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I wonder what the devs & players think about xotto's mod and implementing that as it stands (or perhaps a toned up/down variation of it), in the vanilla game hence this discussion thread...

Below is the link to the mod release thread, which includes screenshots showing BEFORE & AFTER comparison visually:
Mod Release Thread: Less sight-blocking tiles for rain and snow

It probably would make sense to even make it a configuration option such as "Precipitation Visualization: Low/Medium/High" or similar.

[GUIDE] Unreal World Outdated Free Version On Modern Ubuntu Linux

This guide attempts to help successfully run Unreal World outdated free version on a modern Ubuntu Linux system.
It is a rough step by step guide so if you have never installed a software package/game with a deb package, it might help.

There is a line somewhere in the middle of this post, marked with xxxxx (not kisses).
If you have already installed UrW or other software with deb packages before, you probably already know anything ABOVE the xxx line.

What's BELOW the xxx line is the main purpose I added this guide here.
It tries to help troubleshoot the missing dependencies issue so that more people can fix these issues quickly and locally.
Even though all of this can already be found in other web pages, YouTube videos etc. without knowing what to search for and without an overall structure, for some, it can be a daunting task to even start looking for help.

Please DO SEND any constructive criticism by replying directly to this message. Let me know if anything is wrong/unclear & needs further elaboration/important but missing from the guide etc.

Please DO NOT post technical issues by replying directly to this message - I will be happy to try and help you but best to open a new thread for your specific case, under General Discussion board. See the last bit of this message for a few hints on what to include in your help request.

Information on Ubuntu O/S
You can download Ubuntu linux operating system here:
Installing Ubuntu is outside the scope of this guide but I will give a hint below so that, if interested but unsure where to start, you can look into it on the web.

Information on VirtualBox - The free virtualization software to keep your Windows or Mac and have your linux too (on the same PC)
If you do not wish to install Ubuntu linux on your existing hardware, you can use the free virtualization software VirtualBox
You probably already knew this but this suggestion is for that one person who never tested (or heard of) virtualization software.
Assuming you have reasonably powerful/modern PC hardware VirtualBox software completely for free will let you run a "Ubuntu linux virtual machine" under your actual system.
Even if you completely "break" the linux, nothing will happen to your actual Windows system.
If you do use VirtualBox, ensure you provide adequate system resources to your new gaming virtual machine; e.g.: memory=4 GB, cpu=4x, display=128 MB VMSVGA & acceleration=enable 3d acceleration.

Step: Using Other Guides/Resources, Set Up Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS
Ideally at first as a Virtual Machine so that you are used to it, a bit and feel more at home before you start diving deeper. Only then, start following this guide.

Step:  Update O/S, bring in the latest updates, fixes, dependencies etc and reboot
Code: [Select]
apt update && apt upgrade -y && reboot
Step:  Elevate to superuser & create temporary directory
Log back in after reboot, launch a terminal, become superuser, create a temporary location to set things up, store temporary log/output files etc.
Code: [Select]
sudo -i
mkdir /aaa && cd /aaa

Step:  Install pre-requisite software SDL2 library
SDL2 library is a software Unreal World requires, you can read more about it here:
Install SDL2 libs, with the command below.
Warning --yes flag means "Automatic yes to prompts; assume 'yes' as answer to all prompts and run non-interactively". I've added it here for speed, but if undesired, remove it.
Code: [Select]
apt --yes install libsdl2-2.0-0 libsdl2-image-2.0-0 libsdl2-mixer-2.0-0 libsdl2-net-2.0-0
Unreal World - Free Vs Paid Version Notice
I encourage everyone to purchase the game via or Steam so that you can enjoy the BEST Unreal World there is.
If you do not have the financial bandwidth at the moment (or just do not want), thankfully the very generous devs allow you to still enjoy the game legally (except the very latest goodies).

Step:  Download the Unreal World game package.
As of today (2023-January) v.3.63 is the free-but-not-latest version of the game and this link goes directly to that file.
This wget command should save the file urw_3.63_amd64.deb in your current directory, which is /aaa
Code: [Select]
Posterity Notice In the future when devs update the free version, the direct link below probably will not work, so you will need to go to the official website > Downloads > Ubuntu > 64-bit, right click on the download button/link, copy the shortcut/link, then update the wget command above with the new link.

Step:  Install the game
dpkg -i urw_3.63_amd64.deb

Step:  Launch the game
Click on the desktop icon or just issue the command listed below to launch the game.
Code: [Select]
urwIt would be great if it "just worked" when the game is launched.
Newest version of the game (3.72), as expected, does just work.
However as reported earlier (link below), older version of the game may rely on dependencies that are not clearly listed in the dpkg installation screen ( report: ).
Furthermore when user attempts to launch the game no clear instruction is given other than a cryptic message as detailed in the topic linked above.
This is the core issue: when launch game instruction doesn't work, it is not clear what is expected of the user to fix the problem. Install something? What exactly?

Step:  The right thing to do approach
The right thing to do now is to identify what missing software components are needed and install those, and only those.
This approach is not detailed / covered in this tutorial.
As far as I know there is no such list, it is not clear, it is not only system dependent, probably also version dependent. It is detective work and can be time consuming because:
* Game UrW is dependent on lib1, lib2, lib3.
** lib1 is dependent on libA1 and A2.
*** LibA1 is dependent on libX27 which is then dependent on libYYY341 and libYYY342.
***LibA2 is dependen...
Sometimes, it goes on and on. It is possible to get to the bottom of it but may need dedication...



Step:  Quick Hack: install 'em all
As a quick workaround, we can: 1) quickly determine what libraries are mentioned, AND 2) in a quick/scripted manner, try to install all "mentioned" libraries.
This is the not a precise approach at all and probably should be avoided on your actual/primary computer.

What to do on your actual/primary computer
a) It is probably best to just purchase the full game which is based on a recent build, using modern software (library) versions, and in my experience works flawless.
b) Alternatively, you can dedicate large amounts of time to systematically try libs and eventually find the working combination.
(If you go this route and eventually succeed, perhaps post a reply here sharing your O/S  exact version, game version, and what software packages you installed to get it working which can be seen with "grep Commandline /var/log/apt/history.log". I already have the paid version but it can help another person save time).

What to do on your gaming PC/gaming Virtual Machine
You can follow the instructions below to automatically add any and all missing software without careful consideration. You may end up with too much so perhaps do not do this on your main computer.
It may be OK to do this on a dedicated-gaming-virtual-machine which can be snapshotted/re-created with relative ease.
WARNING This can screw up your computer
WARNING Snapshot the virtual machine before doing this, in case it breaks something, you can revert back to the previous state with a single click.

Step: Install software package pax-utils
We will use lddtree utility which is distributed with the pax-utils so we need to install it.
apt --yes install pax-utils

Step: List dependencies and their dependencies using the lddtree utility, save output to a text file
Code: [Select]
lddtree /usr/bin/urw3-bin > lddtree.1.raw_output.txt
Step: Post-process the output to create filenames
Code: [Select]
cat lddtree.1.raw_output.txt | awk {'print $1'} > lddtree.2.filenames.txt
Step: Post-process the filenames to get base filenames (roughly)
Code: [Select]
cat lddtree.2.filenames.txt | sed -e 's/.so.[0-9]//' > lddtree.3.baseishfilenames.txt
Step: Automatically try to install any and all missing software
WARNING This can cause issues. If executing on a virtual machine, consider creating a snapshot before running this command, and otherwise, consider running a new backup just to be on the safe side.
The 1st command below just shows on screen what it will attempt to automatically install.
The 2nd command below will actually attempt the software installation, for each package.
SHOW command
Code: [Select]
cat lddtree.3.baseishfilenames.txt | while read line; do echo apt -y install $line-dev; doneINSTALL command
Code: [Select]
cat lddtree.3.baseishfilenames.txt | while read line; do apt -y install $line-dev; doneNote: This will not install every single missing library which is why it is called a 'Quick Hack' but based on my limited testing it is good enough, it did the job of converting a cannot-run-old-urw Ubuntu box to one that can run it and did it pretty quickly.

Step:  Once more, try launching the game
Now that a bunch of additional software is installed, there is a (high) chance, the missing dependency is now addressed so what failed earlier may work now.
Click on the desktop icon or just issue the command listed below to launch the game.
Code: [Select]
What to do if it still doesn't work
Don't worry, take deep breath, relax. Remember nothing has changed & concept is the same, we still need to identify and install what is missing then it should work...

When relaxed adequately, go to the GENERAL DISCUSSION board, start a new discussion thread so that other linux users can try and help.

Please invest a few seconds to clearly naming the thread because what you put in the Subject field can pull or push technical people.
It is good to see something like "Getting 'Inconsistency detected by' error when launching v.3.88 under Ubuntu 52".
It tells us what O/S you have, which version of the game you are running, and what error message you are getting. That's a pretty good start.

Hope this helps someone, some day.

I just needed a "Large World Map" picture file, to be used in the production of an UrW gameplay video.
As we all know, the actual map part of the viewport is not that big at the moment; impacts both the active play-map and World Map screen (F6) is no different.
Based on my calculation (as per link D, below) we are currently using about 24% of the screen space for the actual World Map display.
I see that there already is an entry in the Development List relevant to this, that reads: "World and terrain > Map of known areas (F6) overhaul > Larger map viewport".
Glad to see that entry in the list.
For today though, just to try and find something that is usable right now, I had a look on the forums, and I found links A & B, copied below.

Link A: is a mod (an external standalone program/tool), developed by Night.
It is a nice tool, however I understand it is for solving a different problem, as it takes the world map we know, and either copies it one to one to another 'window' one-to-one.
Optionally it can upscale it.
Either way, the amount of "world" displayed is the same so it does not give me the Large World Map I am after.

Link B: is a suggestion, which is about a larger visual field.
In Reply #4, thread author provides details, also indicates it is about the main play area map.
In Reply #1, Sami explains graphics-modernization is needed, and is estimated to take about 12 months.
Over the years, as PC hardware became more capable and in general "larger", we definitely need a "main play area/map" enlargement, likewise with the World Map (F6).
As mentioned in the suggestion, it is not only about the size, there can be refinements, such as further increasing the actual usable area as per example screenshot from another game.
I agree with the overall sentiment, I hope it gets implemented one day, and sooner than later.
I also understand the dev's message saying that it is not a trivial matter and we already know that there are a lot of other features on mind (as listed in the Development List, linked below).
It may take while to actually see this particular suggestion implemented in the game...

Now, with this background, I am assuming, it would be relatively way easier to implement a new functionality just to help with the unified (no-scrolling-required) view of Large World Map wish.
Namely a new feature to "Save Large World Map to Disk as picture".
I believe it would be a good interim solution as it can be beneficial for players to have a large size reference of their current Unreal World.

In addition, it would create extra and convenient presentation possibilities for content creators.

A) (Suggestion) Full screen map with toggleable information on it - remove classic info boxes
B) (Mod/Tool) [3.62] [3.61] URWExternalMap v1.0.0
C) Unreal World - Development List
D) My calculation on how much of the screen space is currently being used for active map area.
A screenshot is embedded to this message below but as screenshots eventually die, also listing the calculation below, in text format.


Detail of my calculation to find out the "Map Screen Active Map Area" as percentage of the screen space:
* Map Screen Total Space (in tiles): 264 total cells [22 columns X 12 rows]
* Map Screen Active Map Area: 64 total cells [8 columns X 8 rows]
*Ratio: 64 cells out of 264 are being actively used: (64/264)*100 = ~24%

1. "Cells" are randomly sized tiles created while postprocessing this screenshot, just to get an idea on ratios (and it has nothing to do with the game "tile" size).
2. Offsets are in use & alignment is not perfect, so this is not a 100% accurate calculation but is close enough for me.

Off-topic / MOVED: Hemp cord experiment
« on: January 08, 2023, 11:48:16 PM »

General Discussion / Unreal World in the Media
« on: November 20, 2021, 01:11:24 AM »

Last week Nov 17th 2021 Nookrium (129K subscribers) made a video about Unreal World on his YouTube channel, which already has some 6K views and favourable thumbs up, as expected. Below is the link for your enjoyment.

UnReal World - (Open World Wilderness Survival Sandbox) 2h15m video

Only the link above has "news" value, being about a week old but I might add newer videos here as I discover them, or older ones as time permits...
There is probably value to add here even previously posted stuff, best ones, just to list all good media together, particularly for people who recently discovered the game and are hungry for more content.
To help, feel free to reply to this thread to add Unreal World media links you would like to share, 3rd party or even your own content.

These two playlists below, both are from 2020 and from relatively small channels - I found them very enjoyable and they are "long playlists" which is rare to find for this game.
Links below in case you haven't seen them yet.

2020-2021 Season3 playlist (73 videos) by BirdDana

2020 Epic series playlist (266 videos) by Jonathan Ferguson
First 200 episodes:
Last 66 episodes:


20220424 addition: It appears on Jan 16th 2022, Retromation (155K subscribers) made a video about Unreal World on his YouTube channel, which already has some ~24K views and many thumbs up, as expected. Here is the link for your enjoyment:

20230111 addition: On 22nd June 2022, Unreal World wins the 'Roguelike Roulette' and gets attention in the Reto Does Games YouTube channel here:

Suggestions / New setting to auto-hide mouse pointer (after n seconds)
« on: October 17, 2021, 02:03:27 AM »

Please add a new setting to "optionally auto-hide the mouse pointer (after n seconds)".
As this is a primarily keyboard-driven game, the mouse-pointer is not a requirement - on the contrary, it is mostly a distraction.
If the n value is not going to be configurable, then it could be whatever makes sense to the developers, 3/5/10 seconds perhaps.


Edit: it is particularly bothersome for video production & streaming.

This is a guide to obtaining Unreal World version 1.00b (1992) and running it on your modern PC.

Background Information
9 years ago, in July 2012, Sami has got the flu and posted this on the old forums:
Summer flu - that's evil, but I've been touched by one.
Five days of coughing and sneezing - no stamina for more than handling e-mails....and browsing archives for ancient UrW versions!
The very first UrW version - 1.00b from 1992 is now available for download as a full version. Get it from here: (website to be updated later)
(editor's note this URL is no longer working --> )

Remember to view and follow the readme file.


It's been so long that I'm no expert in gameplay questions so good luck and have fun! Achoo.

To be clear he has included a registration code in the archive file and thus gifted the very first version of the game to the Internet. I would like to thank Sami for the registration code gift and for utilising his down time beneficial to the masses.

Step by Step Guide
Here is what you need to do to successfully run UrW1.00b on a modern PC.

1. Download and install DOSBox (or any other emulator you prefer such as dosemu although this guide mentions only DOSBox)
If you have never heard of it before here is a description from Wikipedia: "DOSBox is a free and open-source emulator which runs software for MS-DOS compatible disk operating systems".
It runs on many modern operating systems including the big three (Windows, Linux, macOS). Download it from the official website here:
If you have issues with setting up DOSBox, please refer to the online documentation here
Or if you are a video learner perhaps check YouTube for one of the step by step tutorials.

2. (Before getting into URW at all) First launch DOSBox and ensure you can boot into it successfully and reach the C:\> prompt. Then, exit DOSBox return to your normal O/S.

3. (Only once you have confirmed that your DOSBox is healthy) Download URW100b from reference #2 at the bottom of this post, then extract (unZIP) it on to your DOSBox C:\ volume's root thus you should have "C:\URW100B" and all game files under that directory.

4. DOSBox steps
4a. Launch DOSBox.
4b. (Do this only if you are not using DOSBox auto-mount feature) Manually mount the volume which holds URW100b so that it becomes visible to DOSBox.
4c. In DOSBox command prompt, go into the UrW1.00 directory with the command: CD \URW100B
4d. Use DOSBox special key combinations (listed in reference #3 at the bottom of this post) to speed up the emulation, set it to maximum cycles you can based on your actual PC hardware.
Note: that the purpose of using MAX EMULATION SPEED at this stage is to complete the next step as soon as possible because it is a heavy computation step and takes several minutes to complete (waiting patiently is incompatible with most modern people).

5. (Before creating a new character, one need to run world randomiser) To run the UnrealWorld1.00 World-Randomiser mini program execute this: RNDWORLD then wait patiently 2-5 minutes (or a few seconds if you are using MAX EMULATION SPEED).
Note: Sami provides information on this, in Reference #1 (at the bottom of this post).

6. Prepare for launching game: Use DOSBox special key combinations (listed in reference #3 at the bottom of this post) to slow down/speed up the emulation and try to set it to about 3750 cycles.
Note: If you do not do this, you might get lucky and it might work but the most likely outcome is you will get 'stuck' at the URW game main screen where it lists F1, F2 keys etc. - will look like your key presses are ignored.

7. Finally, launch the game with: URW
You will see that the on-screen instructions list;
F1 show story
F2 create a new character
F3 exit the game (back to DOS)
F4 will 'Enter to Ankhyrnia'

If you need help , please REPLY to this thread and I -and probably others too- will try to help.
If you spot missing steps or errors, likewise please REPLY and report so that we can improve the guide.


Reference #1: README for UnReal World 1.00b - full, registered version
UnReal World 1.00b - full, registered version

This is the very first version of UnReal World RPG (UrW) released in 1992.
You may be able to run the game from command prompt in Windows systems, but sometimes
DosBox emulator ( may be needed to play this ancient MS-DOS version.


This version is pre-configured to run in C:\URW100B directory.
For easy installation, extract contents of URW100B.ZiP to C:\URW100B folder.
(If you prefer to use alternate path you need to CONFIG.EXE after
 installation to change settings.)

Before starting the game you should run RNDWORLD.EXE. Rndworld needs to be
run EVERY TIME your character dies and you wish to create a new one - otherwise the
game maps won't renew. After running RNDWORLD you can start the game by
running URW.EXE. If you can't get the game running after creating the
character, you should exit the game and try to run it like URW CHARACTER
where CHARACTER is savefile name of the character you created. And once
more, when your character dies remember to run RNDWORLD before you start the 
game again.

All of this (and more) has been explained also in URW.DOC.

Have fun,

UrW author
Jul-6th-2012, celebrating 20th year of development of UrW

Reference #2: Unreal World version 1.00b (1992) download URL   (linked with permission from Sami)

File signatures (if you would like to check to be safe) are listed below. If you have not used this file signature concept before, here is a guide for MD5 signature verification on Windows:
     MD5: 38826fb600db8fdcb7fd738340310a28
   SHA-1: 3f3f5738b1a79ddd0fe79e698e87b1bafa258906
 SHA-256: 992fbbc90003f332c01fc785343acf85e0ebb6ce6df23a624f1e4d12e502385a
 SHA-512: 83fec8de5d6be51fbd7b355e0e9006b5345b972970b8ec6693eb1dc54b25e73770c2d43b8a9e7d69e5c3fd9dd3800bf2bfcc6b14829319fbff661410bf80c659

Reference #3: DOSBox Special Keys
CTRL-F11   Decrease DOSBox cycles (slows down the emulation).
CTRL-F12   Increase DOSBox cycles (speeds up the emulation).
Note: more special keys are listed here:

Edit 20211003: Received Sami's approval & added fileserver link to the file Removed MediaFire link.


What do you think of adding 'Fire Starter Kit' as a new trade good which makes it easier & quicker to start a fire?

Reason: The logic behind it would be similar to the existence reason for most other tools: just to make life easier, such as splitting axe. A person with the means would like to obtain one, just be able to perform actionX much better & quicker. Not having it is not a blocker though, similar to crafting some items -without having the best tools for it-, one can still make/craft whatever it is but it will take longer and output quality will be lowered although output quality of fire is probably irrelevant.

Usage Mechanic: For such a fire starter kit usage mechanic similar to axes/knives etc. would make sense e.g.: as long as this 'kit' is in player's inventory or nearby on the ground it is automatically chosen as the preferred method and relevant action bonus is applied.

Benefits: As mentioned in Reason section, when used, such a kit should greatly reduce increase (or even guarantee?) successful fire-starting chance, and also greatly reduce the time it takes to start one.

Kit Contents: Based on my brief research, I can think of at least three options, as detailed below.

A) All wooden hand-drill kit (which is presumably the current/default fire starting kit?)
Based on the demonstration on this video (reference #1a):
Another similar video (reference #1b):
For this all-wooden hand-drill kit as background info & F1 in-game encyclopaedia text idea: This comes in a leather pouch which makes it water-resistant against precipitation. It probably should not be fully water-proof (against entering water with it), if game engine is capable of tracking that detail on objects.

B) Flint stone + Pyrite kit:
Here is one example video that does not use any wood or any human-made steel component (reference #2):

C) Flint stone + Steel kit:
When I started drafting this suggestion, I assumed only options A & B made historical sense for Iron Age but then I found reference #3b which brings the date of steel to much earlier than what I originally thought. If that is accurate perhaps flint stone + steel kit could be a candidate as well?

Example video (reference #3a):
Article that claims steel was used as fire starter in early Iron Age (reference #3b):
("It was quickly replaced during the early Iron Age when flint and steel became the preferred materials. Fire making “kits” of flint and variously shaped steel strikers were still used by a few isolated cultures in the late 1800s.")

A note on current "fire starting mechanism": Presumably option A is the current fire starter mechanism that is in the game as an abstract item without being listed in the inventory or named anywhere; even so I wonder if it would still make sense to leave it as is and also add option A/B/C as a "higher-quality version" that comes with a price tag in the sense one needs to trade items for it as well as needs to put some effort into obtaining one from someone that is open to trading it.


Edit: In the Reason section, I obviously meant 'fire starter kit should increase fire starting chance' but in the original post I somehow put the word the 'decrease' there! Edited & fixed.

Not bugs / Reindeer carcass blocking vision when I think it should not?
« on: September 19, 2021, 06:39:56 AM »

This might very well be an accepted limitation of tile based vision system or maybe an accepted simplification of the vision system (that is unlikely to change) but I thought I should report and confirm if it is so...

When standing on flat ground as a tall PC (206 cm tall), if there is a reindeer carcass on the adjacent tile to the PC, the carcass should not block almost any of the PC's field of vision.
To be more clear: I am thinking in none of the 8 directions supported by the game at about 14-16 meter range (or in any range really) there should be a vision block by the carcass. This is of course because of the clearly mismatching height of PC-eye-level vs carcass-height from ground, even if it is a 'big reindeer' carcass.
If the PC were a particularly short character (e.g.: ) a block would make sense but in this instance PC should be seeing over the carcass.

Here is a visual example in the form of a YouTube video:
10:06 link starts playing
10:08 "You hear a bawl of pain from the south". <- At this point, in SSW direction (at about 200 degrees mark) there is a glutton attacking a reindeer which is not visible YET and on my mind at this point it SHOULD be visible.
10:11 PC takes one step towards south which removes carcass-vision-block and the glutton & reindeer become visible.


Hi @Sami

Keyword 'LiberaPay' does not come up in forums search, not sure if you've considered this in the past already but please consider signing up for LiberaPay (a recurrent donations platform).

Why invest another 30 (or 60 minutes) to set it up?
It is open source, it self-funds, doesn't take a cut (processing fees do exist, obviously). While 'image' of companies/projects/people is of course subjective, on my mind, LP is a much better fit for UrW compared to the current donation platform option (PayPal). I am *guessing* some others might also find it a better fit once it gets known better (promoted on Donation page).

PayPal has $25B annual revenue
Patreon (a leading recurring donations platform) has $4B market evaluation.
LP in contrast receives $2037.46 annual donations (based on this week's donation rate). For the curious, more LP stats in spoiler below.
Spoiler: show

Liberapay was launched 5 years ago and has 51,469 users.
The last payday was 3 days ago and transferred £10,147.57 between 9,557 users.
8,568 participants gave money.
1,116 participants received money.
127 participants were both donors and recipients.
On average, people who donate give £0.77 each to 2 other users.

These are copied from their web page, here:

When buying stuff/sending money I personally prefer to go with a known platform (such as PayPal) rather than a never heard of tiny platform and I assume others do also however in this case because it is open source and has been around for 5 years, combined with the tiny financial amounts involved I am happy to use LP.

Disclaimer: Not sure if it makes sense to say this (as it is not a commercial product) but just to be crystal clear I am not involved with LP project, I just like using it to support projects I like and will be happy to use it to set up a small recurring donation for my favourite game also.

Off-topic / How to access (some of) the old invision forum messages
« on: July 04, 2021, 03:43:33 PM »
Edit: Updated in light of second post in this thread; to access old forum, simply go to instead of the instructions below.

1) Go to this URL:*/*
2) In the top right corner "Filter results" search box, type in "showtopic"
3) Sort by "Captures", in descending order.
4) Click on a URL to open it - preferably open in a new tab so that you don't lose the original URL list.
5) In the calendar view, click on a date that is circle-marked and then the time-of-day detail in the popup window to visit the page on that date + time.

Some of the snapshots may be "Unable to crawl page" errors but others work so you will be able to see some old posts but many are missing.
The URL in the first post reports: "1,620 URLs have been captured for this domain."

Not too practical and the pages you're really interested are most likely will be missing but for the old timers, might still be a good nostalgia run for a while!

If you have a better archived-view option, please post below.

Off-topic / Iron Age Common Names: ideas for next UrW Character
« on: July 03, 2021, 01:10:44 PM »
I was looking for traditional names and found this resource linked below. The web page from 2013 & looks like one that can disappear any time so I did a full quote below, just in case.

I am neither Finnish, nor have any knowledge on the matter so any input from knowledgeable people whether this list makes sense would be appreciated.
Any additions welcome, please post below.

EDIT: See post Plotinus' reply below for list of names supplied by the game split into 3 cultural region files and subcategorised by gender. This post below has the filenames:

Baby Names (Iron Age: Common Names)

These are some of the more common names used in Scandinavia during the Iron Age. Only a few of these are regularly used today.

Female Names
Alfdis, Arnora, Asa, Asgerd, Asleif, Asta, Astrid, Aud, Bera, Bergljot, Bergthora, Dotta, Freydis, Gjaflaug, Grima, Grimhild, Groa, Gudrid, Gudrun, Gunnhild, Gyda, Halldis, Hallfrid, Hallgerd, Hallveig, Helga, Herdis, Hild, Hildigunn, Hlif, Hrefna, Hrodny, Ingibjorg, Ingigerd, Ingirid, Ingunn, Jorunn, Katla, Ragna, Ragnhild, Rannveig, Saeunn, Sigrid, Svala, Thjodhild, Thora, Thorsbjorg, Thordis, Thorfinna, Thorgerd, Thorgunna, Thorhalla, Thorhild, Thorkatla, Thorunn, Thurid, Thyra, Unn, Valgerd, Vigdis.

Male Names
Aki, Alf, Alfgeir, Amundi, Ari, Armond, Arnfinn, Arnlaug, Arnor, Aslak, Bardi, Bergthor, Bersi, Bjarni, Bjorn, Bodvar, Bork, Botolf, Brand, Bui, Egil, Einar, Eindridi, Eirik, Eldgrim, Erlend, Eyjolf, Eystein, Eyvind, Finn, Finnbogi, Fridgeir, Gardi, Geir, Geirmund, Geirstein, Gest, Gizur, Glum, Grani, Grim, Gudmund, Gunnar, Gunnbjorn, Gunnlaug, Hafgrim, Hakon, Halfdan, Hall, Halldor, Hallfred, Harald, Harek, Hastein, Hauk, Havard, Hedin, Helgi, Herjolf, Hjalti, Hogni, Hord, Hrafn, Hring, Hroald, Hrut, Illugi, Ingi, Ingjald, Ingolf, Isleif, Ivar, Kalf, Kari, Karlsefni, Ketil, Knut, Kol, Kolbein, Lambi, Leif, Ljot, Ljotolf, Lodin, Mord, Odd, Ofeig, Ogmund, Olaf, Olvir, Onund, Orm, Otkel, Otrygg, Ottar, Ozur, Ragnar, Rognvald, Runolf, Sam, Sighvat, Sigmund, Sigtrygg, Sigulf, Sigurd, Sigwulf, Skapti, Snorri, Solmund, Solvi, Starkad, Stein, Steinkel, Steinthor, Sturla, Styrkar, Sumarlidi.
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I've been playing Runaway Slave scenario today, I gave it 13 tries and about 1/3 of them were near insta-death.

One-shot one-kill or similar quick end games were particularly annoying, such as getting a serious cut in the leg in the first hit or second, which then prevented me from standing & resulted in getting surrounded by 3 Njerps & got fast-killed and so on.

Focusing on the luckier rounds: a few of the attempts lasted longer in the form of 1v1 in a single-internal-tile Kota but ultimately I never got out of the Kota in any attempt. Managed to kill the 1st Njerp about 2 times but the next Njerp quickly steps in and being relatively fresh, well armoured etc..

I have never managed to slip away as each one of the 13 games. I spawned in very close to Njerps a couple of times & in all games except one, I was in 'detected-by-next-turn' state by the time of spawn. This screenshot below is a typical starting setup although in some rounds Njerps were either half screen away or at the edge of the screen; in the final analysis distance did not seem to make any difference though, they insta detect & start closing in:

I wonder if I have been really unlucky with RNG tonight or have I been trying wrong tactics by running to a Kota?
I would like to ask, on the more recent versions of the game, what is your running away success rate in Runaway Slave scenario?

Edit: Gave it 3 more tries, 1st and 2nd the same result. Latest attempt though, my luck finally turned. Used the same tacti just got much much luckier with RNG!

I was just watching a YouTube video, PC had 3 fine javelins, the enemy (single Njerp) had none.
On a side note enemy appeared to be the poorest Njerp in Finland BTW with linen clothing and just a handaxe and a rope.

What happened in the early battle is: PC threw all 3 javs as opening move, hurting but not killing Njerp. Njerp did pick up only the 1st jav then wielded it. PC had no other missiles weapons left. At this point in time in the battle, there are ~3 empty tiles in between the two, as per picture below:

Here is my Combat AI Suggestion (which I think would be an improvement): at this point, holding the single missile weapon in hand and having adjacent-tile access to the only other two remaining missiles in the battlefield, Njerp should have used its missile advantage to execute ranged attacks. Perhaps AI actively should check whether one-sided ranged-attack capability exists to evaluate this kind of situation.

What happened later in the battle is: Njerp completely ignored its ranged capability and closed distance to attack with wielded jav as a spear.

On my mind it does not make sense to close distance to the sole enemy when you have one missile in your and and two missiles on the ground next to you.
Why not throw them first and see if you get a lucky hit. Is this not pretty much every human would do? Please let me know what would YOU do here? (That is, assuming you actually care about your character and would like it to survive the battle and not after any particular skill point training such as shield/dodge/spear/unarmed etc. Let's just say you just want to eliminate the threat ASAP).

Evaluating other options/approaches I can think of:
1) I can understand the idea of keeping one (out of three) javelins in hand as wielded weapon, as sort-of-a-spear but cannot understand why not utilise the remaining two javs as ranged attack capability.
2) A potential explanation "Njerp did not ranged-attack because its spear-skill was low" does not make much sense to me as even low spear-skill Njerp should throw it and see if it gets lucky - furthermore it did wield the jav indicating a not-so-bad spear-skill anyway.

While RNG adds spice to games, it probably should be 90% chance in the above scenario to pick up and throw javs (at least one if not two of them).
I might be overlooking something simple, please feel free to correct me if so and share your thoughts on this... Thanks in advance.

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