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Off-topic / Re: Spears are better than swords - video
« Last post by Acolyte on Today at 06:57:25 AM »
Interesting, but where's the spear and shield vs sword and shield group fight?

I'll also tell you from experience that a Shield wall with shorter weapons with a wall of spears behind them is even better. My favorite tactic was to use an axe and shield. I use the axe to hook the opponent's shield and bring it down a bit and the spear guy behind me stabs him in the face. Works really well.

   - Shane
I gotta say, I've been playing around with the new build and it's fantastic!

Thank you Sami!

Now I wonder what's next.... Well next is fixing the relatively few bugs that got introduced, of course, but after. It's very exciting to play a game that keeps getting better and better.

No pressure on that, BTW, I'm still exploring all the things you've added in - like the hunter who killed the wild boar I'd just spent considerable time tracking down!

"You hear a death rattle from the North East." Huh? Little further.... is that a dog? Yes it is! Little further..... is that a hunter? Yes it is! Oh....... Drat.  :)

   - Shane
General Discussion / Re: Send a Saved game
« Last post by reminded on Today at 12:51:51 AM »
Thank you for that explanation, Plotinus.

I never knew what 'maintenance' the game said it was doing when I accidentally hit the 7 key.

What a cool feature.
Gameplay questions / Re: Sleeping with Furs
« Last post by reminded on Today at 12:41:33 AM »
Playing on the new beta version, I sleep in a shelter, with a harsh reindeer fur, a harsh winter elk fur, and .7lbs of a harsh elk fur, and I still get the wrap yourself in fur, and fall asleep message.
Hm, reindeer are the only animal in the game that can be found both as domesticated ones and in the wild. Wild boars are a different (sub?)species from domestic pigs, and so don't need any special handling, and wolves and dogs are similarly different subspecies.
I can confirm.  I combined a set of cords to be 150 feet before using them to dry with.  The result after drying, is that I get back cords that are 150 feet in length, and then 125 feet, and then 100 feet, and so on.

I have attached a low quality screenshot of the bug.  I can send a save file upon request.
Gameplay questions / Re: Sleeping with Furs
« Last post by Kaleva on September 20, 2019, 08:52:58 PM »
I was sleeping in the shelter so maybe  thats why it doesnt say anything‚Ķ. i have a pile of of furs there
Bug reports / Re: Eternal flame 3.52
« Last post by Ara D. on September 20, 2019, 08:50:15 PM »
Magical Finnish fire spirits are my first guest but it may be villagers. It most often happens when I make a twig fire spam alt+c to roast all my meat and then go to sleep while it finishes cooking (like an iron age Crock-Pot) and when I wake up the fire is still there and meat is burnt
General Discussion / Re: Exploit - overloaded traders
« Last post by Ara D. on September 20, 2019, 08:37:42 PM »
My opinion without regards to functionality is that they should be willing to trade all their available goods as that is why they brought them to our lands; as opposed to villagers who may want to reserve their resources for later. Traders life goal is get rid of arms armor and jewelry and bring home furs
Suggestions / Re: Fish for credit.
« Last post by d2shr6o8av on September 20, 2019, 07:54:28 PM »
they restock once a week but only when you're not looking, so spend some time away from them while you are fishing, or visit one on even weeks and the other on odd weeks

This was my mistake as I was staying close to smoke my fish cuts (BAC mod).

Just found an adventurer and he was never heard from again... I magically have a handaxe now, thank you axe spirit!

i traded fresh roasted fish for anything they had: smoked fish, dried fish, leather ropes.
That's pretty much what I did in the village I stayed in.
As soon as I had to pick an island village (spring start and ice melting making it suicidal to swim in early spring to island hop by swimming) to be my temporary home I sold my mail mittens and it paid for everything the lucky village had.
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