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What can i do to get quests more frequently and how do I become eligible for certain quests?

Broad question, but I think you guys know what I mean.


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When it's been 15 days since your last quest, go to a village.
Stay in the village for a full day. Try to talk to everybody but also hang out doing some crafting (making boards or whatever) because there are some quests that only one person in the village knows about and you won't get the quest unless you talk to that one person but if you stick around long enough, they'll come up to you and start talking.
Sleep in the village and then journey on to the next village, staying a full day in that village, etc.
I think, but am not sure, that you have to enter the village from the zoomed out map by walking into it; ifyou zoom in early and walk in on the zoomed in map then I think it doesn't work (but maybe that was fixed?)

If you miss a quest in a village you could go to dozens of villages without ever finding a quest because you have to wait until that one you didn't find expires, so make sure you stay in each village long enough to be sure that you didn't miss anything.

(and sometimes it takes even longer than that; i've got a character right now who has been a whole month without finding anything and spent most of the last few weeks sleeping in villages to no avail, so there might be something else i'm missing or just might be having bad luck. But usually these tips work!


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Thank you for your detailed post, I found that 15 is the magic number as well.

But it often goes longer than that, I have also have gone 60 days without a quest.
I was thinking maybe it requires a certain amount of distance traveled, amount of time spent in and outside the village, etc.
I was also thinking it matters who is in the village (no old man/sage? no quest, etc.) and where the village is.


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All of the quests I've received (not many total) have involved using particular skills... timbercraft, herblore, tracking, ritual? .  I'm guessing having high ranks in particular skills are frequent requirements

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i think you're right, but it also seems like the threshold (at least for certain skills) may be fairly low. I've received numerous herblore quests despite only having a skill rating of ~30%