Topic: More information for fishing "misses"  (Read 5492 times)


« on: September 03, 2023, 01:20:25 AM »
Hey, just wanted to suggest, while fishing is being worked on, that more supporting text and information while fishing could give it a lot more flavour. Things like "you see a pike swimming by" during the fishing task, or "you see several fish but nothing bites" when fishing has completed unsuccessfully.

As it is now it's very difficult to know if your fishing has any chance of succeeding, as it simply waits for three hours and nothing happens - there's no indication of whether or not there are even any fish where you're trying to catch things, and it doesn't feel like three hours have passed as nothing notable has happened.

Especially when spear fishing, for misses i would expect a lot of "you try to spear a salmon but miss", but there's never any indication there was even any fish available to spear.

Any information about spotting fish while fishing would make the task a lot more lively.