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It is not even cheating, because items are invisible behind trees.
Quest could be hard but not impossible.
If you get annoyed at a point, as I did in the robbers quest, you can use @Night Editor Xray, and you will see through trees. But not through elevation.
Loop snare and feather becomes invisible behind the tree.
So with bad lack quest becomes impossible.
I faced this twice.
Would be grate if game prevented this. Or you could use ritual to remove trees which cover objects.

Or at least use file reading to define location.
General Discussion / Re: Advanced Adventures problem
« Last post by LoLotov on February 25, 2020, 11:04:19 PM »
Haven't played the latest version, but you used to be able to raise it with both Bow skill and Crossbow skill. I doubt you have max in both, so finding a crossbow would be your best bet if nothing has been changed. I usually try to raise crossbow anyway, as the majority of tribes start with quite poor Crossbow skill, and lower skills are much more likely to generate a new point than higher skills. Rather than hundreds of arrows at your cabin wall, it will probably only take dozens.
Lol v.2 :D
I read all kind of cool adventures, why the heck don't I have those :)) Bears attacking cows near the cabin, wolves attacking behind the back, robbers ending up at you cabin. At my cabin the only thing I get is the annoying birds I have set up traps for so I get rid of them. And a lost elk.

 The only advice I can give is maybe you need to die more? Creating more opportunities to see rare(r) events.

Yea.. That's why I die so much ;)
Sorry, but I thought the issue is BAC related, else I'd have opened a new thread. Since I have pretty limited modding skills I wasn't sure what was wrong.
Mod Releases / Re: Community mod BAC: Smith, Cooking, Punts, Survival, Carpentry, Sewing
« Last post by Brygun on February 25, 2020, 09:52:09 PM »
Quick question. I am trying to edit one item so I can see if I can use a negative weight to simulate a bull harness that makes it able to carry more logs. But, big but. Most of the settings I modify don't translate into the game.

While a supporter of modding and learning modding if the item is not a BAC item I would prefer if people started a new thread for a new item rather than debugging already BAC'd items.

Mod Releases / Re: Community mod BAC: Smith, Cooking, Punts, Survival, Carpentry, Sewing
« Last post by Brygun on February 25, 2020, 09:50:21 PM »
Is it my really bad luck or is it really unlikly to find cliffs and mountain in mire terrain? I would like to scoop ore in lakes but i play a minimal start and got no axe and without a better axe then stone axe i cant make a raft. so no access to lake ore. q.q  and i need ore to make a better axe. XD is there something i can see the mire terrain better on the map?  And bevor someone say, i should buy an new axe, no i waaant to make this without buying. ^~^

Good well be where in the world you are. There are way more cliffs to the north than in the south. If staying in the south or on the islands there isn't going to be as much luck.

The lake ore thing surprised me but research did find it out to be true. There is so much iron in Finland that it does tend to naturally pool in lakes in ways similar to the bacteria that collect the iron in the mires.

Gameplay questions / Re: Various questions from a new player
« Last post by Edico on February 25, 2020, 07:36:04 PM »
You can only craft fine staves in modded versions. Highest craftable in vanilla is decent. You can get fine cords from fine cloth or better, and sometimes you can craft fine javelins if you can find fine/master work staves for sale. I believe it's easier to do so if you have the applicable master work tool, as it should add 10% skill to common. Also easier if you limit your penalties. I think the only reason you can get fine cords is because you're using fine or better cloth.

Winter fur doesn't add anything as far as protection. Fine/masterwork designation for clothing seems to increase protection for fur/leather/iron/chain, as to how much I'm not sure. My guess is value*1.25 and 1.5 respectively, rounded down. Wool/linen seem unaffected by those tags
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