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JP_Finn thanks for answering various questions.

I've been off to other games as I tend to but thought to wander back to see if there were critical issues. Glad folks like JP_Finn are around to keep it going.

BAC is a "community" mod and though there are caretakers, like myself, it really belongs to the community and as numerous community contributors.

In other news...

If you ever loose the use of critical items due to an update you can just change the recipe to require you holding a rock and take 1m of time. Ive done that a few times.

normal recipe:

.Spiffy item. /2h/ (etc)
{leather} #1# (gets used up)
{board} (gets used up)


.Spiffy item. /1/
// /2h/ (etc)
//{leather} #1# (gets used up)
//{board} (gets used up)

The // is the comment marker in the unreal language. So after getting the item restored to useable you can delete them. remove the hold a rock line and restore the initial line with the normal time

Ah... yeah...

Leather was removed as the naming system was grabbing the leather source material and adding it to the  helmet name.

So you got a...

Goldeneye Spectacle Helm


Badger Iron Helm

Which I mean can sound hillarious but not what was intended

Suggestions / Re: Add recipe command [helpful10] etc
« on: June 18, 2023, 11:17:29 AM »
I thought the character skill would affect the time needed.

In the case of netting needle or no needle I imagine non needle to take more time.

The technique I was for my landing net was based off of David Cantebury's where you run a horizontal top line then drape hanging lines off it. Start making crosses to tie up.

The needle seems more swish and tie though I haven't personally done it.

The net making was an example and other things aren't as time variable. Like the smith with a second hammer. The second shape will make certain parts of the task easier and faster but only those parts and only be a margin.

Suggestions / Add recipe command [helpful10] etc
« on: June 17, 2023, 03:11:18 PM »
I was thinking more on how to have optional items with the related complexities.

It occured to me a more plausible way is to add to the recipe language a small number of verbs:


If the item is present then that fixed number is added to the skill bonus for making an item (10, 20 or 30). Like [optional] if the helpful item isn't present you can still continue.

In the case of a possible net making variation to allow with Saami's planned tools and without it could be:

.Net. 8h /-30/
{Netting needle} [helpful20]
{Yarn} =900= [remove]
{Rocks} (8)
{Birch-bark} #0.3# [helpful10]

In this language if you have all the tool Saami was planning you have full skill.

If you none of them you are making a lower quality net with -30 skill adjustment. It is after all possible in real life to make a net without those.

In this example the netting needle is twice as helpful as having the birch-bark.

By using a finite set of numbers it should be possible to scan with the existing parsing of the item lines. A variable amount would be harder to program. This seems more possible.

I can think of other recipes where this could apply. Like with smithing have a second hammer is helpful but not critical. As the second hammer has a different shape there will be times it makes the output a little better.

Decorations could also have optional items that would give more chances of raising the output quality which in turn leads to a higher price when sold.

General Discussion / Re: Craftable nets... not stealing thunder!
« on: June 17, 2023, 03:00:46 AM »
Net making has been around in mods since before BAC was a thing. I dont recall off the top of my head who the original author was. Bouidda maybe?

Personally I don't like the birch-bark part which means starting net making is seasonal. Unless you kept a store of birch-bark you can't do it. Its hardly critical to the function of the net. While it may have been used historicially in this culture some of the time I wouldnt believe they couldnt make a net without it.

Modding / Re: Is broken arrow a base item?
« on: June 16, 2023, 10:08:37 AM »
Problem with branch as a base item is a risk that any recipe calling for a branch may consume your custom item

Since no recipes consume a hunting horn it was a safe one to work with

I recall asking as a suggestion for a neutral base object so that it wouldnt be using the base object field as recipe inputs.

Modding / Re: 2 source material names in one recipe?
« on: June 16, 2023, 10:07:06 AM »
err... there is... but im pretty damn rusty on the name commands.

This creates a weird situation where your character can survive on very poor food as long as they keep throwing up.


I'd also add that the light lever trap, the smallest deadfall, can help immensely. They take a slender tree trunk, branches and a stone (heavier than a rock). With searching and luck you might find these without having any tools.

With a knife or axe you can fell younger trees.

Like setting the loop snares from yarn you want a high number. I normally guard my sleeping shelters with these plus others at strategic spots.

Every day or two reset the traps that didn't catch anything. The game does a skill check when its set then needs time for things to happen. You don't know the roll when setting the trap.

The more times you reset traps or loop snares the quicker your trapping skill goes up.

There are more elaborate traps which take more resources to make, like a shovel to make a pit.

The light lever trap is my preferred one. Put 3 or so in row and your gameplay is a lot of the "r" repeat button. With loop snares you need to "a" apply each one. Slightly more buttons.

A lot of loop snares you can pick up to travel with you. Can't do that with deadfalls.

Development News / Re: Craftable fishing nets and more
« on: June 14, 2023, 09:25:55 AM »
Some general comments moved here from elsewhere

= Birch bark is a seasonal item so its locking in net making to those seasons for new characters. You couldnt start a winter game and make one as you can't get birch bark.

= Knitting needles while used are an optional item. I've made a landing net without one. Plenty of folks have.

= Birch bark to what.. put the rocks in?  :o Nets are literally cordage so you can tie rocks on just fine. I guess the birch bark helps because they had a reason to do it. Plenty of nets around the world made without it.

= It would be great if the recipe system allowed optional items to have their own skill modifiers for that line. If that were the case then net making without needle or bark could happen. A base negative skill would have offsets on the optional needle and birk bark lines.


.Net. /%-30/ 8h
{Yarn} =300= [remove]
{Rock} (10) [remove]
{Knitting needle} [optional] /%20/
{Birch-bark}  #2# [optional] /%10/ [remove]

So if you had none of the extra: -30 on skill likely an inferior net

If you had knitting needle but no bark because its winter: -10 on skill might manage decent

If you had both needle and bark: 0 on skill so best chance to make fine

Stories / Re: [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: June 14, 2023, 01:52:32 AM »

Day 4 of the 11th week before midwinter point

Calle was strolling back up the west side of Linenfell lake. With no snow covering he might bog for a few more ores to work over the winter. For now the spirits seemed to call him back to the cabin.

“Check and fix up the traps every few days,” father had told him.

It proved to be good advice. There swaying out of pit trap at the west fields were the antlers of bull elk. Approaching happily Calle pondered now if after this he should disarm the traps a while. Kneeling at the tracks in what was once mud from rain Calle guessed the tracks were a day old. 

Without stakes these pits injured legs snaring big ones alive for days until found. Spiked pits were far more dangerous with the meat often spoiling as blood loss claimed the life.

Calle began the laboring task to skin, quarter, tan and smoke the elk. It took over a day process. The hide process would take a few days with this elk giving up a thick elegant hide surely worth trading. Two weeks is the amount of time to smoke meat in the smokehouse. If he as was going to travel he really did need to disarm the pit trap.

Strolling first to the east fields… another beast thrashed in a pit. A reindeer this time. Calle flopped his arms up and down. He had enough meat! He wanted to travel. Shaking his head he chuckled.

“Thank you Swan for the great bounty,” he said, “I have enough now. Its okay for months.”

The reindeer joined the elk at the smokehouse and tanning table. Now he’d have to stay around here for two weeks to tend the smokehouse. Calle hoped he could get more bog iron to add to the bits still at the forge. He took over the metal armors, bear layers, the large axes and traveling things. All the extra weighed a hundred pounds on its own. How much more would it be if he ever got the chain mail the richest warriors strode around in?

Calle went to the fields and disarmed their pit traps. He didn’t want to anger the spirits with wasting food.

<CALLE 131 elk end reindeer>>>

Suggestions / Re: Bush smoker for meats
« on: June 14, 2023, 01:20:56 AM »
The shorter term spoilage is a good idea.

Real life the impression i have is that if were deep in the woods when you caught a big animal you could preserve it within a day or so to at least last "a while". That doesnt take a house which to build would mean the food had spoiled before the house was done.

15 days would let you make use of 45? ish cuts of meat.

maybe 30 days food spoilage would be better. That would be upto 90 pounds of meat from a roughly 200 lb reindeer ish sized animal.

Suggestions / The forced drop should tell us what we drop
« on: June 14, 2023, 01:18:17 AM »
Having established a homestead with crops, food stocks and mounds of craft supplies I get hit by the too many item thing a lot. Like once or twice per game session if im near the homestead.

Sometimes Im standing on top of things when it happens. For example my house has a tile where tools and materials are kept. I stand there when crafting.

At least lately the drops have been food. It is however possible for it to drop important tools like a shovel, travel medicines and so on. When Im on a pile of many things its an annoying puzzle to figure out if Im kitted out for a trip.

Right now Im having trouble finding Calle's iron headed shovel and worried that a force drop I might not have noticed plopped it out in the woods some random spot.

I would like it if when the force drop is firing off that it tells us what it drops.

Mod Releases / Re: [OUTDATED] [3.72] Community Mod BAC
« on: June 11, 2023, 11:32:31 PM »
Not sure one wants moderators doing that sort of thing.

Having been an internet moderator its a dicey thing to be changing someone else's attachments.

Though I do see [OUTDATED] is now on the thread name which is a good solution.

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