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Gameplay questions / Re: Another thing that puzzles me...
« Last post by PALU on April 23, 2019, 10:05:26 AM »
Because the UrW characters are sluggish thinkers who won't react until well after having passed them? ;P

Technically it's because the track report is based on what's in the tile and, I assume, the character's tracking ability, while the zooming uses the standard technique to zoom in to the location where you zoomed out the last time, or some default location if you haven't zoomed out from that tile.
Development News / "Religion in digital games", lecture in finnish
« Last post by Sami on April 23, 2019, 09:46:08 AM »
This is mostly of interest to those who understand spoken finnish, but I'll brief it up in english.

University of Turku is hosting course of lectures titled "Katsomukset kartalla: Uskonto tieteessä, taiteessa ja populaarikulttuurissa" (fin) - which can be freely translated as "Views on the map: Religion in science, art and popular culture". All of these can be followed online.

The lecturers consist of Turku based religiologists and folklorists, and among them is Mr. Kyyrö who has paid interested in folk religion and worldview displayed in UnReal World. He did visit me - and also Erkka - earlier this spring. You might remember this post.

Now today, 23.4.2019, Mr. Kyyrö together with Tuomas Äystö are giving a lecture titled "Uskonto digitaalisissa peleissä." which translates as "Religion in digital games". The title is interesting in itself but what might be even more interesting to you is that UnReal World may possibly be referenced in the lecture.

You can follow the lectures remotely online, live or afterwards, via this link. Sign up isn't required either. Here's direct link to find the lectures:

And here's main page for the course of lectures:

Gameplay questions / Another thing that puzzles me...
« Last post by Tom H on April 23, 2019, 03:41:42 AM »
Why is it that, when I'm on the strategic map and am told that I've spotted some type of tracks, then when I go to the tactical map there are no tracks? Logically, one would expect to be taken to the tracks that captured my attention.
Gameplay questions / Re: Can't finish the ritual-quest!
« Last post by Tom H on April 23, 2019, 03:35:28 AM »
I truly think there's some bug in this ritual. I've done it before, successfully, but only after several attempts. I have it again and have failed on the first attempt, again. I've just given up on the ritual because I can't see any value for the time invested.

 I also don't bother with the Lost Animal quest anymore. I wasted too many days searching dense woods for footprints that, in the end, found nothing.

However, to the OP, I can attest that the first ritual on the list, the Sacrifice, is what needs to be done to complete this. It won't use up the entire silver item, just takes a tiny bite out of it.
Gameplay questions / Re: Can't finish the ritual-quest!
« Last post by Ara D. on April 23, 2019, 12:13:42 AM »
It definitely is general sacrifice. Also it won't allow you to sacrifice silver unless certain conditions are met. You can not sacrifice silver at will, I know this because I tried after finding my lost animals after a robbers attack.
Gameplay questions / Re: Can't finish the ritual-quest!
« Last post by PALU on April 22, 2019, 02:44:42 PM »
I believe you use the "general sacrifice" ritual while standing on the ant nest (or possibly next to it), and then select the silver item from the list of things presented as the object to sacrifice. I.e. you use the same ritual as you do to appease the spirits of the forest and the ones of the water normally.
Gameplay questions / Can't finish the ritual-quest!
« Last post by morrneyo on April 22, 2019, 12:04:52 PM »
I put silver thing (in my case I used sliver ring) on ant nest as sacrifice at night and waited until next morning to meet forest spirit or something. But nothing happened and this is my third attempt. How can I finish the ritual?

Meet the Spirit of the Forest
'The spirit of the forest can be met and addressed by sacrificing silver at an ant nest. You do it alone at night, and then wait for the spirit to arrive. Do not fear and he may speak and show himself to you before dawn.'
Mod Releases / Re: Faatal's Lightweight BAC fork v1.1 (BAC v050)
« Last post by Faatal on April 22, 2019, 04:19:28 AM »
Thank you Brygun, will do. On another note, the fork has been updated to v1.1, corresponding with BAC v050.


Dungeon Smash in the original cooking thread find a compatibility wording issue recommending change to  {*wooden tub*}

This has been done in this version of BAC
Your welcome.

Thanks also to all the contributing modders.

While I started with ~20 recipes from me Brygun's Added Items the integration with others made the data structure, the organization, necessary. BAC then organized, reassigned, filtered and lots of recipe edits to get what we have today. It also made it easy to add in a bunch more of my own recipes sometimes expanding on others. The wood carving was like that. After integrating the existing wood carving mod I looked through the graphic tiles and picked out ones that looked like they could be carved, like the village playset.

Keeping code easy to read is part of computer programmer training. Code is read by more than you and the machine. Other team members, the client and people years down the road need to figure it out. Plus one day you may be called in to do maintenance or update on code someone wrote years ago... like that time 1999 became 2000.

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