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Remember the BAC was last updated to 3.82. The 3.83 fix is discussed above. 3.84 will break it more.

I use a personal rule that if i'm not playing a game I'm not modding it. Currently I'm not. The item creation list of 3.83 and 3.84 was already covered by BAC and really by precussor mods going back years. The shift to pausable item creation is overall a good thing but what I would actually do isn't changing... so not really an incentive to return to play.

BAC is a community mod with a take over clause thus if someone wants to do an update if the caretaker (often but not always me) isn't around then someone can. So if someone wants to take on 3.84 updates they can and should start a new thread for it.

Things large mods like BAC really need are one of these solutions:

A= A new keyboard menu for "modded crafting" where it opens a craft menu that the dev >NEVER< puts vanilla items into
B= Tiered menus where you can swap around the 26ish letters so load between vanilla and mods
C= Co-ordinating the existing mods for submenus like what was broken when "hafting" H collided with the H of a mod.

Without one of those each update will further break large mods like BAC and I don't really plan on chasing updates on a game I'm not currently playing.

Stories / Re: Tapio's blessing
« on: February 05, 2024, 03:11:27 AM »
You have found a cave of the old ones. Sleeping within may change you forever.

Apparently there's an error with the stone arrowheads. They are named just "Arrowhead" but when trying to craft arrows, they are not recognized as arrowheads.

The recipe in question appears to be a straight copy of the 3.80 vanilla recipe.

Current BAC:
.Stone arrowhead. [effort:2] [phys:hands]         *COMMON*  %-30%     /45/       [patch:5] 
{Rock}       [remove] (1) [patchwise] [noquality] '+(for the head)'
{Stone}             '+(for grinding)' [noquality] [ground]
//3.80 gave this vanilla recipe

From vanilla 3.82
.Stone arrowhead. [effort:2] [phys:hands]         *COMMON*  %-30%     /45/       [patch:5] 
{Rock}       [remove] (1) [patchwise] [noquality] '+(for the head)'
{Stone}             (1) '+(for grinding)' [noquality]

I don't see a difference.

As such if it is a vanilla bug that needs to go to the Bug forums. However before doing that can someone do a check on a vanilla non-BAC game to see if stone arrowheads work?

Broken is never intended.  ::)

Ill take a look.

May have been a game update somewhere changed base objects.

Since Im in a dry spell of playing Im not keen to do the update for the upcoming "hafting" update... which once again creates a mod collision in using a top level letter for... what... all of 2 recipes? which basically already exist in BAC. The use of a staff already matches shaping a rod to be a handle.

Therefore recommending if you are playing from the steam directory to turn the updates off.

If might come out okay in space allotments or it might not. Not sure if its going to be a hardcoded recipe or something we can't turn off.

Modding / Re: Cheat a "permanent" companion?
« on: December 29, 2023, 11:55:12 PM »
Well done

I wonder how much you have to pay them at the end of 64 days?

Bug reports / Re: [3.82] "Over the partystack" into freezing water
« on: December 28, 2023, 12:52:48 AM »
7zip is a free compression file and used by some folks. that might help send the log.

Seems even the msglog file is too big when compressed. It's a 1-yr+ character.



(jokingly... i feel your pain... I learned to backup a lot. In fact that's how Saami was able to diagnos the need to disalow watercraft landing on the wilderness map or something like that. I could send him save files close in on either side of a bug)

Not bugs / Re: Crops not staying planted?
« on: December 27, 2023, 12:18:05 PM »
Was it a village's crop field or one of your own?

Bug reports / Re: [3.82] "Over the partystack" into freezing water
« on: December 27, 2023, 12:17:26 PM »
7zip is a free compression file and used by some folks. that might help send the log.

Not bugs / Re: [3.80beta] Two bugs - Sage quest & Field plants disappearing
« on: December 27, 2023, 12:15:36 PM »
Disappearing near a village might be related to the village harvesting their crops.

As to it be sudden 100% collected does mean there is none left for gleaning.

May or may not be working as intended. Certainly making it hard on the character plan.

Have you checked on tiles 2 or 3 away from a village. (if any such exist) Those seem to not generate "you're stealing" type messages so might be except from the auto-harvest that this might be.

Suggestions / Re: Give the "arrow-tip" treatment to javelins
« on: December 26, 2023, 01:07:48 PM »
Tip choices could be optional and give a yet to exist skill modifier.

Thus using a bone or iron tip would increase the chance for a fine quality, +1 impact, or masterwork +1 impact +10 on skill when used.

Suggestions / Marriage or village development
« on: December 26, 2023, 01:06:02 PM »
A known request being repeated.

Playing Calle's story (in the story thread) now that Im coming out of his third winter (#3) he is very well established. Long term goals other than killing Nerjpez in large numbers are a bit of struggle.

Id like to bump the request for very long ties such as marriage or live in or converting your homestead to a village.

Perhaps a mechanism where you build an extra cabin and designate it as for long term guests. Maybe a special sleeping bed that the player can't use. The long term visitor can pick up things left in the guest cabin as a way to equip or pay them.

The long term visitor would warn not days from leaving but weeks so the player has time to craft or trade things.

Payment might be pay in advance? So you can pay for them to stay for months or a year?

At least a season of three months though six or twelve months would be better.

Perhaps while staying or assigned to the guest bed the visitor might be assumed to at least produce enough to feed themselves.

Abliet with the Savo game started Im not sure the devs would divert energy to experimenting with things in UrW vs their new game.

Stories / Re: [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: December 26, 2023, 01:00:21 PM »

Modding / Re: Is there a self-sufficiency mod for 3.82?
« on: December 26, 2023, 05:15:37 AM »
BAC has a large collection of modding from the community combined with overlap (or inclusion?) from self sufficiency

IIRC Rain had done iron working and Rain's self sufficiency if thats that you mean by "self sufficiency", or was it Endive? Been a while since running the original "self sufficiency". If so alot of rain's work has been included. Due to the numerous vanilla updates the old Rain's iron and SS won't run or not fully compatible. BAC and other mega mods exist in part to update Rain's work and combine them with others.

By concept though BAC does give you access to many trades and skills to be self sufficient, like making your own axes and weaving clothes.

edit: Bouidda also did self sufficiency type mods with much rolled into BAC

General Discussion / Re: Thoughts on All Crops
« on: December 26, 2023, 12:17:57 AM »
In terms of medicines this is draft for a guide I've been working on but havent released. The idea was to come up with an in-character saying on what to carry for medicines:


Fighters medicine bag:

Caution: These are Unreal World results. Real world plants maybe different. Learn your local plants.

On consideration he comes up with new memory phrase: “Fighters need helpful medicinal herbs and bandages”.

Flax supports nutrition and recovery.
Nettles for binding wounds and sickness of the lungs.
Hemp is for eating.
Meadsweet tea reduces vomiting, reduces pain and lowers infection.
Heather is for washing wounds and as a tea for many internal illnesses.
“And bandages” means to have another two ready bandages.

A pot, be it iron or clay kettle pot, is needed to make the teas.

Flax, nettles and hemp leaves are all by products of agriculture. Threshing for straws also yields leaves so these can be grown in quantity or found around villages. Meadsweet needs to be gathered from the wild forests.  Heather flowers are light to carry for frequent offerings of peace with the spirits. When eating your daily leaves put heather out then.

For wounds and burns first wash with heather then include nettle in the bandage.
When wounded or vomiting have meadsweet tea.
Other illnesses have a heather tea.
Hemp for eating like when hiding to heal.

To make tea you need a boiling vessel like a pot with the BAC clay kettle pot being a light weight travel version.

Other herbs have their benefits. This set is a very good mix that is easy to remember, can be gathered in quantity and nutritious to eat.

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