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Season's Greetings The midwinter and holiday season is at hand!
It is time to send you our warmest Season's Greetings with a few moody photos from this very day.
Thank you for 2021 to those who already roam the UnReal World, and welcome into the Far North, all you new adventurers.

We have just passed the Winter Solstice on northern hemisphere, and the amount of daylight now slowly starts increasing. Otherwise the winter in Eastern Finland continues in decent -20 degrees celsius temperatures with delightful amount of snow. Sami (UnReal World creator) heads towards the real world in horizon.

Merry Christmas, Tree. This mighty spruce grows beside the village road, not very far from the development chambers.

Now let's survive the midwinter, and see you again in 2022!

December 22, 2021, 04:22:44 PM
More information for fishing "misses" Hey, just wanted to suggest, while fishing is being worked on, that more supporting text and information while fishing could give it a lot more flavour. Things like "you see a pike swimming by" during the fishing task, or "you see several fish but nothing bites" when fishing has completed unsuccessfully.

As it is now it's very difficult to know if your fishing has any chance of succeeding, as it simply waits for three hours and nothing happens - there's no indication of whether or not there are even any fish where you're trying to catch things, and it doesn't feel like three hours have passed as nothing notable has happened.

Especially when spear fishing, for misses i would expect a lot of "you try to spear a salmon but miss", but there's never any indication there was even any fish available to spear.

Any information about spotting fish while fishing would make the task a lot more lively.

September 03, 2023, 01:20:25 AM
Re: Villages should keep their water sources free of ice during winter asking for directions from the villagers also helps somewhat, but if you're too close to it, the conversation goes like this

Villager: it's right over there, you see.
Me: No, I don't see it, it's covered in ice and snow.

December 04, 2023, 01:48:20 PM
Re: Add cooking with wooden bowls Voila!

Ill worked this up and tested it. Will be adding to BAC shortly. Meanwhile if you want to use it separately:

Try this:

add to your menudef

.Tub cooking. -T- *COOKERY*

and stick into cookery_glossary

[SUBMENU_START:Tub cooking]

//Tub Cooking
// by Brygun
// added 2023-12-07
// Inspired by conversations stared by Matti-patti at
// Sample real world recipe
// Cook time based on average of young lamb 180m and old shepp
// at half that. Thus 150m.
// For this game a stone is used to elevate the tub out of the fire
// The result from bottom to top is the fire lay, the stone,
// tub on the stone
// in the tub the turnips on the bottom
// meat on top of the turnips
// thus meat juices drip onto turnips
// sounds tasty so a good skill bonus given
// Allowed patch based on capacity of the tub at 10
// herbs and seasoning allowance for stacking a little higher
// than what liquids the tub could hold

.Lemi sra. *COOKERY* /10/  \150\ %30% [effort:1] [patch:5]
{Fire} '+ Heat source started'
{Firewood} (3) [remove] [ground] [noquality]'+ to sustain fire'
{*tub*} [ground] '+ to hold food near heat'
{Stone} [ground] '+ to raise tub from fire'
{Raw meat}   #1#    [remove] [ground] [roast] [patchwise] [name] '+ cooked in tub near fire'
{Turnip} #1# [remove] [roast] [patchwise] '+ cooked in tub near fire'
{Herbs}   #.5#   [remove] [roast] [optional] [patchwise]
{Seasoning}   #0.25#   [remove] [roast] [optional] [patchwise]
{Knife}   '+for preparing'

[SUBMENU_END:Tub cooking]

December 08, 2023, 02:53:42 AM