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Suggestions / Re: The UrW Anti-RSI Campaign group. ARSI, for short.
« Last post by Bert Preast on February 02, 2023, 06:14:49 PM »
Just remembered the most RSI activity of all - shopping.  Can villages not have a granary building where the food is kept, a smithy for metal stuff, a tailors for clothing, tannery for furs etc?  I think it would also help with the ambiance, storing stuff any old how is not how people do things.  Well, my wife excepted!

It's a lot of keystrokes trying to find that masterwork small knife or whatever you are shopping for.
Bug reports / Re: tree trunk spawns in inventory after fishing
« Last post by Kreivos on January 31, 2023, 10:06:36 AM »
I haven't managed to reproduce, but the phenomenon surely exists.
This is likely related to the activity at the map area, so it would help if somebody could send me the savegame right after noticing the issue.
1. issue noticed -> 2. save the game -> 3. send the savegame over to me for investigation.

Just happened to me for the first time. I sent you the savegame. Cheers!
Suggestions / Re: The UrW Anti-RSI Campaign group. ARSI, for short.
« Last post by Bert Preast on January 30, 2023, 12:33:24 AM »
1.  As a player with a few thousand hours over about 6 years, I have some idea how things can be customised.  Other players with just a few dozen hours and a couple of weeks may discover the same, but the point is that it took me years to get it.  I, like many players, am an idiot.  New players especially are idiots; and yet they are the ones we need to draw in - rather than leave them with their knuckles crippled with athritis and weeping in bewilderment as to why.  The idea is the minimum keystrokes possible for noobs.

2.  The herblore thing is not to speed up the grinding, just to reduce the RSI involved.  I think weatherlore is fine as is, though I continue to wonder why it exists when there are many more interesting things that could take its place.  People who grow up in an area learn to read the skies and the seasons, it's not really something you study.

3.  Everyone seems to be ignoring the main part of my archery suggestion, which is that you have to make a bow and some arrows.  I know Sami is an archer and I lap up all of his Youtube videos, and I think he would agree that making a bow and some arrows will teach more about archery than just loosing a few dozen arrows downrange.

Just read this back and I come off as a little bit condescending.  That's not my intention!   ;D   
I was well chuffed to make a fine northern staff-bow.  But now winter has arrived, I was expecting it to work as a ski-stick, but it doesn't seem to.  I have tested and skiing with my ski-stick makes me ski, while skiing with my northern staff-bow gives me messages that I need a ski-stick to ski.  The northern spear I made works fine as a ski-stick.

The snow is only ankle deep, may that have an effect?  Or is the staff-bow not meant to act as a ski-stick, in which case what does it do?

Edited to add a minor text bug:  When making iron armour the text still asks for pliers, rather than tongs.

Okay, things are getting weird now:  The helm I made is named "raven iron spectacle helm"; and provides almost no protection, being dark red in every category.  I used a superior raven leather in the forging, along with a fine steel dome and 2 perfect and 2 fine steel billets and all the tools I used were fine quality.  To say I am a tad disappointed would be an understatement  ;D 

Suggestions / Re: The UrW Anti-RSI Campaign group. ARSI, for short.
« Last post by ineedcords on January 30, 2023, 12:09:41 AM »
On behalf of struggling iron-age Finns everywhere, I have a couple of suggestions to reduce the risks of RSI and arthritis:
Great to have a thread about anti-RSI, discussing issues and potential improvements, thanks for raising this.

As a very high level look at the game, I believe one major problem and perhaps the main RSI problem we have, is tied to one of the tenets of the UrW game design which boils down to "do action X, to get better at skill X".
This certainly is not good for RSI at all, especially when combined with the ever-reducing skill-increase-success-chance rates; such as shooting few thousand arrows to increase bow skill from 99 to 100, it does get bad.
Currently game drops player as a 16 year old and player is mostly in control of their destiny; there are no hard classes and no hardcoded paths. One, via dedication, eventually can become a swordsman, an archer etc. That dedication is currently paid with RSI...
One alternative to this is, not having that kind of development at all, with a more static class system in which you start as archer for example but do not change from there, much - I would not prefer that, personally.
Another alternative is keeping any-to-any skill development approach but allowing much quicker skill development, starting as archer, quickly becoming swordsman. This probably would reduce immersion.
I am not sure what to do on this, if you or anyone have a suggestion to improve this, I would be interested to hear that.

1.  Clothing should be at the bottom of the inventory menu, as I believe it is the thing we make least changes to.  No more scrolling past 25 items of winter clothing to get at the tool.
Now, focusing on item 1 in your list (quoted above), there are already anti-RSI features in the game to help with the "too many items in list 'issue. Namely, the auto-assigned item letter codes for instant-item-interaction, as well as the FILTER functionality located under the TAB shortcut key in inventory view.

If you have anti-RSI efficiency on your mind, and you look at your inventory list & see 25 clothing items and you wish to get past those to reach a tool, then in that situation, you should not be scrolling down 25 items in the first place, as it would be against the anti-RSI efficiency.

Just hit the TAB key (the FILTER key), and use the built-in feature to show tools only and press 'a' key to pick the first item in the tools-only view (or, if it is not the top one in this new/updated tools-only view, then just hit the corresponding item key, such as b, c, d, etc.).

You can check out this post from paz, for a run down of what's already available in the game:

2. (Your herblore suggestion) I agree with the herblore skill speed up suggestion. While at it, wheatherlore probably should be bumped up too.
3. (Bow suggestion) This sounds good to me also. Hitting live animals/humans, to level up faster (rather than 600 waste shots). Note that the dev is a real life archer and probably been training for years, so they may not like a fast tracked approach. There is no harm in suggesting though, let's see what they say, probably in the next round of suggestions-mass-review.
Suggestions / Re: The UrW Anti-RSI Campaign group. ARSI, for short.
« Last post by Bert Preast on January 28, 2023, 05:39:19 PM »
That's true; but I am usually based in the far north-east, so getting my hands on a crossbow is quite a major expedition!
Suggestions / Re: The UrW Anti-RSI Campaign group. ARSI, for short.
« Last post by JP_Finn on January 28, 2023, 05:03:08 PM »
Galgana, PALU and Tinker already covered all but one part.
It a character’s archery is already relatively high, one can always obtain a crossbow and use that for the skill increase.
Suggestions / Re: The UrW Anti-RSI Campaign group. ARSI, for short.
« Last post by Tinker on January 28, 2023, 10:07:19 AM »
I already edited my inventory order and use TAB to select items groups, some things are still a pain though.

Auto equipping a paddle or sesta in your inventory when you try to get a watercraft moving would help as would setting a preferred tool for active fishing so that tool is auto equipped if you have it in your inventory and start fishing.
Suggestions / Re: The UrW Anti-RSI Campaign group. ARSI, for short.
« Last post by PALU on January 28, 2023, 09:58:23 AM »
As far as I understand the game courses aren't intended to be crammed through, but rather intended as activity guides. Yes, that means that it may take quite a long time before the archery skill is increased through normal game play, but there's a whole life to get through the courses.
Suggestions / Re: The UrW Anti-RSI Campaign group. ARSI, for short.
« Last post by Galgana on January 28, 2023, 03:42:32 AM »
Point 1 can be resolved by editing [INVENTORY_ORDER] in urw_ini.txt
For example, this is how I have it customised:
Code: [Select]
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