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General Discussion / Re: Crowdfunding : your thoughts?
« on: December 23, 2020, 11:13:02 PM »
There is no such thing as "unlivable". OK, maybe there are some exceptions, but usually it means "the place needs lots of work". Otherwise the place would be deemed unsafe and probably be demolished by the municipality. When my parents bought their house it was in a VERY sorry condition - a man who lived there was known in the neighborhood for ah.. overindulging with different brews and didnt care one hoot about the place he lived in. So yeah.. It took a while, but now their house, the garden and a small cherry orchard is their shining pride. Oh and they were able to buy it much cheaper than any other property in the area. Same goes for my condo - I had to renovate almost everything, even the ceiling needed some work. But now I know EXACTLY whats what and I take pride in the fact that most of this was done with my own hands. One word of advice though - find a structural engineer and have him do a throughout inspection of the place. That way you'll know what needs to be done and in what order. You'll be able to plan your work/budget years ahead and sleep calmly knowing that you know your house aches and worries. It may cost a bit, but its worth it. If you dont know anyone directly, you can ask someone who lives in a largish apartment buildings, they can ask the management company to suggest an engineering firm who deals with these things, otherwise a real estate agent may know someone.

General Discussion / Re: Crowdfunding : your thoughts?
« on: December 23, 2020, 08:28:40 PM »
Cough, PAT cough, RE ONhh... Sorry guys, feeling a bit under the weather today, how's everyone doin'? :)

General Discussion / Re: Viable bait for deer/elk
« on: December 01, 2020, 09:09:05 AM »
I never tried to figure out what most of flora from the game would translate into my native tounge. I mean, I can make a good guess for most of it, but this bogbean and most of the "pipes" were just names. After reading your post, I decided to have a look at what is this bogbean really is. It turns out I know the thing pretty damn well :) A bit too well in fact. When we were kids, my grand mother used to ran me and my cousin ragged picking their leaves from nearby swampy area while they bloomed and made us drink this rather nasty tasting tea/tonic that made us kinda sleepy when we had stomach aches. You say elk likes this stuff?? Man.... its BITTER like you wouldnt believe! Really helps with he stomach though :)

General Discussion / Re: Crowdfunding : your thoughts?
« on: November 12, 2020, 12:34:56 AM »
Anyway, thats all fun, but here is the real kicker - how can we, as the community, support this endeavor? I mean, sure, support the campaign financially, but what else? I have not been involved much with other gaming communities except one, so I am a bit at the loss here. Where do folks hang out and talk about these things nowadays? I am sure we can give the jumpstart to Erkka's project it needs to succeed. So lets hear it.

General Discussion / Re: Crowdfunding : your thoughts?
« on: November 11, 2020, 12:15:43 AM »
Bah... Shows what you know. Stakes and firewood are essential parts of very potent purification ritual I've heard about. Does wonders and quite literally eradicates all negative energy. Its the good stuff I tell ya, tried and tested through and through.

General Discussion / Re: Crowdfunding : your thoughts?
« on: November 10, 2020, 04:25:39 AM »
Hear ye, hear ye all of you naysaying nonbelievers and the rest of the fair unreal world wanderers. When a man who steadily delivered rock solid content for good 20 years tells you he'll do good on his promises and will deliver again - you listen. The right thing to do would be to say "Great stuff, more content from one of the most reliable devs in the gaming world, how can we help?" Anything else is blaspheming nonsense. And what do we do with blasphemers in the iron age? Anyone?

Come on guys, its Erkka we are talking about. Not just some kid who learned to code "hello world" and thinks himself a game developer who can start a crowdfunding campaign to make animated kittens. Its in our best interest to not only support this endeavor personally, but to spread the word. I mean did anyone hear of someone even remotely as dedicated as Erkka or Sami? In the whole bloody gaming world I can think of only two names - Tarn and Zach Adams. Thats it. So spread the word and give them your money. Or give them your money and then spread the word. That part is up you  ;)

P.S. I am sure we'll hear no more of this naysaying, but I'll go prepare a few stakes and gather some firewood. You know, just in case :P

Development News / Re: Seasonal sales and Kekri customs
« on: November 08, 2020, 07:37:20 AM »
Interesting.... Your Kekri sounds very much like our Schedrivka, but performed after harvest and not around Christmas. The debate is still out on the true origins of Schedrivka and other pagan-ish (Kolyadka, Kupala Night etc) traditions that still endure, but I wonder... After reading up on your Kekri, I am almost 100% sure they were initially either related or have been heavily influenced by some other tradition that shaped them in what they are today. Way too many similarities for it to be a coincidence. Sure, our Schedrivka mutated and adapted to Christianity, but the core of it is still there, all the way to kids and teens dressing up in goats, mystical or folklore creatures, going door to door and singing specific songs or chants. I wonder if both traditions had Celtic influence or was it something else? Hmmm...

Suggestions / Re: Let salt be salt, not preservative
« on: September 05, 2020, 06:11:48 AM »
You can mod thee recipes to ask for dried meat.

That’s quadrupling the recipes. Raw, salted, smoked and dried. And same for fish.

Look for Rain's Cookery. Its a very very neat cooking mod that I have been (with a few minor changes) using for years. While you are at it, might as well grab his cloth/weaving mod :)

Off-topic / Re: Who were "Njerpez" ?
« on: August 31, 2020, 09:43:12 PM »
True, of course Moscow or its Muskovia wasnt around the time of hypothetical Njerpez. I retract mentioned earlier parallels. In regards of Muskovia's raids or any other acts of aggression towards whats now known as Finland I think you'd better ask our hosts here.

Off-topic / Re: Who were "Njerpez" ?
« on: August 31, 2020, 06:58:51 PM »
Absolutely. The only reason I brought Muskovites into the mix is the fact that Novgorod was conquered by them. So even after Novgorod Republic stopped existing as a thing, raids would've continued regardless.

Off-topic / Re: Who were "Njerpez" ?
« on: August 31, 2020, 05:52:14 PM »
Just to clarify - I never, ever claimed that only Muskovites exclusively were commuting atrocities. Thats just nonsense. Wars are never pretty. We were discussing the nature of fictional Njerpez and user1805 got all hot and bothered by the fact that Novgorod was primary inspiration for their creation.

Ilyich79, you can get as defensive and snappy as you'd like, but its a verifiable fact that your country has been tailoring history en mass even before imperial times. I do not mean this as an attack, but it IS a fact. As far as I recall, this became a trend since Ivan III started calling himself tsar.

Off-topic / Re: Who were "Njerpez" ?
« on: August 30, 2020, 10:16:25 PM »
Ilyich79, purely out of respect to our hosts here, I will not respond to you in the same tone as you phrased your post. Instead, I'll again politely direct you towards historical sources that were not methodically tailored to fit this or that Moskovia's ruler's ambitions. If you do not like to use the "enemies" sources, although Vatican and Byzantine clerks are world famous for their records (even to the point of being overly verbose and waaaay to detailed), please feel free to use the sources from your friends. Oh wait.... Well, use some other sources that can be cross-referenced with at least one other. Once you do, please share it and I'll gladly hear an alternative version of what happened to Novgorod. While you are at it, look up what happened to Tatarian Kazan after moskovit's conquest. Or Ukrainian Baturyn. BTW, the nickname qaṣṣāb, that surviving Kazan's population gave the invaders, still used in countries bordering today's Moskovia. Do spend some time and ponder why is that.

Off-topic / Re: Who were "Njerpez" ?
« on: August 30, 2020, 03:35:40 AM »
Normally, I'd just shrug and move on, but this is just a bit too much. Two men have been doing their damn best for good quarter of a century to develop a great product. That product is a work of fiction and loosely based on historical Finland. Moreover, for those who are slow on the get-go, the world its set in, called UnReal for a reason. So if devs want to make a culture with social graces of certain forum users - they absolutely can. If some historical event gave them inspiration to create that culture, but for some reason someone doesnt like it, or disagrees with what dev did in their own game - tough titty. BTW, Novgorod AND Moskovits were always aggravating everyone around them. At least till Moskovits conquered Novgorod and performed local genocide by killing most of the males novgorodians and mostly only raping females, after that it was only Moskovits. So its a small wonder they were so inspirational for creating this fictional culture. Oh and if you want to learn real history about Moskovia, use Byzantian, Ottoman, Greek or Vatican sources, that version of history modern Moskovia teaches would be funny, if it wouldnt be so damn sad.

P.S. Sorry Erkka, I'll go shut up now.

No chimney, eh? Didnt think  that was the case. Damn, but this must so VERY smoky in those homes. Smoky and very dangerous. Even with modern chimneys carbon monoxide poisoning is still very much a threat and I wonder what was the mortality rate. I am not sure I'd be brave enough to sleep in the building with that kind of fireplace actively burning through the night. But yeah, that would definitely work as a smoke house :) Still, what we have now is simulation of the long curing stage, rather than preparation and actual smoking, wouldnt it be fun to actually have the smoking process be a bit more realistic?

I know its a bit off topic here, but have you guys ever considered adding morale to the game? It would definitely add a huge part to the gameplay and actively encourage players to keep neat clothing, cook different stuff, travel, seek company of other humans, penalize needless killings etc.

No man, if the food lasts for only a few days then its "hot smoking". While it would be a very fun addition, in practical terms it wouldnt add much into the game since we dont have a morale system that could be improved with tasty foods (unfortunately). We are talking about "cold smoking". It takes much longer and is more about preserving food and much less about adding flavours.

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