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Re: Keeping the game fresh i find starting up an industry to be satisfying and a good way to make the in-game days pass quickly and without tedium.  For this, I rely on mods.  Ironworking is my favorite, and weaving is also very fun. 

One survival maxim is to improve your situation at least a little, every day.  With this mindset, you can usually think of something to do.  Why not expand your home, build an addition or a new shed to store things?  Dig a well, or gather the materials for a kota.  Create a large farm, with many animals, many plots of crops and a large herb garden. 

One lifestyle I've never managed to actually get off the ground is travelling kota-dwelling nomad, using a reindeer (or 2 or 3) to carry my supplies and the materials for my kota, and travelling light with just my bow and a few dogs.  I think it would be pretty cool, but somehow my nomads always end up dying before i get to that point.

also, I want to mirror others in saying that I find UnReal world to be a very effective pastime for when I cannot get out in the real woods.  It really does an effective job in cultivating the exact "mindset" of real wilderness living.  In fact, sometimes even when I am in the woods, I play Unreal World when it's too rainy to do much outside!  my unreal world character really is like a "second me", a persona that I can use to explore options and life-paths that would be too difficult or dangerous to do in real life.  Of course, I would love it if I could make a 4 km trap fence and funnel all the life of the woods into my dinner-pot, but that is illegal pretty much everywhere  :P.  I tend to grow very attached to my Unreal World characters, and I am proud to watch them grow and thrive.  With this in mind, I generally try to treat them like real people, and ensure that they get enough sleep, enjoy some variation in their diet, and sometimes do things just for fun or to make their life more comfortable.  I find it makes the game much more satisfying to play.  I suppose some might find it odd that I lavish such care on a little pile of pixels and numbers, but this is my hobby, and I enjoy it. I also find that it has some level of cross-over to real life situations - when I've been playing unreal world as opposed to other games, I find my mind much more readily adapts to wilderness living.  I am able to plan out my actions intelligently by simply thinking, "Hm, what would I do in Unreal World?"

I'm not trying to say that Unreal World is adequate training for a survival situation, real life is far more complex and you also have to actually chop down all those trees yourself, not just watch a little animation!  but, when played mindfully, it can help your brain stay in the correct mentality.

May 28, 2017, 03:30:44 PM
Re: Mors Kochanski, 40+ years of Bushcraft Mors Kochanski is amazing! He instructed the bushcraft instructor who instructed me.  He is a true master. 

I have a few of his out-of-print videos, which I might be convinced to share if I were convinced they were going to someone who would make good use of them. :)

June 01, 2017, 01:59:33 AM
Re: Telling Furs Apart it would also be cool if different animal furs looked different, so a fox fur looks like a fox fur, bear fur looks like a bear fur... etc
June 15, 2017, 09:26:18 PM
Re: Random little additions... Love the new boat tiles! and Thank You for optimizing the rain/snow effects!!!
July 12, 2017, 02:12:50 AM
Re: Killed Companions  ;D
You can do nothing, but you can later make quests for the village, after they rage subsided. If you want.

You can roleplay a bit, drop some stones on the body to make a grave, or carry it to the cave. Personally I would try to cut it into pieces if it is winter and it won't rot too quick, then dry it, and sell/give to his fellow villagers, so they can retain at least some of his spirit.
Haha!  That's simultaneously sweet and incredibly fucked up

July 29, 2017, 05:55:00 PM
Re: Material Coal yeah, agreed.  it would be nice if smoking required constant fuel, or else the smoked goods would spoil.  for roleplaying sake, i often try to keep my smokehouse nice and stoked.  it does start to feel pointless after a while...
August 16, 2017, 03:58:08 AM
Re: Time flies, the autumn comes this summer did seem to fly, didn't it?  Glad you are well. 
October 01, 2017, 12:37:03 AM
Re: Luckiest kill? One time, i chased an elk out onto the ice, where she fell through.  I stood on the solid ground nearby and was casually clubbing her to death.  as the elk became severely wounded, she turned to fight.  On her first strike, she somehow hit me in the eye with her hoof and i was killed in an instant.  still not sure how that could have physically happened irl
November 10, 2017, 05:21:58 PM
Re: Way to increase stats It's been mentioned before that it would be nice for physical stats to increase based on in-game activities.  For example, chopping down trees all summer would surely increase your strength (try it if you don't believe me...), or skiing all winter could increase your endurance.  Like you said, the characters are only 16 years old, and people's bodies are very adaptable at that age.  It would also be nice to see more "cosmetic" changes, like if you stay indoors all winter eating bear meat, you might put on a few extra pounds ;)
January 04, 2018, 03:30:44 PM
Re: Having a hard time finding animals. Personally, I prefer the thrill of active hunting ;)

you need good perception attributes in order to find the wildlife in their natural habitat.  I find good eyesight to be the most important, as it allows you to see a long way on the map, spot animals moving through the wilderness, and also helps with missile weapons.  it also really helps to have decent tracking skill - if you don't feel like investing in this skill at character creation, you can do the beginner adventure path to get a big boost. 

as others mentioned, your best bet is to find a good vantage point.  Hills and mountains work the best, marshes are also pretty good, and rivers and lakes can work too.  Simply scout around and look for animals. If you see some, make a note of their last-seen location and head  there.  They may have moved or disappeared by the time you get there, so this is where your tracking skill comes in handy.  use it on the world map by pressing ctrl-t, and it will often give you an indication of where the animal headed.  When you think you're getting close, you can try zooming in to follow their tracks more closely.

Of course, there may simply not be any animals where you are.  If that's the case, you can wait around for a while and more animals will likely eventually migrate there.  However, this option takes a long time and isn't viable if you rely on hunting for sustenance.  Your best bet is to stay on the move.  You're far more likely to find animals if you travel, always on the lookout for good vantage points to scout for game.  You also have to keep in mind the habitats of the animals - you aren't likely to find much in the frozen northern mountains during the winter.  Game is most plentiful in the south-east region of the world, near the Kaumo and Reemi - but you must also watch out for the dreaded Njerpez in that region. 

Good luck, young hunter!  Do not forget to thank the forest spirits when you harvest the animals ;)

January 14, 2018, 09:49:41 PM