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Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? After at least 100 hours of play, I've run through over a dozen adventurers who, almost without exception, died from MY decisions. I learned some bad lessons early on. Small female bears/with cub leave one with the mistaken impression that bears are not TOO bad. Papa Bear will correct that fallacy. While the first five Njerpez may seem to be relatively soft, the sixth has uncanny skills with just his knife. Foxes can run on thin ice. Don't follow them. Robbers have a lot of friends.

My dead Father apparently took me hunting while barely clothed. Perhaps he traded most of my clothes for the Fine Kaumo spear and Fine knife? Anyway, with those, and a handaxe,  I set out.

So, the first year, mid-summer, on a new start, determined to avoid previous mistakes. Settled next to rapids on a long river. After many futile weeks of hunting just to watch my javelins run away in some wounded deer or elk, I stopped trying. It would soon be too damp to dry meat, anyway. No meat is drying, at all!

The plan was to build a cabin/smokehouse, then to trap and smoke what I could trap. I'd snare some birds, kill squirrels with rocks, and fish for daily food. Having completed building I FINALLY lucked out and killed a deer. I then wasted 180+ cuts after learning there were a few building flaws in my cabin. By the time I fixed them, the meat was spoiled. Well, another lesson learned- TEST your smokehouse, first.

Built a trap fence, nothing trapped so far. Built a shorter one. Ditto. Started building a trap fence around a small lake.

Bumped into my first Njerpez. Seen robbers once and avoided them, likewise bears. But, by this point, though, I was despairing of any success, so, I did not run. Killed him, taking 26% injury. Got his spear and some very damaged lamellar. But, the spear was the start of a good run of luck. Traded that and his iron helm for better tools. Found a quest treasure and with that and the Njerp loot, bartered for Master woodsman, hand, and splitting axes, a 'Perfect' shovel, a Fine Fishing rod, a pot, a Fine Carving ax, Master Longbow, nets, a dog, all the things I'd drooled over before.

On the way back from hiring my first companion, I found I'd finally trapped a reindeer. Huzzah!

So, I'm still working that small lake's fence, not even 1/4 completed yet. Just started the Advanced missions line. I used my rewards to improve Cooking, Carpentry, and Hideworking. ALL I have to do is avoid stupid decisions now...fingers crossed!

September 30, 2018, 03:40:32 AM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? Woohoo! I've survived winter! I'll have to wait a few weeks, yet, to start my island hideaway, although a lot of logs are already cut there. Once the ice is completely thawed, I'll return and make a new, more secure, homestead. The only downside is that there has been a lot of Njerp when I visit the area. Several are baiting my bear deadfalls...heh.

I've lost, and replaced, two dogs, one to a Njerp, one to a wolf. All my Companions have lived to return home. Lots of meat stored, lots of Njerp loot that I'd love to trade for some better tools/weapons. Sadly, many of the neighboring villages are truly poor. Even the Foreign Traders, who are hard enough to find, often have little of use to me. I've found myself trading for silver and copper goods, just to lighten my load.

Overall, it was a very safe winter. Never a hint of frostburn, a single deer stumbled into my defense traps, and nothing else even seen nearby. My trap fence, only an hour away, provided numerous elk, several rabbits gave up their furs there, even one fox! Spotted several bears across the rapids and harvested two large and a cub. One had a fine winter coat. A single wolf fell afoul of a deadfall. Even his harsh fur got me 10 Fine arrows.

It's a great beginning!

October 11, 2018, 04:01:28 AM
Re: Best way to the kill trapped animal to preserve the skin. I'm not a long time pro, but, I've got 87 for Spear skill and the blunt end rarely damages a skin. There's been a few times, like with a fox or capercaillie, when I've actually missed clubbing them into unconsciousness with a shot to the head multiple times before I finally succeeded. The skin has suffered then, usually.

I've pelted squirrels in trees with rocks for no skin damage. By the way, always tether your dogs at a safe distance before you go to make a kill in a trap. Otherwise, they'll savage the animal and all you'll get is a harsh pelt/skin.

IF you use a club, mind that your skill with clubs is used. I've swung and hit the wrong target (NOT the head) a lot using clubs and squirrels-with-rocks rarely damages because I finish off with a spear butt to the skull.

October 12, 2018, 05:22:05 AM
Re: Blunt Arrow/ Arrow and wood structure building has a gap in the east wall? Sami- Aye, the building discrepancy was cleared up for me. I'd suggest to new players that, in building a wall, one should face the character directly where they intend to build the wall and take one step backwards. That is, in order to build an east wall, move north, bump into the north corner and take a step backwards.  That should avoid the optical illusion that led me to my error.

As to the arrow bug, I've wondered if it had to do with me playing for 18 hours without restarting my comp? I can't duplicate it, so, I guess I just messed up. Sorry!

October 12, 2018, 06:40:29 AM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? I'm into my 2nd winter now. Last winter my trap fence was awesome! That and my smaller traps set at a small lake resulted in 11 elk and deer, 3 foxes, a hare, and numerous birds. Perhaps not strangely, since winter broke, all that area has yielded is a pair of foxes. From the 3 successful bear deadfalls elsewhere from that winter, all I've gotten since is one wolf and one elk. That's over the whole spring/autumn period. I know the Gods are not unhappy with me, so, where did my good fortune go?

I farmed a small 4x10 area that yielded about 500 turnips (had other things planted late season but I neglected them and all withered), harvested about 2K of lake reeds, gathered a hundred or so of about a dozen useful plants, some used for the several wounds I've encountered.

Anyway, I built a new settlement with a good-sized cabin and a barn, but I'm not using it yet. It's on a small island but I've built no defenses yet. I've traveled through this winter to all but one clan area, scouting and trading. Three dogs and the same small bull still accompany me, though all the dogs are replacements for their originals...bah!

I have enough food now to last a year even if I had no other hunting successes. Think I'll finally build that sauna Time to relax!

October 31, 2018, 05:58:34 PM
Re: 3.52 Update? That's great. On Steam, I had this clever plan to trade most of the stuff I had to give up for a Northern spear. I would, of course, make boards! Worked fine, twice, for about 12 boards total. Then I got a real surprise reply after I MOVED a dozen more, from a good distance. 'We don't need no stinking boards!' lol (OK, They didn't REALLY say that, but they should have!)
November 02, 2018, 04:52:24 AM
Re: Kaumolais Weapons shortage?
Check the villagers instead. They usually have one or two Kaumo weapon in the inventories. Will they sell you is another problem.
If someone don't want to sell a Kaumo weapon, ask him to go hunting. If he agrees, give him food, get out of village and kill him.
Well do this in regions where you don't live. Find such person in a village where is nothing good for trading. Because if you kill someone from a village, you can't trade in that village any more, villagers will say: "No trading until our adventurer/hunter will come back."

I'm psychologically incapable of doing this willfully. heh- I've got over 3K hours in Skyrim and have never played a thief or assassin. I think it goes back to that old question- Would you break the law if no one would find out? But, I appreciate that you offered a

November 02, 2018, 08:30:31 PM
Re: Kaumolaiset to drik Board makeing GET RICH FAST 3.52 has a response to this thread...Fuggedaboudit! lol
November 04, 2018, 01:07:05 AM
Re: How do you play My game experience is recent and short. I found that hunting without a dog is frequently a waste of time, so, I became a trapper and settled near some rapids.  I have two small trap fences near small lakes, a couple dozen snares, mostly near my settlement, 6 heavy deadfalls which I've found good for bears, elk, and even a wolf once. My fence/deadly stake traps around my settlement have seen but 3 small marauding animals so I guess the rapids is not favored by wildlife in general. I have 2 or 3 dogs, depending on njerp luck, and a bull that's usually carrying my best furs, hoping to find traders with something I can use, and heavy armor that I pop on when I see a fight coming. I've traveled a lot, visited all but the Seal and Njerp areas, and have acquired many prized tools and weapons. I've put up a 2nd settlement with a cabin and a barn on a small island but have not yet used it much. I'm presently midway through my 2nd winter.
November 06, 2018, 02:00:53 AM
Re: [Fixed - persists in 3.52] Woodsman won't cut it! Wow! I like that twist. Afraid to commit sacrilege! Thanks, Sami
November 06, 2018, 06:31:25 PM