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Tom H

« on: December 24, 2019, 07:53:08 PM »
I was hunting a wild sow and got close enough to hurl a javelin. It hit and, momentarily, the sow was knocked down and unconscious. I hit it with another javelin but it still managed to run, leaving a bloody trail.

I tracked it by blood and prints to a nearby forest area. I found a blood trail just within the woods and a few tracks but, wouldn't you know, the tracks soon ran out. What surprised me was that the BLOOD TRAIL also soon disappeared, both in the forest and out on the pine mire where the chase began.

The weather was light snow. Maybe that covered the blood but I've never had this to occur before, in the instant I was tracking.


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blood trails get cleared every hour, so if you injured the sow at 7:59 then at 8:00 the blood would disappear and it would seem like it happened way too soon.

Tom H

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Allow me a long AHHHH! because that might explain some occurrences I've seen in the past, too.