do to. Something to consider.

Thanks Brygun for BAC all these years and thanks Sami for the game. Appreciate you both very much.

May 30, 2024, 12:16:04 AM