Topic: LiberaPay - Add as an Additional Payment Option to Support UrW Development?  (Read 1076 times)


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Hi @Sami

Keyword 'LiberaPay' does not come up in forums search, not sure if you've considered this in the past already but please consider signing up for LiberaPay (a recurrent donations platform).

Why invest another 30 (or 60 minutes) to set it up?
It is open source, it self-funds, doesn't take a cut (processing fees do exist, obviously). While 'image' of companies/projects/people is of course subjective, on my mind, LP is a much better fit for UrW compared to the current donation platform option (PayPal). I am *guessing* some others might also find it a better fit once it gets known better (promoted on Donation page).

PayPal has $25B annual revenue
Patreon (a leading recurring donations platform) has $4B market evaluation.
LP in contrast receives $2037.46 annual donations (based on this week's donation rate). For the curious, more LP stats in spoiler below.
Spoiler: show

Liberapay was launched 5 years ago and has 51,469 users.
The last payday was 3 days ago and transferred £10,147.57 between 9,557 users.
8,568 participants gave money.
1,116 participants received money.
127 participants were both donors and recipients.
On average, people who donate give £0.77 each to 2 other users.

These are copied from their web page, here:

When buying stuff/sending money I personally prefer to go with a known platform (such as PayPal) rather than a never heard of tiny platform and I assume others do also however in this case because it is open source and has been around for 5 years, combined with the tiny financial amounts involved I am happy to use LP.

Disclaimer: Not sure if it makes sense to say this (as it is not a commercial product) but just to be crystal clear I am not involved with LP project, I just like using it to support projects I like and will be happy to use it to set up a small recurring donation for my favourite game also.
This could be a good day to utilize your squirrels hides.


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I have been using Libera Pay for 4 years, never got a cent from them, perhaps as Ineedcords said, people are reluctant to use a newish, unknown method even if it is NOT a faceless multinational blood sucker.

I would have added my link here but the forum does not run scripts.
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