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Gameplay questions / Re: How exactly to make elk leather
« Last post by JEB Davis on Today at 05:58:22 PM »
Leather armor is valuable (especially if you roleplay) for the summer. A layer of leather underneath mail or lamellar for example. While I know there are not penalties in-game for wearing fur when it's hot, there will be when Sami implements heat penalties.

Also, leather skins for water are great because who would carry a wooden bowl full of water as they tramp through the wilderness? Again... realism / roleplay versus what game mechanics allow.


Stone hammer changed from needing an axe haft to using a slender trunk

And today I clue in that maybe Kkarlson was suggesting we use slender trunk on the stone hammer

General Discussion / Re: How to survive (maybe) wolves
« Last post by Ara D. on Today at 03:11:53 PM »
Ya this last fight for me was a hill bordering mire, and if you have dogs leash them or you will lose them. I wish you could call back dogs from fights. I lost a dog to a different pack down south due to a fatal case of natural selection. I had traped most of the pack already. There was one in a trap and two still free. Attacking the trapped one agroed the other two. Killed one of them and thought heck two dogs one wolf left, get them boys. The idiots turned around and went after the trapped wolf. My small male dog took three bites and died. Killed by a trapped animal that he could have backed up to safety from, and the Darwin award goes to.  I could just imagine my char chasing them going NO! NO!! BAD DOG NO!! GO THE OTHER WAY ATTACK THE OTHER WOLF!!! You &#@$ing idiot dog COME!!!
General Discussion / Re: How to survive (maybe) wolves
« Last post by Saiko Kila on Today at 11:31:59 AM »
Is the 180° turn usually on the numpad 1? Mine is on the pgdown key.

It is at least on four keys: End key, Page Down key, 1/End key on numpad, 3/PgDn key on numpad (regardless of Num Lock status). I suppose End means turning left-wise, Page Down means turning right-wise, but since the effect is the same, there's no real difference.

As for wolves, I had one encounter in open mires, when I killed about ten of wolves with a bow. I had to be careful not to damage my dog/animals too much (I haven't unleashed dog to not loose it). The whole battle was quite epic, it spanned two days (with one sleep in the marshes, dog acted as a watchman), and many tiles.I was finding dead wolves (and many arrows) five tiles from the place the fight started, in opposite directions. But fighting wolves in a spruce mire is a nightmare.
Mod Releases / Re: Making salt out of sea water
« Last post by Ara D. on January 22, 2019, 10:41:09 PM »
I feel that the advance adventures are more about making you move around and get out of our homestead and explore
General Discussion / Re: How to survive (maybe) wolves
« Last post by Ara D. on January 22, 2019, 10:33:12 PM »
On my standard American PC keyboard The 180° is the 1 key board n the number pad num lock off
Mod Releases / Re: Making salt out of sea water
« Last post by Signatus on January 22, 2019, 10:23:32 PM »
This is a possible inclusion for the BAC, if Signatus will agree.

Id like to hear a bit of feedback on the work vs price/utility.

My own character Novrus is stuck in his quest to get a bag of salt.

Which also raises the question...

Is the player made salt something that be used to satisfy the "Salt from the coast" quest?

I don't mind, this is also quite simple.

As for work vs. Utility/price, it takes time to boil and you'll need several days and pounds of water to make a few pounds of salt. It might be unbalanced, so some testing might be in order, but seems like using it as a trade commodity is way too laborious. Coastal characters should be able to at least get some, if only to occasionally salt some food. This requires at least a bit of preparation due to it drying for 5 days

The main limiting factor for inland characters is the sea-water gathering and then the time wasted boiling, which might not be adequate at the moment.

Since the final product inherits the salt item, it should work if you have enough of it to clear the quest. Is 1 lb enough? Do you need a full 20 lbs in a bag? Does the quest look for the trading of the salt?

Salt is intended to be a rare/expensive import. However as someone who has modded the dead.. more than once. I support most any thoughtful use of things that can be done in the game.

Sami Maaranen

 Mar 07, 2017 #7
To me both the price and salt being only imported good are quite good and reasonable and I don't see the changes coming anytime soon. Although, if we find historical reference to salt having been far less valued during the period then it's gotta be tweaked.

Baltic sea salinity doesn't really encourage to salt production and I think majority of the salt was brought in Finland from central europe, eg. Germany. And I have a hunch of reading that during iron-age salt was in turn imported to central europe all the way from Africa.

Salt is a luxurity mostly for coastal southern tribes, and not necessary (or affordable) at all for everyone.
- Sami, UnReal World creator,

This could be a good day to utilize your squirrels hides.

Last opinion I remember from Sami on the topic.

I think it's definitely a luxury, and it seems that making the salt-making realistic only proves it: it takes too much effort for little gain. If you needed 500 lbs of leather, it would probably be easier to trade it around rather than collecting it yourself piece by piece, right? You can still hunt for 500 lbs of leather, it'll just take much more time and effort. Same here, especially considering you're playing a lone settler with no division of labour.

Large-scale salt-mining is not an option unless we mod in some kind of laborious process at the shore, which would yield more salt after some months maybe. Would it be worth it, relevant or realistic? I'm not sure

We could always make the test and ask someone in the Baltic nations to try and boil 6 lbs of sea water and measure the salt's weight and time taken :)
Modding / Re: Modding in valuable metals (Gold, Silver, Copper) for trade.
« Last post by Brygun on January 22, 2019, 10:10:02 PM »
There videos on youtube from "Thegn Thrand" for sure on testing bronze weapons. There may also be some from Schollagladitoria and Shadiversity.

Bronze can get a sharp edge yet the edge on the softer metal is more frail. Since it doesn't need to be heated as high to smith bronze weapons also tend to bend during the impact levels of combat.

UrW deals with weapon breakage by reducing quality factors of weapons.

We dont have a way of, afaik, to tell the game to accelerate the rate of decay of the weapon. For example parrying with a bronze sword vs an iron Nerjpez scimitar is going to wear out the bronze faster.

I would therefore suggest considering giving bronze weapons either or both:
- a penalty to crafting so they tend to come out "rough" and thus closer to broken
- reduced weapon impact stats,  1 -2 points off to estimate the average reduced state


There was overlaps of iron and bronze. At that time the availability and skills in iron were rare. In UrW the iron availability is very much there.


In terms of making the bronze with its lower heating points you may consider leaving out the bloomery. You could check on bronze making to see if they needed charcoal with its higher burns or if they could use just wood. Likewie with a bellows.

Copper smelting may have been discovered from large and long lasting hearth fires (cooking and heating a home) being able to melt the green copper out of malachite rocks.


Remember that Bronze needs copper and tin. So you should source in tin somehow.

General Discussion / Re: How to survive (maybe) wolves
« Last post by Edico on January 22, 2019, 08:59:08 PM »
Yeah wolves really are too dangerous to mess around with, at least if you value your characters life.  One problem is that you never know exactly how many wolves there are, where they're hiding or if they've left you alone.  I tend to engage them only by leaving traps and waiting until it dies to butcher.
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