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UnReal World Mod Experiment UnReal World Mod Loader

This is a modding tool which aims to extend the current game modding capabilities and make using and making mods easier, especially several mods at a time while leaving the game folder pristine which means no custom edits are lost when the game is updated.

Current stage is proof of concept however the tool is nearly fully featured and ready to be used.

Features for users
Simple installation of mods
Enable and disable mods quickly and easily
Set mods priority (load order)
Keep mods in separate folders
Mod files are cached and loaded faster
Changing mod configuration and editing mod files without restarting the game

Features for developers
Override parts of vanilla files or files from other mods
Add custom in game encyclopedia pages (automatically linked to the START page)
Automatic crafting menu shortcut key conflict resolution (coming soon)

Windows 7 or newer
.NET Framework 4.5.2

It's recommended to make a new installation of the game so you can transfer your mods and saves. Then extract the zip file into your pristine game folder.

To add a mod create a subfolder in the mods folder, and in the subfolder create another folder called 'files'. Mods files go to the 'files' folder. The following directory tree  indicates an example mod structure.

    My mod/

For more information about the folder structure please see the mod examples.

Mod Loader ready mod should allow you to extract its content into the mods folder, or simply follow the instructions provided by the mod developer.

File modlist.txt indicates which mods are active and also the load order. First rename modlist-sample.txt to modlist.txt. To activate a mod add new line that begins with '+' followed by the mod folder name. Mods are loaded from top to bottom and because mods can override changes made by other mods the last mod change wins.

1.0 - Initial verison
1.1 - Support for Windows 10

Loader 1.1 binaries
English Mod Names mod - translates month names to English

Spoiler: In Game Encyclopedia Start Page • show

May 31, 2017, 01:15:17 AM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? My current character has set out on a pilgrimage of sorts, with the goal to visit all cultures and do quests for each (travelling light - not a shopping run). I try to avoid settling down as that usually takes away much of the excitement for me, but I will take note of interesting places and perhaps come back to settle down. I set some limitations to keep myself from getting rich too soon and role playing reasons:

No stealing or borrowing and must pay for staying in villages overnight
No selling raw or simply cooked meat (must be dried or smoked)
No smoking meat in villages (gotta find a cave or build my own house)
No wasteful hunting just for the furs knowing tons of meat get spoiled solely for monetary gain
Bunch of role playing stuff such as keeping the room heated when smoking meat, finishing animals off quickly etc

Will be updated as I go. Started in spring and currently using the last few weeks of winter to dry some meat to munch on and trade with. Got unlucky with the 'Not all who wander are lost' scenario (I mean on top of the bad fortune of living through that scenario) as all of my father's equipment had burned. Next short term goal will be getting an axe and may have to get by with a stone axe for a while because the area I started in (deliberately) seems rather poor.

May 31, 2017, 01:56:26 PM