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Fire inside warning It would be nice if there would be a warning in case of making fire inside a building while not aiming at a fireplace.

Reason: I accidently burned a lot of resources stored in wooden bowls when I wanted to make a fire but accidentially did not aim on fireplace (whole stock of flours and herbs have been burned down).

July 21, 2020, 10:41:44 AM
Re: Let salt be salt, not preservative Salt in modern use is mainly flavor enhancer. (MSG/monosodium glutamate is a salt too)
Pre-refrigeration salt was (still is today) a preservative.
Adding salt to a stew is pretty new invention.
When meat used was already heavy salted, adding any more salt to the food wasn’t needed. Often the salted meat was soaked first to reduce salt.
(Still hoping Sami will change the meat recipes to ask for cuts of meat vs pounds of meat. Then we could use dried meat in stews et cetera)

Using juniper berries, birch leaves, heather, marjoram, nettle and so on has longer history in cooking than salt as flavor enhancer /seasoning.

July 21, 2020, 09:48:28 PM
The stories that come from this game are incredible... So 36 days into my first serious game, I was on a trek to check a semi-successful trap I had set up. I was desperate, with my starvation meter at about the 53% mark. I had just constructed my first bow using animal leather from animals I had killed for cord. I was very excited to use it, but I needed more cord to make arrows. Had every ingredient but cord :(. Anyways, I was seriously hoping I had caught something in my trap. On the way, I was notified that I had been jumped by a kuika tribe robber. The map zoomed in, and I noticed a man laying down about 5 spaces ahead of me. I should have just run away then. After telling him to piss off, I would not be giving him anything, he called out his buddies, and they beat me until I was unconscious. When I woke up, I had no weapons and no tools. I had to construct a crappy stone knife to even do the simplest of tasks. I continued on my way to check my trap. If needed, I could use my knife to butcher whatever animal I caught there, since it was a small animal trap. I finally arrived, only to find an empty trap. I sulked back towards the shelter I had set up. Along the way, I ran into a hunter. I asked to trade, since he had tons of meat and food on him. He said I had nothing of worth. I did the only logical thing in return: I plunged my stone knife into his neck. He swore, and within seconds, he had beaten me to death with his club. Part of me believes I attacked him for food, part of me believes I had hoped for death. Anyways, total actual game time for all this to transpire: 8 minutes, a dead adventurer, and countless swear words said along the way. 10/10 would recommend the game.
July 22, 2020, 07:00:14 AM
Re: Details of fireplaces and smoking meat with new fire mechanics Thanks, I hadn't seen that Steam discussion, that is very helpful.

I can tell you 200 branches is much more than needed. I used 80 and got zero spoilage.

July 23, 2020, 01:30:37 PM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World?

I'm concerned for the health of my character. All one surprise fight with three robbers, except that shallow cut with the condition box next to it. 0km/h a quarter of the map from home will be problematic. Was knocked unconscious at ~60%, woke up at 72%, and kept fighting from an advantageous position. Killed all three AFTER waking up, so at 90%+ total fatigue.

July 24, 2020, 11:11:50 AM
Re: How far will you shoot your first arrow? I am now using a crossbow, which can shoot at a relatively long distance, so it is easy to hunt, and usually results before scaring animals. If it's a longbow, the distance can't guarantee a hit, but I can't sneak too close. It may be attribute problem, it is difficult for my character to sneak to a short distance

If I use a longbow, I may be tired of chasing

July 26, 2020, 08:57:31 AM
Re: How far will you shoot your first arrow? If I'm trying to hunt a non predatory animal I want to be as close as possible, but I still expect to miss most of the time. For Njerps I want to be as far away as possible (i.e. basically max visible range) and expect to have to fire lots of arrows before hitting. Often the buggers don't react to being fired at until hit, so it does work, but I tend to have to rest up a bit every few shots to keep the hit chance up.
July 26, 2020, 10:02:24 AM
Re: How far will you shoot your first arrow? @skyleaf: 50. I also try to make a note on the world map indicating the direction I fired so I can try to collect them later, should the enemy flee or my character retreat (to tire the enemy).
July 26, 2020, 02:35:03 PM
Re: How far will you shoot your first arrow? I drop in a F6 Blue marker with note “arrows to NE” (if missed shots went to northeast)

If I get bored (in winter) likely go skiing around to look for lost stuff.
Funnily enough, arrows shot in fall... end up climbing on top of the snow... don’t let Sami know, he’d likely change that  ::)

July 27, 2020, 06:19:39 AM
Re: How far will you shoot your first arrow?
To 甜汤:
So how long is that relatively long distance? I am beginning to think about using crossbow instead of bow if the shooting distance is much safer.

That's interesting to know, but I guess that means a lot of arrows are going to be miss. How many arrows will you carry then?

I often use the crossbow to hunt forest reindeer. If it is not that time is not enough to deal with raw meat and fur and I must give up, I can kill them all. If it's an elk, it's more alert, and I'm more willing to spend time loading the crossbow than trying to get closer to ensure that the hit causes the animal to escape alertly. Since my skills are very high, I am not sure how far is suitable, but it is very important for hunting animals to make sure they hit. It is difficult for you to give an elk a fatal blow. These harmless animals will run away. You are hunting. Hit is more important than fast reload. Whether you kill it or not, you only have one arrow in a short time, so I will choose a crossbow with a bleeding arrow. When using conventional arrows, I found that their fatality rate is not high. If they can’t kill, they are far inferior to bloody arrows, whether they are beating people or animals
Hunting forest reindeer to meet my needs for food and general fur, they are usually turned into ropes and the like instead of being used for trade. For the bear, it is easy to kill, but I choose trap pits to get better fur, trap it, and starve it to death. Elk is very alert, I don’t know what it likes to eat, but I rarely encounter it. If I have the opportunity, I will choose a trap pit. I will use a crossbow in the hunting situation, because I can’t keep the hit with the longbow. distance. Foxes and birds use traps, and if they are killed with a crossbow, they may cause fur damage. For some small animals, the crossbow hits better. The only problem is that the proficiency of crossbow skills is low. If it is owl, you can quickly complete the bow and arrow skills after adding two points
I don't know if sneaking is related to the agility and dexterity of the character. Keep your weight low, and advanced stealth skills may help. Make sure that there are no trees blocking when shooting. It seems that attacking and sneaking from behind is helpful for melee combat. I don't know if it helps in long-range shooting. This is difficult to achieve. I don't know if it will affect me lying down and standing. If they move towards you, you can press "." on the spot to skip a round, but elk will not come to your face. When I plan to shoot the birds, I will sneak and wait, they fly over, interrupt the mission, and shoot. If you are in a forest, you can use the shelter of trees to move
I used almost 500 feathers to make arrows (I made my home in the swamp because it was flat enough) and later found that hunting merchants were enough, and they even provided me with superior broadhead arrows. You can keep your weight low and hunt some merchants: high weight, less range, less shield. Look through their products to make sure they are valuable, they are neutral creatures. Find a good opportunity to kill an outlier and start a war. Don't be greedy and ensure low fatigue punishment. Kill or paralyze 1v1 quickly, or become 1v1 by pulling distance. It can also bleed or kill targets carrying high-value items and run away. I feel that the fighters of nje are more difficult to deal with than the merchants, and you can also try hunting
我使用了快500根羽毛制作箭矢(我在沼泽地安家因为它足够平坦)后来发现狩猎商人就够了,他们甚至为我提供了superior broadhead arrow。你可以保持低负重狩猎一些商人:高负重、少远程、少盾。翻看他们的商品确保有价值,他们是中立生物。找个好机会杀个离群的开战。不要贪战,确保低疲劳惩罚。通过快速击杀或瘫痪1v1,或通过拉扯距离变成1v1,。也可以把携带高价值物品的目标击伤流血或击杀然后跑路。感觉nje的战士比商人更难缠,也可以尝试狩猎
You usually only have one arrow in a short period of time, and the hit is very important. The hit of the bleeding arrow will get more benefits when you have no requirements on the quality of the fur. If it is to kill, bleed the arrow. If it is for a headshot, in any case, the crossbow is more accurate (provided that you have the support of skills)
I am not sure if the translation is correct

July 27, 2020, 11:39:29 AM