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Gameplay questions / Re: Shields vs projectiles vs dodging
« on: July 18, 2023, 07:42:16 PM »

Presuming that defensive bonus of 6 that the wiki gives for shield is 30% and dodge action has no bonus of any sort, then masterwork shield would come down to about to same defensiveness as dodge in your character's case. Though I note that Harnmaster's block action more readily produces tactical advantage for the defender, not sure if that's the same in URW but if yes then the shield might actually be superior.

Gameplay questions / Re: Winter Fur
« on: June 28, 2023, 11:19:44 AM »
Fur armour makes sense, and yes especially bear fur with it's point resistance which can be otherwise hard to stack. But I don't really armour up for my everyday tasks anymore, except for the neck where mail cowl + fur hood is nice guarantee in case a wolf tries to stealth nibble you from behind (they always attack neck), which can be an unexpected instant death otherwise. If you are going out with intent to fight or hunt dangerous critters, then it's different.

What furs don't make much sense is warmth for winter wear, which is opposite of what one might expect.

Gameplay questions / Re: Winter Fur
« on: June 27, 2023, 01:23:50 PM »
Is it? The wiki says generic fur and bear fur are the same except bear fur is better vs Tear. Is there a game file I can check or are people just comparing manually with layers in-game?

Some people have probably snooped the game code at various time but I don't know how to do so. You can see armour values in-game either on the armour coverage screen or by individually examining pieces of clothing in your inventory.

Those colour coded pictures at the start of are extremely old. They were wrong a decade ago when they were on the old Wiki, if someone has Wiki account would be good idea to move them to the bottom of the article (which has similarly ancient stuff) or just remove them. The correct armour values are given in a text based table bit further down the article, and there is also legend for the colour codes used on the armour coverage screen above that. Only aspect missing from the Wiki are the bonuses clothing/armour get from quality. E.g. rough clothing (fur/cloth/wool) has -1 warmth, fine cloth clothing and leather get no boost, but there is a boost at masterwork, furs and wool get their bonus at fine already (easily missed on wool since it goes from 4 to 5 warmth, which are both colour coded yellow) and IIRC are no further buffed by masterwork. IIRC, mail is only buffed at masterwork, not sure about iron (helm, coudes) since it's pierce/edge resistance is out of scale.

Gameplay questions / Re: Winter Fur
« on: June 26, 2023, 06:02:45 PM »
IS it possible to make fine bear fur clothing with a masterwork knife? If so, then I've really got to find a masterworking smith.

Player made clothes are capped at decent (at last without mods). Also note that quality only boosts (IIRC) warmth and blunt resistance of fur clothing (which are already weaker on bear fur than generic fur). It doesn't boost point or edge resistance, unlike leather and the metals.

Yeah this is especially case of the arrow icon/tile blending in so well with the pines and whatnot. Even the vanilla bone tipped arrows are much easier to spot due to the white head.

Suggestions / Re: Birds should be less intimidating
« on: June 20, 2023, 09:27:19 PM »
Yeah that too. I guess there could also be a entry in the options for "harmless animals interrupt player", which would drop the interrupt queries for anything except large animals, predators and valuable fur bearing animals. Then you could have that on when you start when you actually might care about that squirrel/hare/grouse popping up, and then turn it off when you no longer care. Also domestic animals in villages shouldn't interrupt.

Suggestions / Birds should be less intimidating
« on: June 20, 2023, 08:45:45 PM »
This is something that has been bothering me for a long time. Please make it so that we can zoom out to the world map even if there is some random grouse hovering in the air nearby. Birds in the air tend to be chill about the player's presence so that they can stick nearby and you need to run away from the bird before you can zoom out. None of the birds are ever aggressive to the player either. The only potential exploit cases I can think of is that the player might zoom out to prevent a bird of prey from killing another bird or prevent it from stealing a meat cut you left lying around on the ground, which are of doubtful utility.

Similarly I'm not sure dogs should be so hung about birds of pray (i.e. bark in alarm) as they are insignificant animals to the player. It's unnecessary info clutter.

Gameplay questions / Re: Effin' lynx.
« on: June 20, 2023, 08:27:16 PM »
I don't think trap pits catch lynxes, I have seen them plenty of time in other traps I have had besides my trap fences but never in the pits. In addition it seems these days critters can bypass incompatible traps so they no longer work as magic fences.

The easy way to keep your animal safe for any amount of time is to tie them to a tree in a nearby village. Then you could just have a single trap somewhere near your homestead and wait until the Lynx gets into that, then you can bring the animal back in.

The elaborate solution would be to to make a pen for your animal and then surround that with rings various of traps. You could have one ring of pits (or bear traps), one ring of heavy deadfalls and one ring of small deadfalls. One of those is bound to work. :D

If the unspecified 1-2% refers to encumbrance, my experience from swimming is that 1% is "free", i.e. you can swim as far with an encumbrance of 1 as with 0, but with a significant penalty to the range at 2.
That was some time ago, but I don't think this has changed since.

If someone could be bothered, it should be possible to test by counting how many tiles you can run before reaching a fatigue level of e.g. 10 at various levels of encumbrance.

Yup, encumbrance. There actually was a thread on that:

I've got a 5mph Kaumolais with (it appears) at least 85% in all his stats because I rollscummed HARD. I never take one without maximum agility and strength for maximum spearchucking. Don't know how people are running at 7mph!

Owl tribe are much faster but they have smaller build/carrying capacity. I don't think you'll ever see a 8km/hour Kaumo.

Though it's worth emphasizing that the bulk (as in character's body weight) only matters for maximum carry weight and the encumbrance free clothing you can wear, between those points it's all about character's endurance stat. The clothing thing can be an issue (less so if you are able to find the masterwork clothes to dress both light and warm) during colder periods, but I find linen undershirt + nettle cloak + fur mittens + fur hood + fur footwear to be very functional set and it only weights 10,7 pounds combined. In the dead of winter you will be skiing so more equipment and you won't be running either so it's less an issue.

Suggestions / Add more "manufacturer" NPCs
« on: June 19, 2023, 10:32:05 AM »
In the category of super obvious suggestions: now that there is presumably some kind framework for the orders systems, it would be nice to see other relevant NPCs.

For example bowyers who make bows and arrows (possibly player would need to supply the arrowheads?), rough/decent clothing from female npc from villages (possibly with rather long manufacturing times as they have other things to do than make you clothes), rare dedicated seamstress NPC who make fine and masterwork clothing in at least Driik and Reemi villages. Maybe (already present) craftsman NPCs should be able to supply you with more general items like paddles, punts, yarn, snares, nets etc.? The readily available stock in villages could then be revised to be more basic accordingly (though I think they should always have some stuff there, a desperate player might want to steal an axe, for example).

It's worth noting that there would be some thematic issues with ordering fur clothing, since furs are mechanically player's prime loot and currency, but fur clothing isn't priced accordingly. For example fine reindeer fur goes for 250 value (25 value/pound) while fine fur shirt is 200 (28,58 value/pound). Maybe (forest) reindeer furs should have the price cut down to half to bring them in line with elk fur for value/pound, though I feel the added value from the expert manufacture is still rather small. The fur clothes could be also made more expensive, but fine furs (warmth 6, but very heavy) are already bit iffy for warmth when compared to rough nettle and linen clothing (warmth 2, but much lighter), so they aren't terribly useful for players except for the items for extremities.

It's easier to persistence hunt if you can run a bit, I don't go at 0% since that would mean ditching even a knife, but I tend to go for 1-2% max. For weapons I just have knife, bow (short or northern due to lighter weight) and less than 10 arrows. You really don't need that Kaumo spear when you are hunting elks and deer.

Gameplay questions / Re: Caves
« on: June 18, 2023, 05:18:44 PM »
Never seen anything except Lynxes, Njerps and (small) treasure hoards in caves. Also re. the traps, I have never tried it myself, but haven't people used these for seals?

Gameplay questions / Re: Winter Fur
« on: June 18, 2023, 11:25:09 AM »
Yes, clothes made from winter fur is warmer. You'll notice it more with bigger animals like bear or elk. I don't remember if the effect is visible for squirrel fur, but it might be. You can examine clothes in your inventory individually to see how warm they are.

Doesn't seem to actually be a thing, almost got existed since it would have meant less "hunt the rare piece of fine/masterwork clothing from Driik/Reemi shops" for optimal winter wear (especially for the smaller characters).

Tested by creating a pair of new Owl tribe characters in 3.80, one in autumn and one in winter and then hunting and skinning an elk. Fine elk winter fur (hunted in Dirt month) made into clothing with decent yarn bought from shop resulted in elk fur clothing with warmth of 5. Decent elk fur (hunted in Harvest month) made into clothing with decent store bought yarn resulted in elk fur clothing with warmth of 5. I verified both were actually 5 (rather than 4 as yellow means both 4 and 5 on the armour coverage screen) by seeing that both produced 8 (dark green) when overlapping with linen clothing.

So you'll still need to get those fine+ generic fur mittens, footwear and hood from shop for your winter clothing. For the rest, furs are at best temporary solution even if fine, since they are weight inefficient for warmth when compared to even regular quality wool/linen/nettle clothing.

Gameplay questions / Re: Land North of Njerpez??
« on: January 13, 2022, 02:25:59 PM »
That point about predators is interesting. I normally tend to set my cabin around or in the Koivulais lands as it's in central location, but in current game I'm living in Kaumo and I'm having decent success trapping gluttons, wolves and lynxes. Maybe 1.5-2 animals per big deadfall trap in the first 6 months of the game or so? Granted I have not previously done dedicated trapping with big deadfalls, so I don't known if that's really better than elsewhere.

The amount of bears I have seen seems pretty usual though, and I haven't actually bothered to hunt any.

Bug reports / Re: Punts on Dogs (or other pack animals)
« on: December 23, 2021, 11:51:35 PM »
Dog carrying a punt makes about as much sense as player character somehow stowing the same (presumably 2-3 meter long) watercraft into his bag of holding and then running through thick spruce forest while wielding a bow and arrow. Or a bull carrying a 5 meter wooden log.

The game's stowage system is rudimentary, but until (if ever) we get a detailed one featuring frames, cordage, leather straps, bags etc. I don't see reason to touch it. In more detailed system, I suppose the punt could be tied to some kind of light wooden frame secured on the animal/player and is being dragged behind the animal/character.

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