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I'm bringing a classic back because I almost burn myself to death today. I was burning a field for herbs and walked near the fires while carrying the stakes to make the fence, the stakes caught fire under me... I was too fatigued to move and I panicked IRL for a few seconds until I tried to zoom out. That worked and saved my character.

Now my arm is useless and I can't prepare the soil I was burning or complete the fence...  :-\

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Not much at the moment.  I'm training my carpentry skills by making paddles from boards so that I can eventually start making my own arrows.  Mostly to not waste the feathers I get.  I may not have to make my own arrows though, if these robbers keep showing up to give me hand-axes instead.


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I'm not really playing as of lately(because of school), but on my last character i made a fence trap where there was some 10 reindeer, 3 days later came back to check and they were all trapped lol. It took me more than a month in game to process all the stuff...


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Got a Tablet computer recently. My now 5 year old laptop has issues running the newer Unreal via steam. It was one of the signs the laptop needs replacement. Long story short rather then get a new laptop I went with a Tablet as the current mobile computing platform.

Unreal world on a Win10 Tablet working fine through steam. Restarting using mods Boudia's (an update on Rain's) and my own (Added items).

Story line is a young Driik starting in winter. Pre-start  you were needed in the fall to help with the harvest. Now in winter it is you adult year. (that much could be for any culture). Winter for a while near home (villages close to your start position) to build up gear, tools and skis and/or water craft. Then travel to far and distant land to find and make a stead. If you travel when there is snow you can ski and have more spring time for planting crops. IF you wait for spring you can water travel instead but can probably only harvest turnips in your first gardens.

With the mod the young Driik will become a smith those nearby. This being my 'young smith' challenge. I prefer to aim for the large inland lake the maps generate to be south of the Owl, north of 2-3 other cultures and you can use the rivers to raid the Nerjpez.

Right now the new character made enough home crafts to get a shovel. An important part for agriculture, clay work and ironworking.


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My current character has set out on a pilgrimage of sorts, with the goal to visit all cultures and do quests for each (travelling light - not a shopping run). I try to avoid settling down as that usually takes away much of the excitement for me, but I will take note of interesting places and perhaps come back to settle down. I set some limitations to keep myself from getting rich too soon and role playing reasons:

No stealing or borrowing and must pay for staying in villages overnight
No selling raw or simply cooked meat (must be dried or smoked)
No smoking meat in villages (gotta find a cave or build my own house)
No wasteful hunting just for the furs knowing tons of meat get spoiled solely for monetary gain
Bunch of role playing stuff such as keeping the room heated when smoking meat, finishing animals off quickly etc

Will be updated as I go. Started in spring and currently using the last few weeks of winter to dry some meat to munch on and trade with. Got unlucky with the 'Not all who wander are lost' scenario (I mean on top of the bad fortune of living through that scenario) as all of my father's equipment had burned. Next short term goal will be getting an axe and may have to get by with a stone axe for a while because the area I started in (deliberately) seems rather poor.


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i've just moved to the most norther part of the Mainland i can find. I come from the central part of the map near one of the mayor rivers leading to the coast. i moved there with all my precious loot and equipment as soon as the ice cleared up. i quickly built a small pasture and put my kota there, then proceeded in building a cabin. thanks to the masterwork tools and plenty of food supplies i already brought with me this was done in only 1 month, and i proceeded to raid the local coastline for ever more trees.

soon, the ice will form again, and i am already sitting on top of 300+ trees. they will be used to build a palisade wall around my soon to be farm.

in case things don't turn out so great, i have spare tools in my old house and i can get there relatively quickly, considering the distance. i've also got 2 reindeer, a cow, a sheep and 2 dogs to help me carry stuff.


the ice has begun forming.. no more logs from the coast. time to sort out wich ones go where and fill up the remaining gaps with local wood!
Hopefully, before next summer, my homestead will be fully walled.
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Started with the runaway slave scenario... Managed to escape without the scratch.. only weapon was rough knife... No axe. Had to trade all of my clothes plus the crappy knife to get an axe from a village.. i created the character to be skilled with timberwork so i made fine boards and traded fishing rod, seeds, fisher knife, food... Took a week to eat my belly full but now am good.. i just love this game! Too bad the ice is weak now, thats what always kills me, hypothermia.


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This fisherman got a new fine net (now has 3 - 2 from the scenario), a nice punt and began to build a small wooden place in order to smoke fishes at the south-west coast. Rather more lonely character, enjoys his free time to learn about plants and practicing to climb. Also learning how to swim better, but the waters are kinda cold still. He's seen a "perfect net" that he wants to have and several pots around. When the plants begin to blossom and to be mature enough, he'll get a pot, and a roundshield.

The area seems quite peaceful. Plenty stags around and black birds, also some hawk that always is heard but never seen. Some curious ringed seals as well, that watch him fishing. Dislike traps and doesn't know how to weild a bow properly. So he got really happy about hunting a big hare with the woodsman's axe. Now he's gladly eating some of its meat after so many fish diet and thinking about a belt after the dehaired skin gets ready.

"When All the rivers get poisoned....
...Then we'll realize"


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I just made it through winter and am putting in my grains, legumes, and herbs.  Going light on the turnips this season (I can take only so much turnip by the end of winter).  I'm excited because last fall, I scoured the surrounding areas and harvested about 200 yarrow seeds.  I've got those into special plats.  My two trap fences and small snares and traps kept me busy over the winter.  I now have an abundance of winter furs and leathers for trading once I have my planting done.  I'm hoping to establish a large herd of sheep this spring and get busy with weaving and wool clothing (thanks to Rain and Buoidda's mods).

Note, a few seasons ago, I stole my settlement from a family of foresters on a spur of land surrounded by lakes in-between Sartola and Koivula.  I constantly have birds in my snares at the edge of the lakes.  This settlement had three log buildings, 3 farming fields, several groves and pastures, and a well but were inhabited by two old men, 3 women, and child.  One of the old men must have been a warrior because he was kicking me in the face and almost took me down even after all the others were killed.  They are all buried in a spruce mire not far away. 
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Just finished my trapping for the winter. Now off to trade!


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Just finished my trapping for the winter. Now off to trade!

Wow, what trap setup did you use? Also, what are you wanting to get with all those furs?


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I have like 8 or 9 spots with 4 to 8 fox traps in each. My primary target was Artic Fox. I also have some deadfalls that where responsible for the animals that are not fox.

As for trading, usually flour, grains, vegetables. I need a proper shovel because my last one was burned in the incident of the first post. And anything else I happen to come by in the masterwork category. And I have already traded a couple of fox furs for a dog.

I found this spot today. A perfect natural platform for diving. Sadly there is no splash sound when you move into water.

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My latest 1st year Islander had a pretty decent set-up with traps and camps spread over three good-sized Islands.  Despite my very poor dodging skills, I had killed a fair number of Njerpez and brigand invaders by attacking them the Islander way - from a boat.  A pack of wolves came to the island of my main encampment, and I was slowly trying to whittle down their numbers when I discovered that a pair of bears were also wandering about.  I set about five different deadfall traps before managing to get first one and then the other.  To mitigate my poor defenses, I had previously obtained a masterwork round shield.  In an effort to maintain the hide quality, I first shot each bear with a single superior broadhead, then closed in with my mace and tried to bring the beast down while hopefully learning to defend myself a bit better.  My poor defenses failed me once during the first fight, and I took a minor clawing to the side.  The second bear managed to immediately bite my neck during the second encounter, causing instant death.  First time in a long while that I've been instakilled (as opposed to a lucky hit causing unconsciousness and subsequent death).  Ah well, just another opportunity to start over :)

Note to self:  Despite the heavy encumbrance penalty, I should still have been wearing the armor I'd previously scavenged from Njerpez.  And maybe it would have been better to keep my shield high.


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1st year midsummer and I've got my sauna/smokehouse ready on an island in the middle of a lake. The trap fence on the lake shore ha so far netted me a couple of elk and a friggin' WOLF! I'll save that fur until I get better at hideworking and then it'll become an awesome winter hat... I just wish I'd catch more small game so I'd have leather for cords so I could smoke fish. Once the house is done I'll start exploring the network of lakes and rivers spreading running from the seaside inland. It looks like I could use it for travel and cover a larger area with trap fences.

So far I've been lucky, spotted bears and Njerpez before I've stumbled into them. An elk I thought was unconscious in a trap pit and bleeding to death suddenly lashed out and broke my hand but even that healed pretty quick. Soooo.... something horrible is going to happen pretty soon  ::)


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Just conquered a Njerp village (5x warrior, a peasant, two craftsmen, a maiden, a woman, a housewife and a child) and carried away my spoils on Conquest, Victory, Triumph, Honour, Glory and Pride, which are the two bulls and four cows those dead Njerpez certainly need no longer.