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I wonder if anyone has any uses for dried berries made through this other than as fish bait?

iirc the Dried berries have a change to the spoilage so that they last much longer than normal berries. That was the intent at the time.


How are things going?


In terms of what can break the modding is very resilient. The only real difficulty is more the oddity if you delete tile graphics. An already created item will still point to that file name and since there isn't one will on the map show nothing. This makes the item invisible while moving around. If you examine the tile to see the list of items it will appear as its name with no graphic.

Lumber pack frames and back packs - how do I store items in them?

Currently you can't due to code limits. The pack frame is primarily there as a role-play justification for carrying lots of different things. Ideally it would make it easier but it can't with the current modding code.

Some items may be containers like sacks and a if you "a" apply them you can put berries etc in them. Their code  also has a limit to a single type of material going in.

There is a sled wagon thing, forget the name, that converts heavy tree trunks or logs into tokens. Then in the presecence of the sled wagon you can use another mod line to turn them back into the tree trunks. This was one of the other community members wonderful idea that made it much more possible to move 100s upon 100s of wood for buidling cabins. In this way weight is better handled but it takes 2 craft recipes, one to convert to the low weight token and the second to convert back to the normal full weight object.

This thread is for older version of the game with the ongoing BAC community over at:

Does the Lumber Pack frame work on it's own, or do I have to wear it?

My vague memory is that this was mainly a decorative piece and not having game code functions. Ideally it would make carrying things easier. The game effect is only to add a bit of weight you carry. The purpose was more a role play one to explain how the character is able to carry all the many things especially for those coming from no-equipment starts making a carrier.

Taking a look at the code the // is a comment line.

My intention had been that "one day" it wouldn't happen in winter. Since we can't code for it is on an honor system that the player really shouldn't be doing that. However the comment lines don't appear when the recipe is run so unless a player opened the recipe file they wouldn't even have seen that.

The real world process is going around the wet, thus not frozen, bog near a cliff of iron rich rock (which many are in Finland) until the stick going inches or feet into the ground gets a right sort of "thunk" on a lump of collageted bog ore. That being where the bog's biological process and criters have been pooling the iron out of the water that was running off the cliff. Now if the ground is frozen one doesn't get the stick to go down far and would bounce off the frozen layer not a lump of metal bearing ore.

Has my blessing.

It had been a possibility during my own BAC issues that medical situations might have ended my life so I already put in a clause that if I had disappeared for too long it could be taken over by someone else.

Brygun, of the BAC

General idea for community continuation is fine with me.

There was since the beginning a "pass on" clause, namely that if I was gone for over a month that it could happen. I've had health issues where the end of my life was other than a 0% thing.

I'm not well versed in modern community sharing systems, like github, or the phrasing of contribution authorizations. The intent of it continuing after "my watch" is there.

<insert meme: Game of Thrones, Jon Snow, My watch is over>

I do suggest that a new thread might be a good thing to use. Post #1 is easy for new people to download the current version and only the author of Post #1 can edit that change.

Suggestions / Re: Reinstate leather cord for arrow-making (3.70 beta 3)
« on: August 07, 2021, 07:26:50 PM »
Also a suggestion for this forum would be to increase the posting limit just a little bit. I have another suggestion but can't post it as a new topic because I've "reached my posting limit" with this one post here today; the message does not say when I would be able to post again.  I will give it here as a reply just in case I forget to come back.

A**hole spam bots used to haunt the place. The timer is stop them.

Due to alot of different things going on in life I'm not able to do much on Unreal World at this time.

The file below has the provisional 3.70c work as listed above. Provisional as in not complete and not deeply tested.

The next things to do, like rematching the cord types, is looking like a big mind share that I just can't volunteer with all the others I need to be doing. For the time being I won't be doing other updates and Im not sure when/if I'll be back into Unreal World. Its been a good run with BAC itself being a few years since this thread was started.

I will be making notes on the upcoming (note the upcoming) changes to merge with the 3.70 files. Im posting them in part to help myself keep track of what Ive done to what and where things got moved.

These aren't yet released.

= main biy file check
== <withe> added to fencing and fence gate

= cookery checked
== seemed okay

= Menu def
== Fishing is a new menu name that so far I can't do anything about so Ill either have to lose one of the few letters or stuff non-fishing stuff into it
== Letters J and Q now being used for menus
== Available letters dropped from 4 to 2 (V and Y) (there is no Z nor Zuul)
== menu list alpha sorted, at least for the modded in entries

= Fishing gear
== BAC iron fish hooks and fishing rods removed as vanilla rods exist and this frees menu space
== BAC net moved into fishing gear

= Loop Snare
== New vanilla call for {Yarn} =6= with BAC continuing to use {Cord} but upping from =3= to =6= to match

= Wooden cup
== BAC continues to use a small block wood for a cup rather than use the same mass of raw material as a bowl

= Wooden Shovel
== BAC had %-30% changed to match the vanilla %10% (thats a 40 point jump on the skill affect)

= Wooden stake updated to vanilla

= Sleeping on spruce twigs
== AFAIK this is automatic but I have asked elsewhere

= Clothing needs thin cordage from 3.70

= Flora
= [straw] added to BAC find in wilds crops
= Nutrition etc checked
= BAC Hemp/Flax adjusted to vanilla plant values, had come from an older mod


Pending items

= Textilecraft skill is a thing

= retting and drying by vanilla to replace BAC steps

= Other uses of "thin cordage" pending

Modding / Changing vanilla craft menu names
« on: August 01, 2021, 01:51:07 AM »
With the upcoming 3.70 "Fishing" is being added as a menu with only a few vanilla items.

The BAC mod Im caretaking uses almost all the menu slots.

It would be very helpful if as a modder I could reassign the vanilla menu names.

Im sure as other items will get added there will be future collisions that this would help avoid.


The harder thing of allowing a layer of submenus then all of the BAC could be under one letter with its own slew of menus

Modding / Re: [moved from Gameplay questions] Perfect dry boards
« on: August 01, 2021, 01:48:35 AM »
Item quality should affect the outcome of products

There are game messages like "you could have made better but were limited by materials"

So unless you have some perfect boards AFAIK you cant make perfect furniture

There is a related quirk that one can never improve from the input to the output. At one point I tried to have carpenters spend extra hours on boards to make them better but that didnt work.

I've been away from the "scene" for a bit Brygun, but let me know if you need any help bugtesting/editing for the next update.  Shouldnt take me too long to remember how the modding infrastructure works.... I hope....

I've finally cracked into the code now.

Currently that spruce twig issue looks weird.

While attempting to craft a split spruce twig in 3.70b, I get this error:
PROPERTY FAIL! WRONG RAW: Selected item has no properties to be derived into Tying Equipment.
{Spruce twig} is rejected as an ingredient, which at first seems to be a consequence of the material updates for tying equipment in the 3.70 build.
However, the root rope recipes do work as intended even though the non-birch one calls for a rock and a stone. Perhaps the issue is with the update for spruce twigs:
- added: sleeping on spruce twigs

         Sleeping on spruce twigs now gives a little extra warmth and protection from the cold.

I tried changing the recipe header into a substitute for spruce saplings, like a young spruce bough, but saplings are not accessible as a base object in the crafting system and cannot be spawned this way. Looks like we'll have to give up on spruce twigs for cheap typing equipment.

Starting to finally open the code on 3.70b. As Im not currently in an actively playing phase I will admit to being a bit slow to getting to it.

BAC you have now hasn't yet been fixed for 3.70b

That said...

3.70b biy_glossary includes making a shelter from spruce twigs so Im not sure about the issue reported by Galgana. I did a vanilla 3.70b vanilla test and it made a shelter with spruce twigs in the recipe.

After installing this mod I can't make a wooden shovel anymore. What gives?

Your probably running the wrong game version for the BAC. The last game version BAC is set for is 3.63.

IF you are updating to 3.70b there will be issues until BAC is updated.


Note that once an item is created its properties remained attached in the interm you can uninstall BAC, create the item in vanilla, then reinstall the BAC.

For the shovel that should just be the diy_glossary and whatever BAC file the shovel is in.

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