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Re: How to Sauna in the Finnish way? Ways to bathe in sauna varies between families. One neighbor does X, another Y.
Most apartment building have couple saunas in basement or ground floor. Most homes have built in sauna. Most summer (or winter cottages/villas) have either built in or separate sauna.

Some are electric heated. Some are wood heated, with chimney and some, although more rare ‘in modern times’ a traditional, chimneyless “smoke sauna”

Apartment dwellers get to have either Friday or Saturday evening “sauna shift” usually limited to 30min of steam room access.
Many house owners/renters heat up sauna 1-3 days a week.
Smoke sauna is rarely heated more than once a week. (Unless at “experience resort”, then likely heated up more often)

Most folks with modern amenities, shower first, just simple rinse with water. Then get up on the rafters, throw water on the hot rocks/stones. Enjoy the “löyly” (sauna steam). Throw more water on the kiuas (sauna stove). Get sweat pour out from the pores. If private dwelling with private backyard, step outside in fresh air (summer, winter doesn’t matter), enjoy sip of cold drink. Water or beer, cider. If there’s lake or river, plunge in. In winter, making a snow angel is invigorating.

As for vasta, that’s heretical eastern dialect word for the real name of vihta. Needs to be made of several, fresh leafed birch twigs. Should be round, at least 12” (30cm) diameter.
Soak it in warm-hot water (the leafy end) for 5-15 minutes. Can lay it on top of kiuas rocks. Not needed though. Then beat/whoop back, legs, chest, abdomen with it. (It’s soft motion, not flogging. Set back in water every now and then.
If one uses vihta, all others should too or realize the escaping air in front of the vihta app s pretty darn hot.

Lakeside summer cabin with sauna the sauna session might be several hours, relax, sweat, unwind, swim. During one’s summer vacation, the sauna at the cabin will likely get heated up every day.

One can wrap a hot dog/sausage in some aluminum foil and place it on the rocks to steam it for a after sauna snack.

Some folks like to splash a little beer on the rocks, but that’s not for me.

And, another one here will likely do it differently.

July 30, 2020, 06:42:54 AM
Re: Adventurer gone missing & Human footprint tracking Hirelings often have trouble getting back to their villages. I've had cases (earlier versions) where I've encountered bands of dismissed hirelings in the wilderness months after they were dismissed.

The footprint issue has to do with tile maintenance, I think.

August 01, 2020, 10:42:06 AM
Re: Adventurer gone missing & Human footprint tracking  :D I let a Companion go some days back and now I keep seeing him in the vicinity of my cabin. When I check for tracks I find many felled trees that I know were not there before.

Today, I found very fresh tracks and followed them. When I got close I was told that I could hear someone shouting 'I need a tool to butcher this...'. lol. When I found him, it was the guy that had left me. He had no knife at all so I gave him my broad knife, with which he immediately started to butcher the bird carcass he was standing on. If I ever get a big bull, I'll have a lot of trees to carry home. The guy just keeps chopping them down.

August 01, 2020, 11:20:21 AM
Off to holidays! So, there's still summer left and there are no showstoppers discovered in the latest version -- that equals to me getting off to holidays now.
We can call this latter summer holiday, and I have feeling I'll spend quite a long one. So it's likely autumn, or early winter, before I get back to development chambers again.
I still can be reached by e-mail, but expect delays with replies. And on rainy days I may rarely pop up at forums too, but don't follow conversations very actively at all.
Take care, help each others out, stay safe and have some good times and adventures!
I'm off to holidays...

August 01, 2020, 07:29:53 PM
Re: How to Sauna in the Finnish way?
Also I am quite curious about, did the public sauna closed during the time of pandemic?

Well, I live in the countryside and didn't visit any cities while the pandemic situation was acute in Finland. But I'd guess all the public saunas were closed (city dwellers, please correct me if I'm wrong). But that wasn't because of sauna conditions - there is some evidence suggesting that actually the virus gets destroyed in sauna temperatures - but just because of the general social distancing measures.

Wish one day I can visit Finland and try out some of the sauna, preferably the traditional smoke-with-no-chimney one.

Finland offers a plenty of sauna possibilities. One of them is a whole Sauna Village

I wonder if different woods give different aroma in this kind of sauna. 

That I can't really say - but in the old folk culture there have been habits of using different woods for different purposes. Smoke sauna has been a place where people gave birth, and also a place where dead bodies were washed and prepared for burial, and a place for various kinds of folk healing methods. And other kinds of ritualistic use - for example a soon-to-be-married bride had a special sauna before the marriage. And for those different purposes different kinds of wood were used to heat up the sauna, as there were beliefs that burning different kinds of woods has different ritualistic effects of preparing the sauna for specific purpose. Personally I haven't studied those habits in detail, although I do love sauna culture and I'm interested in many of the aspects of the folk culture, but there simply are that much details that I can't adopt it all =)

Quote from: PALU
A technical reason for prohibitions against throwing water on the stones is that there are electric sauna heaters where the heating elements get damaged if you throw water on them repeatedly.

That sounds reasonable. Although I still wonder what is the technical difference compared to electric saunas in Finland. For example swimming halls and other such places have common electric saunas, and in Finland people repeatedly throw water on the stove, all day long, many days a week. I have always thought that it is the sauna stove rocks and stones which take the strain. There needs to be a decent layer of stones on top of the electric heating elements, so that the hot stones vaporize the water thrown on them, and hardly any water reaches the heating elements. The stones then need to be replaced on regular basis, as the constant strain wears them down.

August 03, 2020, 08:50:48 AM
Re: A "get lost!" button? You can throw a glove in his face, which would probably make him angry enough to fight you...
August 03, 2020, 09:45:09 AM
Re: How to Sauna in the Finnish way? There's an article posted today on BBC Travel about Russian style sauna.
August 04, 2020, 03:24:02 AM
Re: 5 reasons why Unreal World is one of the most original and rewarding games ever, This one, too, was a spam-bot for the post is a copy-paste from a reddit post some years old.

I've seriously tightened the forum anti-spam measures, but still it seems that some bots manage to sneak through. Sigh. Well, I need to think if something more can be done. And in the meantime I'll be manually weeding off the spammer accounts. Fellow forumers, please use the "report to moderator" function when you spot a message which appears to be a copypaste from old forum posts or from reddit or some other urw-related discussion forums.

ps. I'll still leave the copypasted post here, for the content is okay. I just blocked the spam account so that it can't return to edit the post to insert their spam links.

August 04, 2020, 03:00:30 PM
Re: If I plan to create a new character to survive in an old world, what should I do Hey, after your question I tried copying and pasting the world files from my active character(Not dead ones because I don't think you can restore the world files from them.). I copied the WORLD.BAK , WORLD.DAT and WORLD.PLM files. Created a new character, then copied these 3 files into the (\UnRealWorld\Your newly created character name here). You also keep your starting scenario, and if you want to also copy the weather over, I think you also should copy the WEATHER.DAT file to your newly created character.

edit: I forgot to mention, your character also keeps his/her original spawning location as far as I tested so you may encounter a problem that you might spawn in deep water when you copy the world files.

Hope I could help.

August 05, 2020, 11:30:31 AM
Re: Forest spirit is acting weird Some silver jewellery will be consumed, some will not, I am not sure why. Occasionally he will tell where the animal is, but I don’t know how to find it
August 06, 2020, 06:24:30 AM