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Development News / Re: Messing with measures
« Last post by Titanium on July 11, 2019, 05:06:22 PM »
I am trying knot to make any puns.
Development News / Re: Messing with measures
« Last post by ModernNorseman on July 11, 2019, 03:04:43 PM »
Super excited about this! Will change alot of dynamics in the game (at least for me) now that we can reuse materials for smoking and drying.
Modding / Re: Shaman_mod_pack_for3.30
« Last post by Simon on July 10, 2019, 04:49:13 PM »
Nice to see this after being absent from the forum for a few years!

I discontinued the Shaman Mod when the new version changed all the weights and some other things, I forgot exactly what but it meant some of the things from the mod wouldn't be working right anymore, or wouldn't be really balanced.

There's a lot of stuff in there that's not that important actually. Indeed, the firemaking wasn't all that important.

But I did put some very difficult /laborous puzzles in there which I don't think anybody ever solved.
[spoiler]But if you studied the encyclopedia you might've back-engineered it ;)[:spoiler]
Development News / Re: Messing with measures
« Last post by Ezezaguna on July 10, 2019, 02:27:20 PM »
Love this!
Development News / Messing with measures
« Last post by Sami on July 10, 2019, 01:40:01 PM »
So, the length property has been added for tying equipment, and I've been working on to update item conversions and crafting requirements to accept this brand new addition.
Adding measure of length is a perfect example of seemingly simple, yet fundamental addition which extends all around the code and has brought up numerous related features.
Here's where we are at now with tying equipment additions, and now I hope to be able to catch up with more NPC stuff - where I was before getting entwined by ropes and cords.

 - added: measure of length for tying equipment

         Appropriate items, such as ropes, now have a length property. The unit of length we use
         is foot (ft), and should an item have a length property it is displayed both in inventory menu
         and when looking at items on the ground. This addition foremostly affects to crafting material
         requirements which can now be length based.

  - added: new crafting category under [M]ake menu: "Tying quipment"

         This category contains the usual ropes and cords, which are now removed from their previous
         location in "Utility articles".

 - added: Join and shorten options to manipulate tying equipment lengths

         Under "Tying equipment" category within [M]ake menu there are options for joining and shorterning
         ropes and cords as sometimes specific length is desired. You may not want to spend full length
         rope on something that requires only a short piece, or you may need to join cords together to
         come up with long enough string for a specific craft.

 - changed: tying equipment requirements in crafting are now length based

         Instead of requiring certain number of cords and ropes all the tying equipment requirements
         are now length based.

 - reasoned: required tying equipment types in some crafting recipes

         For example:
         When making arrows, previously you could use any "tying equipment" in the process - including
         ropes. Now arrow making requires "cord", a little finer and more specific tying equipment.

 - added: tying equipment used in cookery do not disappear in the process anymore

         You can pick your ropes and cords back after the smoking and drying processes are done.   

These are future additions, not yet functional in current version 3.52.
Development News / Re: Summer Sale, Summer opportunities
« Last post by flap on July 09, 2019, 11:26:06 AM »
Very interresting event Sami  ;)
Suggestions / Cooking Order
« Last post by FinMark on July 09, 2019, 10:48:22 AM »
It would be better for the heated room/fire check to be first.

Then you wouldn't have to re enter the ingredients when the oven isn't heated.

Noaidi makes the world real again.

Ps. Hyvä on peli. hieno on tekijä mies
Suggestions / Re: Falling suggestion.
« Last post by PALU on July 09, 2019, 10:12:41 AM »
I expect the raising to be abstracted away, so a falling climber automatically picks himself up, a poor skier does so as well, contributing to the fatigue build up, and characters would occasionally trip on roots or slip on ice and automatically pick themselves up without it being show explicitly.

For climbing I don't see any issues with having to rise explicitly, as you don't do that all the time, but having to do so while traveling would be rather annoying.
Suggestions / Falling suggestion.
« Last post by Frostbit on July 08, 2019, 07:51:47 PM »
I've noticed that whenever my character falls when climbing, they always land on their feet just like a cat. It would be nice if they fell prone most of the time and had to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and try again.

And on the subject of falling, I don't think any of my characters have ever slipped and fallen down even once no matter how bad they are at skiing. I've had my share of spills in real life and think it would add to the realism if I didn't have to deliberately fall down on my own every now and again just to keep things real.  ;)
Modding / Re: Question about debug_topics.txt
« Last post by Sami on July 08, 2019, 06:58:41 PM »
Was trying to make some cuts here and there in encyclopedia, then suddenly got lightning striked after adding some new entries.  :o

Does the max limit of topics is core set to max 500 ?

And eventually if is it possible to extend that bracket/limit?

Yes, it's capped at 500 topics and can't be changed by players. I'll give it some more space for the next version.
Back in the day we must have thought that "500 topics should be enough for everyone..." :)
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