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General Discussion / Re: Thoughts on All Crops
« on: December 26, 2023, 12:14:14 AM »
Hello Felius,

Brygun of the BAC here.

Glad you are enjoying the mod.

One of my go to cooking recipes is the swirl bread using Rye and Hemp. I recall looking up that Rye was good on carbs and Hemp good on proteins. (Query, was Hemp modded in?). Thus making rye-hemp swirl breads and hard tacks would cover the full spectrum of nutrition.

My current character Calle has gone through a cycle of agriculture. Some general findings for him:

Rye-Hemp mixes work great. They off set the needs for meat and balance nutrition.

Nettle is great for making threads which in turn is used in various crafting and in making loop snares.

A mixed diet of one meat cut, a turnip and some leaves worked as good diet. The leaves were nettle, hemp and flax. Those were grown for making cordage, thread and cloth. The leaves are a very useful byproduct. Turnips can be grown or traded for in big quantities. Turnips don't spoil (or rarely), they are a root vegetable. The most expensive is the meat which is now only about a third of the diet. This really strecthed out the meats from catching animals.

If you have fields you will attract animals. A good indigenous teaching is to plant more crops than you need for yourself. Expect the animals to eat some. Then you can trap or hunt the animals. This means your crops are also a big giant batch of bait.

A mix of light lever traps and loop snares will deal with rabbits, squirrels and birds. Fences with a pit trap here and there (maybe 1 per four or five fences) will at times catch you a reindeer or elk for a big meat harvest! Combine these meats with the diet of meat-turnip-leaves and you can go a long time.

Prior to some of the cooking mods, like swirl bread, broad beans were a big deal. They are still very handy. Broad beans don't spoil much and can be eaten as is. Probably not cooking them would suck to actually eat but it works.

Calle pretty much gave up on growing peas. He is though far in the north. Agriculture is a little affected by your north-south as the weather patterns are AFAIK different.

Stories / Re: [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: December 25, 2023, 10:52:42 PM »
(Aborting attack as it is currently impossible to even single one out. Among the issues is the current game mechanics mean they have no penalty to move in heavy snow. It would be impossible to escape. Eventually the four plus Nerjpez will wear Calle down and there might be even more in the camp)


Modding reference:

BAC thread:


Changes made this time:


= Fish cuts and bait removed based on reports that items in cooking become cooked food and no longer work as raw



= Fish cuts restored after failed use of cooking menu



= Bait moved to here, managed to fit all 3 by removing line spaces

= line breaks removed to create space


Ive decided to going to back up Calle's story a bit. The reason this matters to the BAC is that I mod while playing. I don't really mod a game I'm not playing.

I'll be backing out the bait recipes from cooking as that didn't work.

I will try to find space for some of the bait but I don't expect to fit all of it.

The seeds for birds seem very good.

Fishing already uses in 0.1 lb bits so thats a low priority.

Maybe meat slices for the small game too. However in most of my play throughs once you catch a big animal you get excess of rotted meat which they will still go for as bait.

When I made the baits mod, the cut fish baits are indeed raw, but I don’t know if moving it to cookery messes it up somehow.


if that's a thing, and it might be by the other feedback, I might be able to work the baits into BAC properly. Menu space limits.

Does this include the encyclopedia file?

BAC doesnt update the encyclopedia.

However if you open the various biy and diy files there are often notes.

A solution that might be easier to implement to look at what their moving on and add fatigue penalties. That is roughly the same as the PC.

As to having skis on/off maybe if its winter time issue higher-wealth opponents "ski" and "ski stick"....  or not. Since its hard to fight with a ski stick.


Sample logic:

= If encounter spawns in snow*
== then % chance to give them ski gear, higher chance for "wealthy" like those with lamellar cuirass
== if getting ski gear issue skis (worn) and ski stick
* maybe a depth related factor like if it is calf deep or deeper higher chance
=== If NPC is spawns indoors (inside a building or kota)
=== chance to delete ski gear (they weren;t wearing at time of attack)

= if no ski gear and AI moves
== then getting fatigue as PC does

= if wanting to use a bow and arrow
== equip bow and arrows storing ski stick

= if ski gear and wanting to melee* and more than 6 tiles away
== if not holding ski stick
=== then equip ski stick
== if holding ski stick
=== move as a ski (with an assumed high ski skill)

Going to add an example from Calle, which might be the end of his tale.

Winter with thigh or waist deep snow but with a crust appraoched a Nerjpez camp

Saw one alone who shouted, so okay might get help,

Shoot that one dead in 3 arrows, so a very short combat

2 more are coming and 2 more behind that

Attempted several times to escape:

1) "run" mode away fails as PC tires out but the Nerjpez don't seem to. They had to cross the warcamp area just to get where the PC started plus the PC's distance ran. They always catch up and start getting back hits.

2) ski mode away fails... they still catch up using running in deep crusted snow faster than a PC with 100% ski skill can go.



Modding reference:

BAC thread:


Changes made this time:


= Menu spaces being used for new leather items that appear in the diy_BAC_Armor_Leather_Fur

= Added iron gorget and a version with pauldrons



= New leather items to protect neck and neck+shoulders, aka gorget.

= Added leather gorget and a version with pauldrons

Realized I hadn't been updated thread post #1 with the current zip. Have done so.

Kebab stick making not displaying as intended though the hot smoker does. Looking into it.

Resolved and updated the 2023-12-08-A download

Apparently object building can go in user made submenus of cookery but the original ones like "meat recipes" don't like it.

Thus kebab now shows up in cooking -> utility submenu

With permission JP_finn's bait making, using smaller pieces added. While doing this discovered adding regular build items to the cookery menu. Moved some things over like Privateer's fish cuts, making JP_finn's hot smoker and the kebab stick making from the Nerjpez cooking (from another community member). These are also easier to find as the 2 builds are now in the same general menus where they get used.

Those moves freed up some menu space which is an important part of managing such a large mode.


Modding reference:

BAC thread:


Changes made this time:



= jp_seed added, adapted by JP Finn with Graphic by Enormous Elk, originally sorrel seeds



= added "Cutting and bait" under cookery



= Clean fish moved to the new "Cutting and bait"



= Added JP Finn's bait in the new "Cutting and bait"

= JP Finn's build hot smoker moved to a cooking submenu

= Kebab stick crafing moved to cooking submen



= JP Finn's build hot smoker moved to a cooking submenu

= Kebab stick crafing moved to cooking submen


General Discussion / Re: What do you guys do while healing from injury?
« on: December 08, 2023, 08:19:11 AM »
Practice fishing and vomiting.

 ;) :o

True story.

From my early characters, little understanding of the game and before the mighty BAC mod or even Brygun's added items.

A low food supply character got injured badly. So I made a shelter on the shore right next to lake. Fire starting was a skill then and he sucked at it, being a new character. His fishing skills sucked too.

So his routine was desperately spending hours for fishing with no to little yield. When he did catch a fish try to start a fire to cook it. Often give up eat it raw.

A little while later vomit and eat more fish if you have it and if not go back to fishing.

I envision the vomiting being done into the lake as "chum" bait to attract more fish.


On a more serious note hand crafts are a thing. You can likely manage up some bone tipped arrows for trading. A hare will net enough bones for 4 bone tips and the odd bird catch will be enough feathers.

Other wounded characters have done better by going to heal up in towns. They have a water in town... unless its winter and you can;t find it. You can sleep for free at a heated indoors. Plus if the village has a shaman they can give you healing bonuses.

So around a village the usual cheap labor jobs. Crafting boards which gets filled up. Making paw-boards. Making torches. Making bowls. The "we have enough" is per item so switch up what you make. A few goods will buy you even food they sell to feed yourself while healing.

Suggestions / Re: Add cooking with wooden bowls
« on: December 08, 2023, 06:00:56 AM »
BAC update with Lemi Sra went live.

Includes raw meat and brine meat versions.

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